Caelum Audio Flux Mini

Flux Mini is an audio effect that adds life, character and dynamism to your tracks. The customisable graph creates a shape which affects either the amplitude, low-pass filter or high-pass filter. You can emphasise the frequency modulation with the resonance knob too!
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Caelum Audio Beef

Beef Up Your Sound Beef is a multi-effect audio plugin with a sole purpose, to make your tracks sound BEEFY. It brings all the effects you need to create powerful sounds into one efficient and easy to use window.
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Caelum Audio Schlap

If you want your tracks to be energetic, in-your-face and bold, make 'em "Schlap". Schlap is a characterful, colourful and aggressive sounding program-dependent compressor. It takes inspiration from hardware RMS compressors of the past and evolves them into a modern setting.
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Caelum Audio Smoov

Is a chaotic track starting to get to you? Maybe you should make it a little more "Smoov". Smoov is a soft, clean and transparent sounding program-dependent compressor. It takes inspiration from hardware compressors of the past with a focus on peak detection, meaning that it can quickly and effortlessly react to incoming signals and blend them in with the surrounding audio field. When a busy track needs taming, Smoov softly settles your tracks.
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Caelum Audio Tape Pro

Endless Creativity Tape Pro is a multi-effect tape audio plugin that introduces warmth, frequency shaping, modulation, noise and delay. Whether you want to accurately replicate a microcassette tape running at 1.2cm/s, or you want to drive a mastering grade tape machine with strange distortion shapes into a high feedback delay engine, Tape Pro is the plugin for the job.
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Caelum Audio Tape Cassette 2

Nostalgic Saturation Tape Cassette 2 is an audio plugin that emulates the warmth, noise and character of old tape cassettes. Following up from our well received Tape Cassette 1, we've updated the plugin with a sleek interface and more changes under the hood too.
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Concept Samples Deep Melodic RnB

'Deep Melodic RnB' by Concept Samples delivers this collection of sounds designed for producers of Rnb, Chill Out, Ambient and more. Inside, you will find a collection of samples including Leads, Bass, Plucks, Pads, Drums as well as a selection of sound stacks for speed and ease of use. Drag and drop any of the sounds within your tracks, or use a stack of sounds to spark inspiration. Recorded using a selection of popular outboard synthesisers including DSI Prophet 8, Moog Sub 37, Waldorf Pulse 2, Access Virus A and more, each sound has been processed through an Apogee Symphony AD/DA, to give the audio content this additional depth and punch.
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Groove3 MALLET FLUX Explained

Studio pro Eli Krantzberg presents comprehensive Native Instrument MALLET FLUX video tutorials! If you're looking to add some fresh sounds and breathe new life into your film scores or other musical productions, you've got to check out these MALLET FLUX videos. Eli guides you through all the elements of this unique library, starting with the basics and delving further into more advanced features. Before it's over, you'll be using MALLET FLUX creatively and intuitively. These videos are for new MALLET FLUX users.
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Groove3 Logic Pro Sharing Projects Explained

Studio expert Doug Zangar presents a comprehensive set of Logic Pro video tutorials on the subject of sharing your Logic Pro projects and/or mixes to other programs or apps! If you've ever gotten frustrated by trying to send your Logic Pro files to recipients or other apps and programs, fret no more! This is the video series you've been waiting for. Doug takes you step by step through the process in numerous formats, so you'll be sharing and collaborating in no time! These videos are for those new to sharing Logic Pro projects and files.
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Zero-G Impromptu Electric Guitars

An incredible tool for creating beautiful evolving cinematic guitars Zero-G Impromptu Electric Guitars is a cinematic Kontakt 6 instrument featuring 21 patches and over 8GB of samples. IEG is dedicated to the creation of complex guitar-based, ever-evolving soundscapes.
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WavSupply vvspipes Wesley Pipes (Serum Bank)

104 high quality sounds designed by vvspipes of Internet Money. 9 Basses 10 Bells
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GuitarZoom Power Chord Creativity with Steve Stine

Play tons of chords over the entire fretboard, in any position, and in any key, so you could play songs faster and easier. Power Chords A power chord is essentially a chord that is missing one of the notes of the triad – the 3rd, the note that defines if a chord is major or minor. It can be played over two or three strings. Let’s see and example starting on the 6th string: the root note, in this case G, is on the lowest string (6th string at 3rd fret), and in case of a 3-string power chord it’s also on the highest string one octave higher.
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PRXJECTSIN Super Trap Essentials

Custom Sounds + Custom Gross Beat Bank
Home page
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Acoustic Fretboard : 24 Hours Challenge to Memorize the Fretboard : 40+ Tips and exercises included (Fretboard Mastery Book 1)

Memorize the fretboard before you play another note! Here’s why….. A fully memorized fretboard is one of the most underrated skills in the guitar world. It’s not expected from a beginner, nor is it taught in the normal course of guitar learning.
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Trip Digital Chord Lords Book 2

Beatmakers in today's modern technology-driven world, are always looking to advance their workflow. As sound designers, it's our job to give the producers, ideas to start their concepts. Chord Lords, Book #2, by Beat Hack Lords gives you the tools to start, concept, and complete the beat in your head. Remember, all great songs start with a catchy chord structure. Enjoy!
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