Katunchik Sounds Cinematic Trailer FX Booms and Braams

Katunchik Sounds is bringing you a new sample pack! We are exited to present “Cinematic Trailer FX: Booms & Braams”! This pack contains high-quality Booms and Braams samples that will give you an epic, enormous feeling to your tracks and add a depth to your orchestrations. This pack includes 7 Booms and 20 Braams!
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BFractal Music Chill Out Breath

BFractal Music presents ¨Chill Out Breath¨ a beautiful collection of soothing melodies, warm Pads and organic beats for producers of Ambient, Downtempo and Chillout as well as Film/TV composers searching for some melodic inspiration.
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Jamesmaddocks Maddocks Guitar Collection Vol.2

This pack includes 30 original, live recorded acoustic and electric guitar compositions.Samples may include piano, live recorded vocal chops and live recorded whistles. All files are .wav files, includes James Maddocks' Tag, to use at will.
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Majin Wave Of Destruction Drumkit

Official Majin Drumkit Art By DudeClayy - 7 808's - 5 Hi Hats
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Guitar Theory For Dummies with Online Practice, 2nd Edition

Make your guitar sing with insight on music theory brings your instrument to life There’s a universe of incredible music living in your guitar. You just need to discover how to let it out. In Guitar Theory For Dummies, expert guitarist and instructor Desi Serna walks you through the music theory concepts you need to understand to expand your musical horizons. From deciphering the mysteries of the fretboard to adapting chord progressions to a song’s key, you’ll master techniques that will help you move past simple, three-chord songs to more complex and creative pieces.
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SampleOcean Trap Tsunami Sample Pack

Cause it's what you need to make your beats hella fire. Inside you will find vibes of all the major trap artist, such as: Drake, Migos, Meek Mill, 6LACK, Travis Scott, 21 Savage, Lil Pump and many others.
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Avid Media Composer | First: Fundamentals of Video Editing

Avid Media Composer | First: Fundamentals of Video Editing introduces users to the power of Media Composer software and marks the first steps toward developing core skills in video editing. The book covers the basic principles you’ll need to complete a Media Composer | First project, from initial setup to final output, and it is designed for those who are new to professional video editing and also for experienced editors who are unfamiliar with Media Composer software.
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VOX Vocal Stax Resampled Soul

Vocal Stax: Resampled Soul is a throwback to the Soulful vocal performers of the 60s and 70s, re-processed using a technique popularised in 2000s HipHop by artists such as Kanye West and the Wu -Tang Clan and in more recent times by the likes of Kaytranada, Kendrick Lamar and Savage 21.
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Sonic Collective Tabla

Tabla is arguably one of the most expressive drums in the world. With over 30 different tones, or ‘bols’, it can seem as if the pair of hand drums, collectively called tabla, are ‘speaking’ rhythm. For this sample collection, Sonic Collective & Found Sound Nation teamed up with master tabla player and percussionist, Surojato Roy, to prepare a gorgeous set of intricate traditional and contemporary rhythms as well as singular ringing and struck tones across various tabla and tunings. The samples included here were recorded in Surjoato’s studio in New Delhi, India.
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Sample Tools By Cr2 Ascend Future Bass

Ascend into another dimension with this euphoric future bass sample pack. Inspired by the sounds of Illenium, Fabian Mazur, Lookas, Snavs and many more, this pack encapsulates a magical future bass sound with over 300 carefully produced samples. Included are a large selection of synth hits, bigger than life synth loops, hard hitting drums one shots and loops. Furthermore this grand pack supplies you with some amazing vocal one shots and beautiful live recorded guitar loops. Finally delve into one of the 5 demo kits, broken down into stems, to give you a kickstart in your future bass productions.
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Rubicon Theremin Explorations w hYrtis

The theremin was the first electronic instrument in music history and the first to be played without physical contact. Invented in 1919 by Leon Theremin and championed by violin virtuoso Clara Rockmore, the theremin was controversial for redefining the nature of an instrument, musicianship, and music itself. Over a hundred years later, the theremin still evokes futuristic visions and myriad sonic possibilities related to the unique, spatial human gestures involved in its performance.
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Beatrising Anbargo Future House

This is absolutely new product is prepared especially for those who want and throw to create fresh tracks in house & techno styles. Based on experience for more than 10 years, we decided to start creating samples to inspire other producers. At us you will always hear fresh good rocking rhythms. All our releases are in professional 24Adventure Music Presents New Sample Pack «Anbargo Future House» This Pack provides you with high-quality audio files 44.1 kHz, 24-bit for your sound library.
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Beatrising Unusual Minimal 2

Unusual Minimal 2 this is the second part which consists of two kits 124 BPM minimal and Tech House style. 2 Construction Kits Dry/Wet Including: 2 construction kits WAV, 44.1 kHz, 24-bit. Genre: Minimal,Tech House Download size: 186.6 MB Zipped - 419.1 MB Unzipped. Instrument types: Bass, Drum, Synth, Fx and Demo Song
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Blue Diamond Musiq Reservations

Reservations is a sound pack designed by 'The Bang Out Factory' that will jump start your creative juices. If you are looking for that intimate R&B sound both modern and classic, then this pack is your foundation. Warm Rhodes, delicate Pianos, Synth Pads, Bass lines and more.
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