Sampleson Reed106

REED106. THE FIRST EVER-CHANGING MODELED ELECTRIC PIANO Reed106 is the first modeled piano that is always changing. Every note, every day, every month. Reed106 creates small variations of itself every time you play it (reproducing temperature, humidity, power supply fluctuations in real life) This eliminates one of the most frustrating things in a VST. The boring effect that a virtual instrument generates over time.
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Slate and Ash Cycles

ENDLESS ABSTRACT LOOPS CYCLES is an innovative and powerful loop manipulation and granular synthesis environment. Through a variety of idiosyncratic and interactive processes pull apart and reconstruct audio instantly into an endless myriad of collaged loops, performable textures, modulating rhythms, generative sequences and playable pads.
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Paul Cheeba's Greedy Beats

I have put together a 7 gb pack of breaks, fills, and one shots processed many different ways with the best gear money can buy.It's a crate diggers paradise. Drum breakbeats and fills for chopping and slicing, and classic one-shots. You could use them for just about any genre that would use real drum breakbeats and a live drummer; or program them as one-shots to use in anything from downtempo to hiphop.
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Intentional Music Grown Soul RnB

'Grown Soul RnB' by Intentional Music includes the first instalment of this incredible Soul and RnB series including five Construction Kits. The combination of heart-gripping melodies along with that bouncy RnB Soul feel is an instant attention grabber. It comes fully loaded with all of the elements needed to create your next hit song or take tracks you're working on to a whole new level.
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SkillShare Mixing and Mastering Masterclass using Studio One. Lesson 1

This is a complete course teaching you how to use all the tools and features in Presonus Studio One to giving you greatly mixed, mastered, and finalized song With easy-to-follow tutorials and a real-world example of a song from start to finish, you'll enjoy learning while taking action.
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Unity Records Unity Samples Vol.20 by D-Unity, Dino Maggiorana

“Unity Samples Vol.20 by D-Unity, Dino Maggiorana feat. D.Mongelos” consists of over 393 samples targeted towards your layered loop creation enabling you to start making fat sounding techno tracks in just minutes!
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Beat Recording Workflow

Whether large studio, home recording or laptop setup... when creative ideas come up, a well thought-out workflow is essential. But what can you do to optimize your hardware and software setup so that ideas can be captured quickly and efficiently when the muse kisses you? And how do you get the best sound when recording? In our Workflow eBook we will address these questions and show you how to make the most of your technology to achieve the best possible musical output.
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MAGIX Samplitude Music Studio 2022

Bring your musical vision to life. Compose, record, mix and master. Use innovative tools and object-oriented workflows to create complex arrangements. Choose from a wide selection of essential sound tools to prepare your songs for the stage. Discover Samplitude Music Studio. Everything a musician needs.
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Native Instruments Play Series: Glaze

HIGH-GLOSS VOCAL INSTRUMENT- Versatile vocals that hit different for pop, hip hop, R&B and beyond - Play with Riffs and Runs, chopped vocal lines mapped to scales for natural sounding sequences
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Datacode FOCUS Techno Risers and FX

Datacode presents FOCUS: Techno Risers & FX! A supercharged, high energy FX pack specifically focused on Rise (Uplifter) and Fall (Down) FX and also includes many hard-hitting Impact FX! These FX were meticulously crafted, raw and designed for the darker underground sounds of Techno and Tech House and other genres!
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Abstract State Minimal Concept

Minimal Concept¨ by Abstract State delivers an excellent sound collection for all Minimal, DeepTech and Techno producers. Crisp and rolling minimal beats, deep kick drums, dark analog synth loops, big bass lines and a bunch of fx and one shots ready to drop on your next club banger.
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Composer4filmz Cinematic Universe

'Cinematic Universe' By Composer4filmz is a pack based on staple Cinematic Orchestra themes ranging from Drama, Tension, Suspense, Ambient, and Documentary, as well as Epic Action.
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Eksit Sounds P-Bass Funk

'P-Bass Funk' by Eksit Sounds is a super Funky pack of P-Bass grooves and one shots. Made out of a custom built one of a kind Precision style bass with flat wound strings, this back is delivering 100 samples of pure Funk.
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