nofuk FEELINGS Vol.1 guitar + vocal + synths library WAVE

✔ 41 guitar + vocal + synths samples inspired by artists like Morray, Tossii, J Cole, Drake, Lil TJay, RodWave, NBA youngboy, Migos and more, composed by nofuk x zemco.
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WavSupply DT DayDream (Drum Kit)

Custom made drum kit created by DT of Internet Money. Contains:
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Aidan Han Nostalgia

10 original guitar compositions created from scratch by Aidan - high quality .wav files
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Scorched Earth Productions Gritty Slide

Grity slide riff with monster stomps and claps.Schwwaaaaaammpy!!!!
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PERDU and MORRIS Tsuki Drum Kit

“Tsuki” Drum Kit by @prodperdu and @m0rriss.ig is Out Now! 145 Total Drum Sounds created by @prodperdu and @m0rriss.ig
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PALE1080 Vision

what's good my people i just hit 15.000 subscribers on my youtube channel !! i can't thank you guys enough, this music stuff really changed my life !
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LFO Store Behringer MODEL D Black Sun

64 great patches for Behringer Model D By many asks we are continuing series of sounds for Behringer synthesizers.
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Noanalu Sample Collection Vol.2 (Elite)

Vol. 2 Of my sample collection ! enjoy
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PALE1080 Vision 2021 (DELUXE VERSION)

My new drumkit x sample pack "VISION 2021" is out now ! 2020 was a crazy year for me, a lot of mood swing and my style also changed a lot. This pack is my best release, ever.
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Loomer String

String is a virtual instrument that emulates the beautiful sound of the polyphonic string synthesizer. Divide-Down Oscillators String's authentic tone comes from its accurate emulation of the divide-down oscillator technology behind the lush ensemble synths of the 70s.
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Loomer Manifold

Manifold is a harmonizer audio effect that works by splitting an input signal into as many as 20 individual voices, each of which are detuned and scattered around the stereo panorama. Manifold is capable of producing a wide range of effects; from subtle modulations that add interest to lifeless sounds, to extreme detuning that fattens the weakest of input sources.
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Loomer Resound

Resound is a software audio delay effect processor that emulates the sound and operation of vintage magnetic-tape echo units. A controllable noise level allows the right amount of grit, distortion, and flutter through. The Reverse mode adds further flexibility: by playing each delay backwards, Resound can produce unique effects beyond what hardware magnetic-tape units are capable of.
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Loomer Shift2

Shift is a diatonic granular pitch shifting delay that combines an intuitive and beautiful user interface with a great sounding granular synthesis engine. Shift's flexibility allows a palette of timbres ranging from basic echo effects, through intelligent harmonies, to exotic evolving ambient soundscapes.
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LFO Store Behringer K-2

64 great patches for Behringer K-2. This soundset will also work with KORG MS-20 mini & Original MS-20. With slight differences caused by filter models, but overall patches & sound ideas are the same!
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Monosounds Ultimate Drill and Trap Drum kit

Inspired by top artists in the game. Punchy & fully analog processed one-shots would become an instapick in your sample library collection! WHAT'S INCLUDED
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