Carsonbeats Nostalgia Guitar Loop Kit

This Pack Contains 20 High Quality .WAV Guitar loops composed and recorded by myself using a Fender Stratocaster & a 1992 Yamaha CG-180SA nylon acoustic guitar. I also used a few real live wind instruments in this pack such as a tin whistle and a wooden recorder.
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Brian Sanhaji Analog Sequences Vol.1

All loops are created with a Modular System and Vintage Hardware Synths. 98 Loops (Leads, Dark, Bass, Sub, Synth) 28 Group folders with 274 loops in total.
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Spectre Digital Guitar Tone Mastery

In short, you will learn a proven, step-by-step method for creating massive guitar tones that you are hearing in your head with amp simulators. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. You will learn:
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Beat Specials English Edition Trap & Hip-Hop - Hit receipes for your tracks

While Hip-Hop and Electro were initially two parallel universes, they have long been inseparable and Trap is just one of many symbiotic relationships of the two. Stars like Sido, Drake, Deichkind or Alison Wonderland show more than clearly how well the fusion of both worlds works. In our eBook, we not only have hip acts in an interview, but also look over their shoulders as they produce and give you all the tools and tricks you need for contemporary Trap as well as classic sampling & turntablism Hip-Hop with 12-bit aesthetics.
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nofuk 2020 MEGA LOOP PACK + flp (935 pcs)

✔ 935 trap loops for selling beats/spotify etc. My whole folder from 2020 with every part included. Also lot of secret samples + flp project so you can investigate how i make my guitar + flute samples.
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Dharma World Wide Lessons of KSHMR

Included:1. Quick Tips For Creating Ambiance 2. Making The Sax Solo (Using Only Software) In ‘Around The World’
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Musicisum Writing Progressive Rock Riffs with Rabea Massaad

What is going through Rabea's head when he sits down to write new music? For the first time ever, Rabea pulls back the curtain on his process for writing Progressive Rock riffs. This is a truly deep dive into his mindset, approach, and inspiration when writing riffs in this genre.
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Musicisum Metal Rhythm Guitar with Joss Allen

Learn all of the techniques you need to be able to play and write the heaviest of metal riffs! Joss covers everything from downpicking and galloping all the way through to improving your timing and getting a great metal guitar tone.
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Spectre Digital Henning's Complete Guide to Drum Programming

Learn to create the most realistic and best sounding drums using your favorite drum software. This course will first go through a lot of the technical aspects to get you and your preferred drum software ready to program. You'll learn the differences between programming in the key editor versus a drum editor and find out how to effectively structure your drum map and key commands. Individual lessons cover most of the commonly used VSTs and who you their interface, the sounds, workflow and how to assign individual outputs. After that you learn how to combine different VSTs to get the sound you want and we even cover some mixing techniques. If you have live drums and want to beef them up with some samples we also have you covered!
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