Pandi Samples and Stuffs 7

7th installment of the samples and stuff series, with the best melody loops, (created by yours truly) samples, and drums. hope you enjoy. samples and stuffs 7 including:
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Producertech Complete Guide to Loopcloud 6

Loopmasters award-winning free software suite Loopcloud has garnered ever increasing amounts of attention since its release in 2017. With updates coming regularly and bringing with them huge new feature additions, the main Loopcloud app has gone from a sample library manager to a powerful tool for building musical ideas. This new course from Senior Tutor Rob Jones is a detailed guide to using the app to make music, which covers both the basics and advanced operation, so that beginners and more experienced users can learn ways of using Loopcloud most productively.
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Emergence Audio Quantum Source Code

ADD LEGENDARY ANALOG TONE TO YOUR TRACKS Quantum Source Code is a pure vintage synth sample library. We recorded the true to original D Type circuitry that became legendary in the 1970s in stunning detail. Six super-high-quality vintage oscillators. The waveforms, Triangle, Sawtooth, Reverse Sawtooth, Square, Wide Pulse, and Narrow Pulse, combined with our innovative, easy to use Quantum Engine takes this vintage analog tone to a completely new dimension of creativity and experimentation. From stunning super-fat bass lines and leads to progressive organ sounds. Transform these legendary vintage oscillators into evolving pads, drones, pulses, soundscapes and more.
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Disciple Samples INFEKT Riddim Toolkit

Have you ever sat down to make some Riddim and thought ‘Damn, I wish I had my INFEKT tool box with me!’ No? Us neither, because up until now it hasn’t existed! Riddim Tool Kit Vol. 1 is the debut sample pack from none other than the king of Riddim himself, INFEKT. This pack will get you creating crazy drops that will make your friends faces melt in no time at all!
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Strategic Audio Bundle 47-in-1

Strategic Audio 4 AM Essential Chillhop 2 WAV MiDiStrategic Audio 4 AM Essential Chillhop 3 WAV MiDi Strategic Audio Audio Savage 3 WAV MiDi Strategic Audio Audio Savage WAV
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Wavesfactory Ukulele Collection

Real Strumming and Solo Ukulele for Kontakt Ukuleles are everywhere featured in thousands of happy commercials around the globe, wherever you can't escape.
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Freshly Squeezed Samples Spire Future Progressive Volume 2

Containing 128 Spire Presets, this pack truly captures the legendary driving progressive sound as championed by world class artists such as Eric Prydz, Jeremy Olander, Grum and FEHRPLAY.
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Riemann Kollektion Riemann Dark Melodic Techno 4

Bring your darker melodic techno productions to the next level with this fresh sample pack! All loops and oneshots are inspired by Tale Of Us, Afterlife, DJ Dixon, Ame, London Grammar, CamelPhat, Hidden Empire, Innervisions and Festivals like Awakenings, Tomorrowland or Burning Man Festival.
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LearnIt Series: Music Producer's Guide to Electronic Music

The Music Producer’s Guide to Electronic is your guide to five decades of Electronic Music, where we speak to the pioneers, examine the history and look in detail at many of the production techniques used within this most incredible of musical genres.
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Strategic Audio Hip Hop Soul Piano Melodies Vol.4

'Hip Hop Soul Piano Melodies Vol 4' by Strategic Audio is a top quality loops product continuing the label's authentic Hip Hop series. This volume features five Street/Billboard-ready piano based Hip Hop Construction Kits that perfectly blend that old school 90s feel with new school vibes.
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Strategic Audio Hip Hop Soul Piano Melodies Vol.6

'Hip Hop Soul Piano Melodies 6' by Strategic Audio is a top-quality Melody Loop Sample Pack product featuring five Billboard-ready piano-based Hip-Hop Construction Kits that perfectly blend that dusty, soulful and dark Old School 90s feel with New School vibes. WAV and MIDI loops are available.
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Strategic Audio Vapour: A LoFi Hip Hop Experience

'Vapour: A Lo-Fi Hip Hop Experience' from Strategic Audio is an authentic Lo-Fi Hip Hop pack, featuring five dusty, chill and emotional Boom Bap-inspired Lo-Fi Hip Hop Construction Kits that would fit perfectly on any Chill Hop streaming playlist.
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Pulsed Records World Series: Pan Pipe

'World Series: Pan Pipe' follows up on the success of this series of products featuring unique instruments from around the globe. This pack comes with more than 250 phrases featuring the woodwind instrument, the pan pipe, ready to be used within your projects.
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Pulsed Records World Series: Quenacho

'World Series: Quenacho' by Pulsed Records continues the series eaturing unique instruments from around the globe with 150 phrases of the quenacho flute, a wind instrument from South America.
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Strategic Audio Contagion

'Contagion' by Strategic Audio is a Club-Hip Hop Construction Kit sample pack containing top quality loops and one-shots. Discover five bouncy, club banger type, new-school Hip Hop Construction Kits that would fit perfectly on both the top of the Billboard charts and in the streets.
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