AXL Beats The Spaceman Soundkit

This kit includes the following : -3 Claps -4 Loops
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Macshooter49 Cadence One Shot Kit Vol. II

introducing cadence vol. II - a collection of one-shot samples curated by noble & mac. some crafted, some discovered & altered/repurposed, these one-shots can be used for a wide variety of compositions.
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Beatsburg Mixed By BEATSBURG

Beatsburg is a project where music is created with ordinary objects. Have you ever heard a song made entirely with a piece of paper or have you ever wondered what kind of musical magic can you generate by stamping a pen or a leather jacket on the desk? Neither had I. Beatsburg sample pack is the creation of a bored guy who took everyday objects and turned them into musical instruments. Every object is different and has a unique sound to it. In this pack, you find one-shot samples of boots, fan and badminton racket.
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Udemy Audio Compression in-depth for Music Production

Compression really isn't as complicated as many people make it to be. This course breaks everything down that even a newbie can get great results! Compression is so important when producing and engineering music, both for dynamics control and sound coloration. Because there are so many different compressor types, it can be confusing to decide which one to choose for a given situation. The aim of this course is to give you some clarity on the different compressor types and show you how they're typically used for vocals, drum buses, and mastering.
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About Noise I Love Tech House Vol.01

Tech House loops, twisted vocals, organic percussions, full loops ready to roll. A sublim selection of deep and dark sounds for your future dark Tech House production or deep techno. Just drop these amazing sounds into your daw and start making your own and unique tracks in a matter of minutes.
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Scorpio Drum Stash 2021

This kit contains 170+ sounds selected and used by me in my beats. Included in this kit are
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Evolution Series World Colors Clar Duduk

Welcome to World Colors Clar-Duduk. A cross between a clarinet and the Armenian Duduk. Quite often in our creative journey we only need a flavour of an instrument not an in-depth virtual one - Just enough to add a bit of worldly magic. Focusing on textural performance, we captured an emotional and lively sound bringing to life the inspiring Clar-Duduk.
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Sound and Recording: Applications and Theory, 8th Edition

Providing vital reading for audio students and trainee engineers, Sound and Recording is the essential guide for anyone who wants a solid grounding in both theory and industry practices in audio, sound, and recording. This updated and comprehensively restructured edition includes new content on DAW configuration, effects processing, 3D/immersive audio systems, object-based audio, and VR audio technology.
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Native Instruments Expansion: Electric Touch

GUITAR-DRENCHED R&B- Discover kits packed with the freshest riffs, chords and licks for R&B and pop - Smooth hooks backed with ultramodern, trap-style drums and distorted bass
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Dropgun Samples East Future Trap

We are happy to present you with a brand new weapon in the world of trap music - East Future Trap! This sample pack was developed by a professional team consisting of producers who really love their work! A lot of work has been done on all the content to make it really useful and high-quality for every producer!
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Capsun ProAudio Love Lines Cybertronica

The sound of cybertronic love songs, spectral pop, and experimental synthetics for your ex. At times harsh and aggressive, at times soft and vulnerable, this collection of synths, plucks, pads, and leads mix effortlessly with modern and processed machine drums, modular bass, and essential vocal chops and resamples. Drawing influence from the leading edge of experimental pop production, this is the alternative, modern sound of electronic pop without radio boundaries.
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Multiton Bits Techno and Foley Session

Techno & Foley Session gives you the best bits selected from our recent synths/drum machines session, as well as accompanying Foley sounds that we have captured exclusively for this pack. Sounds were sampled from our favourite synths, using hardware from Waldorf to Arturia. Foley sounds were recorded with HQ Neumann microphone through top Metric Halo audio preamps.
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ZappBeats Drift Phonk Kit

Drumkit specifically designed for drift/memphis phonk production. 808s - 5 Kicks - 6
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Alex Retsis Inhuman Voices Freestyle Robots

An anthology of 64 robotic sound effects and their variations, crafted from human voice manipulations. Created originally for game audio and film editing use, these samples can become a valuable addition for creating unique sonic environments - from haunting intros, to playful passages and growling atmospheres!
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