Mask Movement Samples Electronic Symbolism

Mask Movement Samples is proud to present ‘Electronic Symbolism’ - a multi genre compilation of electronic music samples that can be used in a variety of modern music styles, including Dubstep, Downtempo, Breaks, Drum & Bass, Techno, Glitch, Garage, IDM, Ambient and other Experimental electronic music genres.
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Aequor Sound Modern Techno Kick

Aequor Sound are pleased to present their new ‘Modern Techno’ Pack. They tried to combine the flow of melodic modern techno and progressive house groove to get a soft and inimalistic, but catchy sound. And of course all sounds for this pack were created using analogue equipment. Welcome!
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Triple Spiral Audio Stingray Instruments Inversion for Serum

Another first for Stingray Instruments, we have a guest sound designer alert. Inspired by the music of Ludwig Göransson, guest sound designer Charly Van Norden has curated 120 of the finest presets into our first ever Serum soundset, Inversion. Let me explain…
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Image-Line Flex Expansion Electronica by Histibe

Producer and sound designer Histibe brings you a unique collection of creative presets for FLEX. Electronica contains mechanized basses, other worldly pads and brain melting leads x 150 Presets
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HZE Unknown Past Lost Files (ANALOG LAB V BANK)

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Cymatics Atomic Dubstep Sample Pack

Atomic is an all-in-one package with everything you need to build your next dubstep track. Quickly start building dubstep bangers with these samples inspired by dubstep legends like Skrillex, Excision, Rusko, and Zomboy.
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Mastering The Mix EXPOSE 2

EXPOSE 2 is an audio quality control application that helps you identify issues with your music. So many tracks get distributed with a poor EQ balance, true peak clipping, over-compression, phase issues, and more. We want you to catch these issues before it's too late. With EXPOSE 2, you can deliver the best listening experience and release your music with confidence.
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3 Digi Audio Soul Glow

'Soul Glow' by 3 Digi Audio is a sample pack inspired by Soul, RnB and Funk music. This product provides an outstanding set of Construction Kits which streamlines the workflow. The pack is essential for producers wanting to boost creativity and bring the next project to another level.
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HZE Trapped in the Desert (ANALOG LAB V BANK)

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Udemy Play Any Song By Ear (Part One)

My name is Eduardo Slompo and I’ve been a musician for almost 30 years. If you check my YouTube channel (just search for my name on YouTube), you'll find more than 150 videos, including some One Man Band covers. I PLAY ALL THE INSTRUMENTS IN THOSE COVERS 100% BY EAR (although I do know the music theory behind it) and I've been teaching people how to train their ears to this level for more than 20 years.
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Beat Specials English Edition Synth Secrets

In our Synth Secrets eBook, we dig deep into the bag of tricks and reveal tips for synthesizers and instruments from everyday studio life that not everyone knows. We show you how to create your own signature sounds with software and hardware synths and with effects, specialised tools and DAWs. Furthermore, professionals like Dada Life, Black Sun Empire, Dirty South, Celldweller and Alex Pfeffer will reveal their favorite tools and techniques for creating unique sounds.
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Soundtrack Loops Galaxy Gunslinger

Soundtrack Loops presents Galaxy Gunslinger. Milan producer Belibat is back, hot on the heels of his last three Soundtrack Loops outings: Lo-Fi Drift 2, Jazzy Trip Hop, and Memory Wave 80s. This time it’s Galaxy Gunslinger, a cinematic construction kit that merges symphonic, retro rock and electronic styles into a hybrid presentation that sounds and feels familiar yet fresh. Here we’re treated to a soundtrack theme construction kit featuring 133 loops, neatly divided into nine folders full of instruments that deftly cross genres­—Belibat style! You get effected electric bass guitar and synth bass, space cowboy electric guitars, orchestral percussion featuring massive timpani and tribal toms, a full brass section with fanfares and big drama, and a strings folder packed with violin, viola, cello and double bass loops, with plenty of articulations on hand to keep your score sounding rich and real.
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Do you ever listen to music and hear a certain sound and just think "Mane that sound would make my beats sound fiya mane!" Welcome to Extra Wavy FX!!! This essential collection of one shot samples will be the go to drum kit for adding ambience, organic hits, vocal chants and some drip filled saucey layers to your Trap & Hip Hop beats!
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Cymatics Narco Trap Melodies

Composing quality melody loops is one of the most important parts of making a hit record. Even the biggest producers in the game have teams of loop makers to supply them with melody loops, so they can find one for any vibe when it’s studio time. (Just look at the long list of production credits on songs by artists like Travis Scott and Kanye West)
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