Chenpol Rrumkit

22 808s14 claps 6 crashes 29 FX - transitions
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Palaze x Ran Take Off Loop Kit

Take Off Sample/Midi Pack made by palaze x ran 15 original loops produced by palaze x ran
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Advances in Speech and Music Technology: Proceedings of FRSM 2020

This book features original papers from 25th International Symposium on Frontiers of Research in Speech and Music (FRSM 2020), jointly organized by National Institute of Technology, Silchar, India, during 8–9 October 2020. The book is organized in five sections, considering both technological advancement and interdisciplinary nature of speech and music processing. The first section contains chapters covering the foundations of both vocal and instrumental music processing. The second section includes chapters related to computational techniques involved in the speech and music domain. A lot of research is being performed within the music information retrieval domain which is potentially interesting for most users of computers and the Internet. Therefore, the third section is dedicated to the chapters related to music information retrieval. The fourth section contains chapters on the brain signal analysis and human cognition or perception of speech and music. The final section consists of chapters on spoken language processing and applications of speech processing.
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Music in Twin Peaks: Listen to the Sounds

In this edited volume, contributors explore an essential element of the influential television series Twin Peaks: the role of music and sound. From its debut in 1990 to its return to television in 2017, Twin Peaks has amassed a cult following, and inspired myriad scholarly studies. This collection considers how the music and sound design not only create the ambience of this ground-breaking series, but function in the narrative, encouraging multiple interpretations. With chapters that consider how music shapes the relationship of audiences and fans to the story, the importance of sound design, and the symbolism embedded in the score, this book provides a range of perspectives for scholars of music and film studies, while giving fans new insight into an iconic television show.
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Samples From Mars Wendel From Mars

The Vintage Drum Replacer, Transformed into a Drum Machine Pack Making its debut in 1984, the Wendel Jr. was a lighting-fast drum replacer featuring acoustic drum and percussion samples engineered by Roger Nichols. Based on its $80,000 predecessor (simply known as the Wendel), the Jr. featured the same sounds - most famously used (and created specifically) for bringing Steely Dan’s Gaucho drum sounds to life during failed studio sessions. Ultimately the Wendel itself was awarded a platinum record for "his" contribution, and the Jr. featured on numerous hits, from country to rock and disco.
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Nxsty Vol.3 Drillers To Society

Nxsty - 808sNxsty - Countersnares Nxsty - FLP Nxsty - FX
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Focusrite FAST bundle

Welcome to The CollectiveBuilding the passionate music maker's online hub, designed to keep you creative. [b]EQUALISATION
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IK Multimedia Electronika Deep House

An essential mix of jackin’ beats, big-room bass, shiny synths, classic pianos, huge FX and more.More than 250 loops in construction kits. In the beginning there was Jack, and Jack had a groove. And one day while viciously throwing down in his box, Jack boldly declared, "If you want to make the groove of all grooves, then you need SampleTank's Deep House sound Library. It's 4 kits and 252 loops pulled from 7 different categories give you all the hard-hitting beats, big-room bass and moody synths you'll need to proclaim, 'Let there be house!'"
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GuitarZoom Masterclass Blues Soloing

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DeyjanBeats Florence

This collection contains 20 Loops curated to create a Dark & Bouncy vibe that is found in many of the top-tier beats today. The vibe is a perfect blend of what would be found in artist's tracks like Drake / Travis Scott / Logic / Quavo.
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SoundMajorz Vybe Exclusive Sample Chops Pack

70 exclusive sample chops from my stash.
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VZN Eastend Vol.2

VZN presents "EASTEND 2". A sequel to the popular drum & sample kit containing over 530MB of sounds. All sounds are curated with a Toronto theme in mind. Contents: - 50 Sample Chops -10 Original Samples (Stems included)
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GuitarZoom Masterclass 1980's Soloing

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GuitarZoom Masterclass Guitar Soloing

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