Daniel Moras x Wizzle Oasis Sample Library

This Loop kit contains : 15 Original Loops Variety Of Styles
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nofuk BULLETS One Shot Sounds + Loops

Dark drill or trap sounds, processed with analog gear (ssl + avalon) One shots sounds to spice up your productions.
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Groove3 Dune 3 Explained

Studio expert Larry Holcombe presents comprehensive Dune 3 video tutorials! Synapse's Dune 3 is one of the most versatile and powerful soft synths on the market, which means it can also be a bit intimidating for the less-experienced user. Well, look no further! In these Dune 3 tutorials, Larry will demystify Dune3 and walk you through all the most important features from the ground up. From the interface and signal flow to advanced tweaking of the oscillators, filters, arpeggiator, and more, you'll learn it all! These videos are for new Dune 3 users.
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Onlyxne 808 Mafia Percussion Loops 008

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Haaga Visonary Drumkit

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Steinberg Absolute 5 Collection

Steinberg today announced the immediate availability of Absolute 5, a collection of standalone or plug-in instruments for VST, AU, and AAX hosts. Absolute 5 is a celebration of the best synthesizers and workstations that Steinberg has to offer. Spanning more than 130 GB of sound content and over 7,500 presets, Absolute 5 features 28 VST and HALion instruments.
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Cymatics Prism EDM Sample Pack

Melodic EDM producers have been changing the game with their complex sound design, dynamic mixing, and catchy melodies. You can even hear their influence in hip-hop production with artists like Trippie Redd.
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Udemy Blues & Rock Theory for Guitar

Now that we have worked our way through the basics of diatonic theory in our last course, that is to say, understanding major and minor scales and their harmonies, we’re ready to look at some styles that have strayed away from that system.
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Udemy Basic Theory for Guitar

Welcome to your Music Theory for Guitarists Course! Hi there! I'm Jack, and I have been teaching music for many many years, and in all of that time, the main thing I have noticed that holds students back, whether they have played for months or for decades, is a lack of an understanding of the basics of music theory. So I have created this course to address that issue so that students will have their fundamentals down and will therefore be able to continually improve without limit.
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Krotos Concept

A simply powerful, yet powerfully simple synth Concept 2 is everything you want in a modern synth plugin, beautiful sounds without the complexity of operation found in many other synths.Your time is valuable, and so we wanted to give you access to a rich sound design palette without having to spend time learning how to use it. With Concept 2, you can get lost in the music, not the manual.
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Solid State Logic Native Channel Strip 2

The SSL Native Channel Strip 2 Plug-in delivers the legendary tone, features and workflow of an SSL 9000K console channel strip, now featuring SSL's proprietary 'Anti-Cramping' technology and external Side Chain input.
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Musicisum Guitar Workouts and Warm-Ups with Max Taylor Grant

Learn 15 fundamental exercises that focus on the mechanics of playing guitar. Covering wrist movement, finger positioning, economy of motion, picking power, legato, alternate picking, and more, this series of exercises will help highlight any flaws in your technique. Put them all together to build an intense 15-minute workout that is sure to warm you up!
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Cymatics Fuego Trap Melody Loops

Fuego is a Trap melody sample pack inspired by artists like Kodak Black, NBA Youngboy, Migos, and Lil Yachty. Having solid melodies behind your beats is the best way to get them to stand out to listeners.
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