Sound Yeti Wave Ambition Expansion Pack

Wave includes a blend of lush bass & synth leads accompanied by emotive pads and motions. 70 presets from 60 discreet sample sources get you inspired to take a new look at 80’s synth music. You can hear pop anthems, power ballads, epic keyboard solos, and maybe even the keyboards in a big hair band. Explore through a prism of Wave’s sonic hues, varying brightnesses, textures, and good feelings vibe.
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Sound Yeti Relic Ambition Expansion Pack

A foundational collection of dramatic and expressive film scoring presets derived from modern hybrid sample sources. Relic includes a blend of evolving synths and tranquil pads ranging from calm & subtle to lush and grimy. 70 presets evoke feelings of longing, searching, curiosity, tension and resolution. Core samples of unconventionally processed analog instruments bring fresh perspectives to Ambition. Relic is sweet pack of cinematic flavor perfect for professional music scoring.
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Sound Yeti Artifact Ambition Expansion Pack

Artifact delivers a unique and eclectic collection of sounds that are both earthy and emotive. 70 snapshots at the ready help you convey subtle harmonic elements, bold textures and leading voices with ease. Ear crafted from 60 discrete sample sources including 15 different acoustic instruments and 10 organic/natural sound sources. All mixed and mangled to produce an extraordinary auditory experience for Ambition.
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Radium Media Logic Pro Producer Pack

Logic Pro X Instrument Track Presets 30 Preset Strips For Logic Pro X! Including The Exact Track Presets used for G-Eazy, Platinum Selling Artists, Tons of tv/ film/ commercials And More!
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Contains presets in the style of Lil Uzi Vert, Bladee, Trippie Redd, Ken Carson, Yeat,… Every sound was made from scratch.
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Synthetic Neon Pop Sound Kit

The Kit Includes: 91 Serum Presets 41 MIDI
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Ask Video Korg Nautilus 101 Korg Nautilus Video Manual

Korg's Nautilus is a powerful workstation packed with unlimited sonic potential. Watch this course by Matt Vanacoro and learn everything you need to know to start producing great sounds with Nautilus!
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Prodtopo The Story of YZ 虎 Drum Kit Vol.3

STORY OF YZ VOL 3 // 25 808s // 16 Claps // 26 Hi Hats // 22 Kicks // 12 Open Hats // 37 Percs //8 Snaps // 23 Snares --- ENJOY!
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molores Legacy Drum Kit

808 - 18Clap - 10 Snare - 10 Fx - 3
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Slipperyhaze Slippery CERTIFIED DRUMKIT

9 808s3 909s 20 COUNTERSNARES 18 HI HATS
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Reason RE McDSP FutzBox

Introducing one of the most popular music and post production tools for adding grit, distortion, and character to your audio... FutzBox! The FutzBox Rack Extension plug-in is a collection of filtering, distortion, noise generation, and lo-fi effects, coupled with the ability to harness the sound from over 160 devices including walkie-talkies, telephones, radios, and more!
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Reason RE McDSP Moo Q Equalizer

The Moo Q Rack Extension plug-in is a software emulation of modern tube-based equalizers. Moo Q goes with audio tracks like milk goes with cookies. Get some Moo in your music with the Moo Q equalizer.
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Reason RE McDSP Moo Tube Compressor

The Moo Tube Rack Extension plug-in is a software emulation of modern tube-based hardware compressors. When you want to fatten up your tracks, don't have a cow. Get some Moo in your music with the Moo Tube compressor.
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Reason RE McDSP FRG-EEE Equalizer

The FRG-EEE Rack Extension plug-in is a modern four-band equalizer consisting of low and high shelving EQ wrapped around two parametric bands. The FRG-EEE equalizer (aka 'froggy') packs a punch at the low and high end using a shelving EQ technique we call frequency resonant gain (FRG). This approach gives the FRG-EEE a little extra near the selected shelving frequency for, well, a little extra. The two parametric bands have a reasonably tight (but musical) Q, and wide frequency ranges.
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Reason RE McDSP FRG-4RE Compressor

The FRG-4RE Rack Extension plug-in is a feed-forward reactive gain compressor (FRG), referred to by McDSP engineering staff as 'the frog'. The FRG-4RE's features include a modern compression topology, separately adjustable attack and release controls, and a wide compression ratio control spread, ranging from nearly 1:1 to 20:1.
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