Triad Sounds Modern Samples Vital Reggaeton

Modern Samples is proud to present our latest sample pack to Splice. Inside you will find a premium and original collection of royalty free samples inspired by the most recent trends and sounds. Get browsing below and find your favourite samples to take your productions to the next level!
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Atlas Audio The Underworld

'The Underworld' by Atlas Audio contains 55+ WAV Loops, 50+ MIDI Files, and also 55+ One-Shots including Drums & Melody! Inspired by top-notch artists like Drake, Lil Uzi Vert, Roddy Ricch and others.
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Big Citi Loops Afro Centric Dancehall 3

'Afro Centric Dancehall 3' by Big Citi Loops is inspired by Dancehall and Afrobeat. These four Construction Kits contain all the elements needed to make an outstanding production.
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Big Citi Loops Hard 808 Trap

'Hard 808 Trap' by Big Citi Loops features Trap beats that will blow you off your feet inspired by 2 ChainZ, French Montana, Young Jezzy, Lil Wayne, and much more. Get ready for the hot Trap experience you have been waiting for.
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Big Citi Loops Hybrid Hip Hop

'Hybrid Hip Hop' by Big Citi Loops is loaded with live acoustic and electric guitars, rhythmic percussion and smooth basses that are sure to keep the listener's heads nodding. Inspired by the sounds of Logic, Russ, Kid Ink, Kendric Lamar and many more.
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Big Citi Loops RnB Epic Trap Returns 2

'RnB Epic Trap Returns 2' by Big Citi Loops features five Construction Kits packed full of all the Royalty-Free elements you need to create the perfect Hip Hop, Rap, RNB and Trap bangers.
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Big Citi Loops RnB Epic Trap Returns 3

'RnB Epic Trap Returns 3' by Big Citi Loops is here with its Third installment of one of the top-selling Urban series from Big Citi Loops. If you haven't heard the first edition, this is on an all whole different level.
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Big Citi Loops Royalty Free Chopped Samples

'Royalty-Free Chopped Samples' by Big Citi Loops is here with 20 Royalty-Free sample chops for producers of Hip Hop and RnB. This one-of-a-kind collection of vinyl Hip Hop and RnB sounds is inspired by that 100% authentic sampled vinyl sound.
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Big Citi Loops West Coast Funk 6

'West Coast Funk 6' by Big Citi Loops brings you five Construction Kits from the West Side. Influences for this product include XziBit, Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg and many more. Filled with funky chords, strings, sound effects, and synth bass, this is a must-have product for all you artists and producers.
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RoxBox Karaoke Player

The RoxBox Karaoke Player will make your night more enjoyable with Auto Play, Auto Fade and the "Fastest Free Form" song search on the market! ... RoxBox does NOT include music!
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Strategic Audio Ice Cold Heat 2

Veteran sample label brings part 2 to the previous chill but uptempo, soulful Hip Hop Construction Kit/Sample Pack "Ice Cold Heat: Uptempo Chillhop 2". This Melody based pack comes equipped with the laid back, organic, soulful sounds you need for that chill/music to study to vibe. Once again, the energy is kicked into high gear with increased pace and tempo.
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Strategic Audio The Boom Bap Legacy 4

'The Boom Bap Legacy 4' is the 4th instalment in the popular Strategic Audio Royalty Free Sample Pack series. The concept for this Hip Hop Melody Loop pack/Construction Kit mixes the traditional Boom Bap from the 90s with a bit of modern Boom Bap, especially in the mixing and playing styles. Boom Bap remains the heart of Hip Hop music and this pack pays homage to the legacy of Boom Bap and keeps it alive. WAV and MIDI loops are available.
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Toolbox Samples Cyberpunk Bass

CYBERPUNK BASS BY TOOLBOX SAMPLES IS INSPIRED BY GIANTS OF THE GENRE SUCH AS HYPER, REZZ, UBUR, TYNAN, SYN, 1788-L, BLACK TYGER SEX MACHINE, AND OTHERS We are super excited to produce our first Cyberpunk pack! The pack contains the main driving force behind the genre... BASS.
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Master Music Theory for Guitar in 14 Days: Daily Guitar Theory Lessons (Play Music in 14 Days)

A simple, 14-day guide to important music theory for guitar Learning basic music theory creates a foundation for almost anything you'll ever want to learn and master on the guitar. As new concepts are introduced daily, you’ll learn how to quickly apply them to your guitar.
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3Digi Audio Slime Lingo

'Slime Lingo' by 3Digi Audio is a collection of four Construction Kits with inspiration drawn from top Trap artists like Travis Scott, Kevin Gates, Shindy, DaBaby, Migos, Plaiboi, Carti and others.
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