PUREMIX Tony Maserati Mixing Lifeboats Episode 6

After reviewing the last print of the mix on other systems and in different spots in the room, Tony returns with a list of notes for his mix of "Lifeboats" by Will Knox.
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PUREMIX Tony Maserati Mixing Lifeboats Episode 1

In part 1 of this addition to the Lifeboats series, Award Winning Engineer, Tony Maserati, opens the multitrack for the Will Knox song, "Lifeboats", and takes us all the way from hearing the song for the first time, to a completed powerful and energetic mix with his signature sound imprinted upon it.Watch as Tony:
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PUREMIX Tony Maserati Mixing Lifeboats Episode 2

The mix is set up, and Tony has put together some ideas for where he wants to take the mix. Continuing from part 1, Tony starts automating levels early in the process to begin building the foundation for his vision of "Lifeboats" and continues to perfect the individual tones to support the bigger picture.
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PUREMIX Tony Maserati Mixing Lifeboats Episode 3

With the general direction set in place, Tony continues the mix for Will Knox's "Lifeboats" and turns his attention to the bridge. See how Tony Maserati:
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PUREMIX Tony Maserati Mixing Lifeboats Episode 4

In this episode, Tony continues the mix by going where his gut takes him to work on the drums, synths and vocals.Watch as Tony: Checks the mid room mic to see what it is adding to the picture of the kit
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Zero-G Stamina Production Toolkit

STAMINA is a Kontakt instrument that is designed with the songwriter in mind. In a world where life is so busy it is often hard to think about details or choice, as your time matters. STAMINA is here to assist in those decisive moments, with its full-on melody sections and loops that are waiting to be explored.
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PUREMIX Tony Maserati Mixing Lifeboats Episode 5

After getting a general balance and ideas in place, Tony turns his attention back to the vocals and continues multiple passes of the song through his first print of the mix.
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PUREMIX Fab Dupont Music Terms Glossary

Musicians speak many languages. Their native tongue, maybe a few others, music as a language itself, and of course they speak... "musician" In this pureMix.net exclusive, award winning producer, Fab Dupont, explores the fascinating language musicians have developed over centuries in their natural habitat.
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PUREMIX Sputnik Sound Tour

What originally began in 1999 as a home studio in Jars Of Clay band member Steve Mason's house, Sputnik Sound, has since bloomed into a landmark of the Nashville Recording Studio community.
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BYTHESUN Samples EXOSPHERE Cinematic Organic Toolkit

EXOSPHERE is a musical toolkit consisting of atmospheres, pulses, transitions, one shots and drums that aim to capture the cinematic expression of cinematic guitars, textures and epic drum grooves from acts such as M83, Sigur Ros and Lights & Motion. From minimal guitar ostinatos, evolving pads, and minimal percussion loops, to epic drum beats - these samples are made for music producers and composers of songs, production music or scores of any style that need some extra depth, a cinematic touch and grand rhythms. The pack contains 4GB of material, across over 600 individual WAV files.
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Groove3 Mixing with Brainworx Plug-Ins Explained

Gary Hiebner presents comprehensive Brainworx plug-in mixing video tutorials! If you have or are thinking of getting some of Brainworx's awesome plug-ins to mix your next project, make sure to check this video tutorial series out first. Gary gives you a deep dive into some of Brainworx's most popular plug-ins, showing you all of their features and functions as well as putting them to work on a mix so you can both see and hear exactly what they can do. You also get all the project stems so you can import them into your DAW and follow along with what you see in the videos. These videos are for new Brainworx plug-in users.
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Sonic Academy Tech Tips Volume 62 with Owsey

Continuing with our popular 'Essentials' series we welcome back Owsey to take us through some tips and techniques used to create Ambient and Downtempo music. From building epic chord progressions, creating new sounds with resampling and harnessing plugin artifacts to ethereal orchestral strings and fundamental effects to build atmosphere, this is a genre that uses experimental sound techniques that take you on an emotive journey.
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Holy x Zens Insurgence (Drum Kit)

Custom made drum kit created by Holy of Internet Money & Zens. 16 kicks 12 808s
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Bsterthegawd Drum Kit Vol IX

yeahhh more kits!!!! W this kit is my late thank you to 20k and its a bit smaller from the rest of the majority kits but it has quality drums and samples that you will love. this is probably gonna be my last drumkit... if i decide to make another one sue me LMFAO so enjoy it!
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New Beard Media Jazz Components Vol.1

A selection of jazz instrumental loops including drums, bass, piano, trumpet and guitar.
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