MyMixLab Deep House Vocals

How to pitch shift vocals for the popular deep vocal effect heard in many of today's radio dance hits. This is Reid Stefan's personal workflow and plugin presets for clean deep vocals in any track.
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MyMixLab EQ For Beginners

Reid Stefan teaches you the beginner basics of EQ using FabFilter Pro Q-3. This course covers the common EQ shapes, spectrum meters, dynamic EQ, phase functions, and more. Learn how to shape your tone like a pro with this two part 20 minute series that breaks down everything you need to master your EQ.
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The Ultimate Guitar Sweep Picking Book: Learn Essential Arpeggio Sweep Shapes That Loop In Any Key

Essential Sweep Picking Shapes Sweep picking can be one of the most daunting techniques to learn and play, and speaking from experience I understand the frustrations of not knowing what shapes are best to learn!
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ADSR Sounds Compression Explained

A focused video course that explains and demonstrates essential compressors and compression techniques. Compression – easy in theory but difficult in practice. In fact, it’s downright overwhelming! So many tools that promise to make your mix standout and tutorials and courses that promise to have you “master the art of compression in under an hour!” It’s no wonder that compression is one of our most requested course topics.
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UVI UVX80 is based on a well known Japanese manufacturer’s first analog polyphonic synth, a digitally-controlled 2+1 oscillator, 8-voice, 61-key instrument launched in 1984 with a gorgeous and futuristic-looking visual stance. Technically comparable to the JX-3P, this synth boasted a more robust architecture with 2 extra voices, a sub-oscillator, and real pulse-width modulation.
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Slippery The Sauce Vol.3

The Sauce Vol.3 contains full ghost produced UK Drill drum patterns in midi format, allowing you to fully customize the sound to your personal liking alongside the mixer presets available in the kit
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UVI Soundbank Emulation II Plus

Not 1 but 3 iconic sampler-synths from the '80s plus a massive lo-fi drum machine, the original officially licensed sounds plus tons of new ones, all recorded from the vintage hardware, available as individual instruments or in a multi capable of huge stacked sounds and inspiring 4+1 part phrases, we are extremely excited to present you with our most ambitious library yet: Emulation II+!
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UVI 8 bit synth

Inspired by the lo-fi hardware sounds of yesteryear. Dual-layer engine loaded with authentic hardware samples. Explore hundreds of custom presets and create your own. Inspired by some of our favorite vintage computers and gaming systems, 8-Bit Synth delivers a massive collection of authentic sounds created with the hardware. Dial up custom patches created with the Commodore 64, Game Boy, SID Station, Mod Machine and more, and create brand new sonic adventures with the genuine sounds of these classic machines.
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Ghosthack Trap and Hip Hop Essentials Volume 2

Volume 1 was so lit we’re back with another! Introducing Trap & Hip Hop Essentials Volume 2, featuring 900 files that will inspire and motivate you to make one hit after another. No joke. These are some of the best loops, one-shots, construction kits and MIDI clips on the block, and the demo doesn’t even touch what you’ll hear when you crack this one open.
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5DOLLAKITS Punk Rock Guitars

Welcome to Punk Rock Guitars! Get ready to add some nasty guitar licks to your beats! Inspired by the likes of Green Day, Blink-182, Fallout Boy, My Chemical Romance and Dead Kennedy’s these 32 Guitar Licks are quick to add some unique and inspirational party rock anthems to your tracks!
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Gospel Musicians Pure Synth Platinum

Rarely does a synth come along that has a high quality streaming engine along with analog and wavetable technology all in one synth. Our synth is one of the few that contains an arsenal of high quality samples that you can mix and match with analog and special Warm Wavetable™ technology that creates a rich layer of an amazing soundscape of organic and synth sounds
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Udemy Music Theory Chord Progressions & Harmony for Composition

Learn to write beatuiful chord progressions using triads, extensions, functional harmony, and more! "It is not the particular frequency or timbre which gives the desired effect, but the harmony."
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Cj Rhen Crystal Keys

This release features smooth keys fit for upbeat and lucid beats. This release is at 112BPM and fits over the chords Dm C Am and Bb. All the licks however fit over most songs in Dm at 112BPM. This release is also one of five other releases in the same key and tempo so look out for more Crystal collections! Check out my Instagram @cjrhenmusic and my website for collabs. Also catch my live streams at to learn my process, hear great music, and talk about writing and production!
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BFractal Music Cozy Lo-Fi

BFractal Music are proud to present ¨Cozy Lo-Fi¨, a chilled out foray through hazy, head-nodding beats. This 100% royalty free collection will allow your compositions to thrive with ease and make complex ideas simple. Deep and warm basslines, emotional synths, broken piano loops and expertly crafted drum beats will ensure your rhythm section is moving nicely. ¨Cozy Lo-Fi¨ will provide you with ample vibes to inspire your sonic worlds.
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UVI Complete Toy Museum

Easily our most eclectic and unique sound library, Complete Toy Museum delivers the sounds of both our Acoustic and Electric Toy Museums, delivering 317 musical toys such as baby percussions, toy guitars, ancient automates, mini-keyboards, learning tools, style-o-phones and more. The collection includes everything from modern commercial toys to rare historical ones, providing an enormous range of timbres from cute and nostalgic to peculiar and even bizarre. Browse over 970 included presets to quickly and easily find inspiration from your childhood or dig deep and explore hundreds that you’ve likely never heard before.
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