Audentity Records Pop Masterpieces

Pop Masterpieces By Audentity Records is a feel good inspired samplepack, which main focus is melodic pop related tracks, infused with elements of house, Brazilian bass, tropical and progressive melodic house
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OST Audio Synthwave Drums

'Synthwave Drums' by OST Audio presents this astonishing product! If you want to add the 80s feeling to your song, you need to have a selection of good drum samples! OST Audio wanted to create the 80s sounding drums but keep them simple and modern in structure to be as easy to use as possible. Besides the drums sounds, OST Audio also added a collection of foley sounds from old Cassette Tapes and VHS player.
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Triple Spiral Audio Nova

Nova is new library for Kontakt inspired by the Arctic world. It contains a lot of ambient textures, pads and soundscapes with a cold, ambient, mysterious and sometimes experimental character. The main Nova library contains 120 soundsources and 125 snapshots (presets) and new ones will be added later on. This release contains also a bonus library with 15 ambient lo-fi drum kits and 65 snapshots.
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Skeleton Samples Minimalistic

'Minimalistic' by Skeleton Samples is a Groovy and spacious sample pack that caters to the minimal side of Tech-House. This pack provides all killer & no filler. If you are looking for Minimal beats and grooves, you have come to the right place. Perfectly recorded and produced as well as tested out in clubs, the bass will shake, the drums will connect and the synths will send your listeners on a hypnotic adventure.
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2DEEP Insane Hi-Hat Loops

'Insane Hi-Hat Loops' by 2DEEP is loaded with 51 high-quality hi-hat loops covering all styles of modern Hip Hop, Trap, Pop, RnB and Trap Soul. Making your workflow faster than ever before, this pack contains 50 custom, carefully put together hi-hat loops ready to drag and drop into your favorite DAW and create your next chart-topping beat with ease.
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2DEEP Sample Lab Vol.5

'Sample Lab Vol 5' by 2DEEP is packed with 10 unique melodic samples adding up to a total of 28 loops inspired by modern Hip Hop, Trap and RnB. Each sample comes with mixed down variations, allowing you to easily add changes, build-ups or hooks to your composition.
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Asonic Spirits Traditional Picked

Asonic are ready to release their next sample pack: Spirits Traditional Picked. A unique Ethnic collection of Lavta & Saz Phrases and short performances.
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Futurephonic Rhythmizer 2.1 for Ableton Live

Your new ultimate MIDI manipulator. Rhythmizer 2.0 (now updated to 2.1) is the groundbreaking new Max4Live device from touring artist Raffael Willi (Jumpstreet) which combines the powerful rhythmic potential of Rhythmizer One with an incredible new range of melodic possibilities.
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Sound Haven Voices VOL. I

MAKE BEATS WITH 20 PROFESSIONALLY RECORDED ELECTRIC GUITAR LOOPS! With countless hits from artists such as Gunna, Juice WRLD, Roddy Rich, Iann Dior, The Kid Laroi, etc, one of the most common elements in a large percentage of modern day chart-topping records is quality electric guitar.
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WavSupply Nash Lascivious (Loop Kit)

50 custom made loops created by Nash of Internet Money.
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Nembrini Audio NA 8180

The 8180 Monster Tube Guitar Amplifier plugin is the landmark for heavy and rock guitar sounds. If you are looking out for a modern and rich high gain tone ideal for the most aggressive rock and metal genre, then your search ends here!
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Nembrini Audio NA Cali Dual

The Cali Dual Three Channels Guitar Amplifier 100 watt head can be driven from the most pristine clean sounds to incredible crushing wall of gain. Since the 90s it defined the sound of modern rock and metal with his distinctive liquid lead sounds.
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Nembrini Audio NA MRH159

Mrh159 Brown Sound Guitar Amplifier modelled from a vintage Marshall Super Lead 1959* 100W, one of the most famous amps ever. A Super Lead 100W on top two 4x12 cabs is, still for many players, the ultimate rock guitar rig. With the Mrh159 Brown Sound Guitar Amplifier you can switch to a modded Marshall Super Lead 1959* to achieve the legendary BROWN SOUND.
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Nembrini Audio NA Shimmer Delay

Based on creative techniques developed by studio engineers and producers in the early 1980s, Shimmer Delay Ambient Machine combines reverb, pitch shifting, and feedback to create out-of- this-world soundscapes and spaces. Great for guitars, keys, synths, samples, and vocals, Shimmer Delay Ambient Machine promotes getting lost in creative production and electronic music facets of the ambient spectrum.
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Nembrini Audio NA Acoustic Voice

Based on creative techniques developed by studio engineers and producers, Acoustic Voice preamp plugin combines guitar simulation, studio preamps and microphones, modulation, delay and reverb to create state-of-the-art acoustic soundscapes. Great for acoustic guitars or electric guitars with a piezo, Acoustic Voice pream plugin promotes getting lost in creative acoustic tracks production with no boundaries.
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