Beatsburg Office By BEATSBURG

Beatsburg is a project where music is created with ordinary objects. Have you ever heard a song made entirely with a piece of paper or have you ever wondered what kind of musical magic can you generate by stamping a pen or a leather jacket on the desk? Neither had I Beatsburg sample pack is the creation of a bored guy who took everyday objects and turned them into musical instruments. Every object is different and has a unique sound to it. In this pack, you find one-shot samples of paper, pen and keys.
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YoungBoyBrown On My Kidz Drum Kit Vol.2

All the sounds i use in my beats. Enjoy
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itsGratuiTous Musical Rhythms

This course will reveal to you some popular musical patterns we producers have available to us. If you keep getting stuck when trying to make your beats, I’m going to teach you how to beat producers block.
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Sem Venderbos Corrosion Loopkit with Stems

14 Placement Ready Loops with Stems in multiple styles. Hope you enjoy this loop kit and expect more in the future.
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antikvng sample kit

contains 20+ samples from recent/old beats/ songs in general 1 flp: promo beat
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Beat Machine Nineteen 91 x64

This instrument moves on from the eighties decade and the previous Nineteen 80s VSTs and glides nicely into the early 90s with authentic samples from the great artists such as 2 Unlimited. The Prodigy and many awesome 90s dance sounds. It also includes authentic drum samples, drum loops, bass note samples & synthesizer samples for you to either recreate the original recordings or add the stunning sounds to your own compositions and productions. The demo was created with just the Nineteen 91 VST and nothing else. Just a little compression and post mixing.
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Denise Audio Bite Harder

You decide which frequency ranges to target with the push-pull graph The push-pull graph lets you have complete control over the frequencies that are going to be crushed, giving you endless possibilities and new sounds. Automate it to create organically changing bit crushed lines and create steep curves for screaming resonances.
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Denise Audio My Crush

Refined crush controls The same insane bit crushing algorithm from the Bite Harder drives the My Crush plugin. The individual bit (reduce) and re-sample dials help you to gradually destroy your sound. The stutter fader adds a layer of creativity on top.
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Fiori ARMIS VRM1Z Drum Kit

My hardest hitting drum kit yet… The ARMIS | VRM1Z Drum kit draws its inspiration from the style and sounds of Denzel Curry and other similar artists from the Raider Klan era, and from current trap metal artists as well.
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Sound Junkie Tiny Tunes by Sound Junkie

New lofi tunes from the BounceGxd himself. 21 dirty, spaced out loops made to help you beat "Beat Block".
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Xelon Digital Blocks 001 Hip-Hop

WE Music Unlimited (WEMU) proudly releases Ambientronic's BLOCKS series, a range of highly focused, genre based, high quality professional production packs featuring all the SFX, Samples and Loops you need to create your very own electronic music.
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Sound Junkie JunkBox by SoundJunkie

Simply Put: Colorful drums. All drums were recorded using a Zoom H4N Pro and random household items, layered, and ran through digital and/or analog hardware to add some extra color and punch to your sound.
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Soulful String Samples Sexy String N'Bass Lines

Sexy bangin' string and bass licks and lines featuring Soulful String Samples and Deon Estus, Bassist from Wham! This unique and exclusive collaboration will make you slap your knees and inspire you to create the next hit!
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Soulful String Samples STREET STRINGS

Dangerously Gritty and Grimy Street Strings to enhance your next Hop Hop or Rap track. These arer ready to go, Just add lyrics!
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