Audentity Records Clean Shooters Trap Pack

Clean Shooters by Audentity Records is the latest sample pack that brings producers the best of the Trap genre. Produced by Dutch superstar Saffeh, who is well known for records like 24/7, Dembe, Pap and many other titles.
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AudioFriend Psychedelic Electronica

Psychedelic Electronica sound loops from the 1970s.
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Image Sounds Rehearsal Room Drums Jazz Brushes

Welcome the new brother of the ‚Swing Jazz’ library into your studio! Just as its predecessor, this sample pack is loaded with authentic 50s and 60s swing vibes.This bunch of unique, cool brush loops was recorded in the same rehearsal room as the ‚Swing Jazz’ library to match its rough and original personality. Together, they make a near unbeatable tag team.
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PERDU Mutation Looperator Bank

“Mutation” Looperater Preset Bank by @prodperdu is Out Now! 40 Looperater Presets created by @prodperdu
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ModeAudio Flare Found Percussion Samples

'Flare - Found Percussion Samples' from ModeAudio explodes out of the roof of our studio, spraying an entire arsenal of household sounds into the air around you in a glorious cacophony of characterful found sound and percussive impact!
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Cj Rhen Pop Horns

This pack features a collection of trumpet, tenor sax, and piano over the chord progression Am F C E7. It fits a variety of styles and feels and all the licks fit over most of the chord progression, not just the key it is labeled with. Check out and to contact me. Thank You!
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BFractal Music Gritty Trap

With its rich textures and ethereal creepy sounds, ¨Gritty Trap¨ is one of the most dark, atmospheric, yet deeply obscure Trap genre. As you can imagine, sound design is a big part of this particular style, which relies heavily on layered 808 kicks, synth soundscapes, dark piano loops and deep distorted beats.
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East West Spaces II

The sequel to the ultimate 24-bit true Stereo Convolution Reverb SPACES II from EASTWEST is the highly-anticipated sequel to SPACES I, the top-selling convolution reverb engine endorsed by top industry professionals which set a new standard in impulse recording techniques. Produced by Doug Rogers and Nick Phoenix, SPACES II includes 353 brand new reverbs recorded in churches, concert halls, opera houses, catacombs, train stations, recording studios, and warehouses.
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5DOLLAKITS Boss Flutes

Get ready to take a trip on the wild side! We’re headed to the exotic promise land in search of tasty gold: Welcome to Boss Flutes! Inspired by Da Baby, Gunna, MGK, Lil Uzi Vert, Jack Harlow, Cardi B, Migos, Gucci Mane and Lil Pump this exotic sound kit comes fully drenched in foreign gold ready for whenever inspiration strikes!
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Sound On Sound USA December 2021

2021 Gear Of The Year Universal Audio Volt audio interfaces Arturia MiniFuse 1 & 2 audio interfaces Ashdown NFP-1 monitors iZotope RX 9 Advanced Alice 828 Mk3 mixer Cherry Audio Memorymode soft synth Slate Digital MetaTune Slate Digital Custom Opto Novation Circuit Rhythm IK Multimedia UNO Synth Pro Audix A127 mic Austrian Audio CC8 mic Soundtheory Gullfoss v1.10 Headrush MX5 pedal effects Focusrite FAST Verb Pulsar 1178 plug-in Spitfire Audio Hammers sample library - and plenty more!
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Image Sounds Indie And Folk Guitar

Get ready for a road trip with 'Indie & Folk Guitars'! This Image Sounds newbie offers a broad collection of instruments to choose from. If you're into sparkly clean electric guitars, uplifting mandolins, acoustic guitar and the occasional banjo, you're sure to find your player of choice. Throw in some energetic strumming or heartfelt pickings to round it all off in style.
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Image Sounds Pop Piano

Packed full of positivity - 'Pop Piano'! Inspired by legendary piano singer-songwriters such as Elton John or Billy Joel, 'Pop Piano' comes with bright and lush chords, exciting comping and captivating toplines. With balladesque to uptempo feels in the blink of an eye and a diverse choice of harmonic patterns, 'Pop Piano' is sure to keep your listeners interested. This sample collection is not only a perfect production tool but can also be a source of inspiration for your own songwriting.
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Image Sounds Xylophone

Thanks to its distinct sound and playful charm, the xylophone tiptoed its way into a large variety of genres throughout the past few decades. From a mixing and production perspective, the percussive character of 'Xylophone 1' fits right into the upper frequency range of your production. Be it Jazz, Latin or Reggae, 'Xylophone 1' is an exciting new addition to your sound library. Who knows - maybe you'll even feature it in your next big Pop or Hip Hop track!
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789ten The Deniz Koyu Master Series: Audio Engineering

For the very first time, Deniz Koyu reveals all in this signature mixing master series. Over 5 hrs 30 min of footage spanning over 16 chapters. LEARN AUDIO ENGINERING FROM ONE OF THE INDUSTRIES BEST
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Alex Retsis Inhuman Voices Low Tones Alien Creatures

An anthology of 26 alien creature sound effects and their variations, crafted from human voice manipulations and low voice tones. Created originally for game audio and film editing use, these samples can become a valuable addition for creating unique sonic environments - from haunting intros, to playful passages and growling atmospheres!
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