Cinesamples CineHarpsichord

- Authentic reproduction of a classic harpsichord recorded at the MGM Scoring Stage CineHarpsichord is a modern adaptation of a Franco-Flemish 1624 Iohannes Rückers Colmar harpsichord sampled by hand at the legendary MGM Scoring Stage at Sony Pictures Studios in Los Angeles. With four stops and three distinct sonic characters, CineHarpsichord will be suitable for use in scoring and classical applications.
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Loops 4 Producers Warrior

Warrior is inspired from the hit show "Empire". This product is equipped with 24 Wav files bringing you high quality drums, synths, bass, etc. All sounds heard in the demo are included in this kit. Includes tempo, keys, and 24-bit Wav. If you are looking for vinyl kits check out
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Madd Maks Starlight

100 + high quality virtual presets in the style of Madd Maks. Madd Maks - Levels - [Serum Bank] 20$ 70+ serum presets in the style of Madd Maks, Lil Uzi Vert, Jetson, Maaly Raw + more.
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Setaoc Mass Sample Pack Vol​.​1

This is the first ever sample pack hand crafted by Setaoc Mass. Sounds from many recent releases inside, as well as freshly created. Gear list for the samples includes..
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Udemy Learn to Play Guitar In 20 Days Guitar Beginner Lessons

Welcome to this Beginner Guitar Course. Through this 20 days course you will learn the skills necessary to start playing guitar. If you have never played guitar or any other musical instrument before that is ok, if you slowly work your way through the videos. Making sure to practice what you have learned before moving on, I know that you can master the guitar in no time.
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ModeAudio Synthetica Synthwave Soundtrack Samples

'Synthetica - Synthwave Soundtrack Samples' from ModeAudio crashes straight through the cinema screen and into your studio, radiating blinding beams of electric blue in every direction - this bumper choice of widescreen Synthwave has transcended the film world and is ready to hypercharge your next production with neon-lit euphoria!
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Nu.Wav Iris Lune Dark Magic Vocals

Dark Magic Vocals is an ethereal palette of deep vocal hues that will add a distinctive twist to any track. This collection was inspired by the dark vocal processing and music of experimental artists like James Blake, Sevdaliza, Burial and FKA Twigs, as well as the brighter productions of pop innovators like Justin Bieber. Ranging from whimsical and fun to quirky, brooding and pensive, these vocals have a flavor unlike any other. The pack includes lyrical hooks and melodies, dark ad-libs and melismatic runs, supernatural ambiences and glitchy textures, lush harmonies, swells and rhythmic percussive patterns that will draw you in and spark your creativity. Fashioned by producer, sound designer, songwriter, and vocal dynamo Iris Lune (AKA Ella Joy Meir), these sounds pack a powerful punch that will add new depth to your music.
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RARE Percussion Kalimba Alchemy Vol.4

Kalimba Alchemy brings you ancient sounds with a modern vibe. These raw instruments have a texture taht is perfect to flip, reverse, or design in any way you see fit. All kalimbas were made in South Africa and come in a variety of tunings and textures. These have a distinct audio quality that can't be found in midi synths like Omnisphere.
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