Nu.Wav Luigi Bridges URSO Deep Tech and Andean Textures

Mario Puentes is a Colombian-Ecuadorian audiovisual producer and DJ now based in Managua, Nicaragua. The following collection of sounds is a representation of Puentes’ two artistic personas: his deep tech one, better known as Luigi Bridges, and his Andean - Electronic one called URSO. Despite originating from two different worlds, if used together, these samples can be combined to create new electronic textures with a unique organic touch.
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MyMixLab Mastering with Slate Plugins

Mastering with Slate Plugins and Reid Stefan Realest Puppet In the Game. This Course teaches you how to master your tracks with Slate Digital Plugins from the Everything Bundle! This course covers Virtual Mix Rack, Fresh Air, Virtual Tape Machines, And FG-X plugins.
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MyMixLab Mixing Rock

How to Mix & Master Rock Tracks with Reid Stefan. Learn to process drums guitars, vocals, and more in this two lesson session walkthrough of a finished mixed and mastered Rock inspired Hip Hop track by Prizefighters Ft. Easy McCoy.
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Jordanwtf Changes (Hihat Midi Kit)

69 HiHat Midis created by Jordanwtf aka (holy) from Internet Money ;). You guys showed so much love to the other HiHat Midi Packs that I decided i'd create another for you guys!
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TrakTrain Friday Night Firefight

In this Friday Night Firefight Sample Pack Traktrain presents another 310 Samples (Loops & One-Shots), including Soundscapes and FX perfect for any taste. Traktrain is happy to present the “Friday Night Firefight” Sample Pack with 310 high-quality samples created by an affiliated producer. It contains one-shots and loops of different instruments including drums, bass, synths, as well as some soundscape and effects samples. The author envisioned this kit to be used in a Future Beats context, however, it will serve its purpose within such genres as Trap, Boombap, and EDM as well.
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SkillShare Vocal Mixing Masterclass How To Mix Pop Vocals Like Bad Bunny

Ever wonder how artists make their music sound so good? It’s all in the mix. Even when big musicians are touring on the road and recording in hotel rooms they sound incredible because their engineers are so good.
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Dez Wright Spirit 555 Sample Pack

New sample pack from grammy winning and multi-platinum producer Dez Wright. In this pack you will find 15 original compositions made with rare vintage, as well as modern, synths, guitars and effects units. All samples are over 50 secs long with multiple sections giving you lots of choices when creating your beat.
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Vosynth OctoCell Ableton

OctoCell combines additive, FM and subtractive synthesis in an accessible interface. Stack up to eight oscillators, each with their own individual FM options, and dial in an array of modulation and envelope possibilities to create rich, evolving sounds.
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Toontrack In The Pocket EZX Expansions

ORGANIC ELECTRONIC. Organic drums for hyper-modern productions from one of the world’s premier human beat machines: Ash Soan.
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Diaspora Nylon Bossa Nova Guitar

In our first foray into Bossa Nova, Diaspora presents Nylon: Bossa Nova Guitar”. Originating in Brazil, Bossa Nova music is a serene crossing point between jazz and Latin music. This pack features 50 authentic Bossa Nova guitar loops, as well as 50 guitar one-shots played by Eli Menezes.
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Renraku Coasting

Golden Hour, driving with the top down, taking in the sights and sounds as you drift along the road, COASTING attempts to hold onto this feeling and put it into sound. Gently processed guitar licks, piano riffs, and acoustic drums blend with synthesized leads and melodic loops to carry you off to warm and beautiful locations. No drivers license needed.
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SkillShare Ultimate Guide Arturia Pigments Synthesiser

I will go through all of pigments features, and enable you to know where everything is and what each function do. Pigment is an outstanding synth best of both worlds modern with it's wavetable engine and analogue engine which I consider a hybrid synth.
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