Groove3 FL Studio 20.8.4 Update Explained

Studio expert Tyler Coffin presents a set of FL Studio video tutorials designed to highlight the new features of Update 20.8.4! If you want to start making the most of the new-and-improved FL Studio quickly, this is the course to watch. Tyler covers each major improvement in detail and puts it all together at the end with an example song to demonstrate everything in a musical scenario. These videos are for those who want to know about the new features in version 20.8.4.
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Groove3 Crash Course Programming Drums in Logic Pro

Sam welcomes you and begins by familiarizing you with some basic Logic features that will be essential throughout the course, including changing the tempo/time signature, creating timeline loops, and navigating the timeline. Then you'll begin to build beats from scratch by clicking notes in the piano roll MIDI grid and manipulating them in various ways. Also explore the topics of choosing a software instrument, quantization, changing note velocity, applying "swing," incorporating ghost notes, and more!
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Vir2 Instruments PHOENIX: Rise Hit and Whoosh Builder

Vir2 Instruments is proud to present Phoenix: Rise, Hit & Whoosh Builder. Phoenix is an essential tool for all matter of cinematic and commercial productions. From the soft whoosh of a passing ghost, to the devastation of a train wreck scene, it's never been easier to get the sound you need for that critical moment.
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Producertech Making Samples Your Own

With sampling techniques forming the basis of so much of today’s music, having a trusted sample collection to hand is a great way of speeding up your workflow and defining your sound. On this course from experienced producer and sound designer Seppa, you’ll learn an abundance of methods for modifying samples in various ways, to polish the sound or create completely unique textures of your own.
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Sonic Collective Kora

The West African kora is an instrument that isn’t easily defined. Combining aspects of both the harp and lute, its 21 strings are plucked by both hands in tandem to create a sophisticated polyrhythmic sound. For this sample collection, Sonic Collective & Found Sound Nation teamed up with Vieux Cissokho, a virtuoso kora player and Griot storyteller from Senegal. This collection features a set of beautiful hypnotic kora melodies and polyrhythms as well as classic kora ostinato riffs, "kumbengo," and improvised solo runs, "birimintingo," recorded in Vieux’s studio in Paris, France.
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BFractal Music Big Room Techno

¨Big Room Techno¨ is darker, deeper and heavier than ever, delivering a smashing new pack full of pounding kicks, crazy afterhour drumloops, cutting edge synth loops, deep overdriven bass lines, crispy hats and lots of very useful fx risers and impacts.
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Plughugger Element 27

Element 27 is the 11th entry in our hardware-centric series of soundsets for Omnisphere, where we focus on one synthesizer, record the most important aspects of it, and recreate its characteristics in Omnisphere.
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Samplestar Future Analog Funk

Samplestar are very proud to present Future Analog Funk! An inspiring fusion of classic synth funk vibes mixed with contemporary melodic nu disco. Expect to hear - vintage power synths, funked up guitar licks, crispy retro drums, spacey fx, classic keys & much more!
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Strezov Sampling SAMBHALA Textural Orchestra

SAMBHALA Textural Orchestra A fresh and unique scoring toolkit, bringing together a vast collection of different playable world instruments, orchestral strings, synthesizers, percussion ensembles and voices all geared towards creating out of this world soundscapes for film, TV and videogames.
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Jacob Borum Faded Trap

"Faded trap" Is a Blend of Trap and Soul, carefully crafted to give you tons of inspiration. The heart of this pack is the 5 Melodic construction kits that are ready to drag and drop into your DAW, with included tempo and key signatures. Includes melodic 808's, Chords, Pads, Synths, Vox, and Piano loops. Follow me on IG @jacobborummusic Enjoy!!!
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Deeperfect Artist Series Artslaves

'Deeperfect Artist Series: Artslaves' by Deeperfect presents its first artist series with an amazing collection of samples by the Italian based duo and owners of Moan Recordings, Artslaves. Within this pack, they deliver 402 MB of their trademark sound, blending Deep Tech, Minimal and Tech House to bring a groove-laden product that is sure to be a continual source of inspiration for your latest productions.
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TRX Machinemusic Dope Guitar Flips Vol.1

A superb collection of live Hip Hop Guitar loops with no shortage of grit, funk and righteous blue sensibility. Locked to 90 and 75bpm, this construction kit of loops is perfectly suited to fans of Travis Scott, Kanye West, J Cole and more - an homage to all southern styles and boombap flavors. Traversing vinylised hooks, detuned ambient washes and essential minimalist licks, TRX Machinemusic is proud to present a unique set of pro-studio tools, dripping in vibe. Don't sleep on this fist mini collection...
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The Studio Builder's Handbook by Bobby Owsinski + Dennis Moody

Learn the studio building secrets that only the pros know with The Studio Builder's Handbook. You might think it takes thousands of dollars and the services of an acoustic designer to improve your studio, but this book strips away the mystery of what makes a great-sounding studio and shows how you can make a huge difference even on a budget. Featuring interviews with contractors, studio designers, producers, and engineers, this book and DVD kit will give you an insider look at studio building. The DVD shows you how to construct acoustic panels and bass traps, and features several guided tours by professional studio builders.
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Whitenoise Records TRIPPING MINIMAL Beats

*Note: This is the "Beats" version of "TRIPPING MINIMAL". Whitenoise Records is back with "Tripping Minimal", an high tech minimal techno collection inspired by legendary music producer Boris Brejcha. Expect to find more than 300MB of tripping beats, hypnotic analog synths, deep sub basslines, techy tops as well as minimal one shots, fx and much more! All loops are synced at 127BPM. What's in the collection? - 36 Full Beats Download contains: 36 x WAV 44.1 kHz, 24-bit.
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Freaky Loops Cosmic Cinema

'Cosmic Cinema' by Freaky Loops features unique and unheard atmospheric Sci-Fi-style Cinematic sounds ready to blow your mind and boost your creativity. This extraordinary sample pack contains all the elements you need to create Sci-Fi themed Cinematic tracks. From ethereal atmospheres to dreamy arpeggios, impressive drums to energetic percussions, hypnotic bass hits to 80ish Retro melodies, Cinematic Synthwave patterns to futuristic Sci-Fi pulses, 'Cosmic Cinema' helps you compose new tracks from the ground up or find missing elements required to finish existing ones.
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