Ueberschall Electric Disco

Electric Disco Electric Disco is Seventies retro sound combined with contemporary House production. Four on the floor grooves, signature basslines, extra cheesy pads and synths, classy pianos and phunky guitars for disco-inspired tunes. 100% dance music. Whether in the Disco, in the House or on the Bike, these sounds are perfect for adding a little French flair to your next production. Electric Disco has everything for a top position.
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Incognet Samples Bass House

OUR first Preset bank for Serum! 71 Sound Presets 18 Added Noises to each presets - (Dont forget to add them in your Serum Noises folder)
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Incognet Samples Tribal Addiction Pro

We are back with the third edition of our Tribal Addiction series. This time it's called PRO version because it has more modern sounds, loops, even presets for a bit changed modern tribal style + old classic tribal sounds, loops.
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Incognet Samples Musical Freedom House

We are proud to present you a brand new sample pack, called Musical Freedom House. It's no a surprise that most of you know the Musical Freedom Records label, owned by Tiesto.
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Incognet Samples Brazilian G House Volume 2

We are happy to present you with the second volume of Brazilian G-House. This pack is perfect for making modern Pop, EDM, Brazil House, Desande that is popular now. Inspired by JORD, Almanac, Felguk, Victor Lou, Illusionize etc.
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Incognet Samples Bass House Bangers

WE ARE BACK WITH BRAND NEW SAMPLE PACK - BASS BANGERS! Its mix of quality and modern samples, one-shots, midis for making Bass House, Bass Tech, G- House Music. Inspired by STMPD, SHOWTEK, BROHUG, SKINK, SMASH THE HOUSE, SPINNIN, HEXAGON, MUSICAL FREEDOM.
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Incognet Samples Slap House Volume 3

We are back with the third volume of - Slap House. In this pack, you will find One-Shots, Loops, Construction Kits, Bank for Serum + FL PROJECTS. Product Specifications:
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Incognet Samples Modern Progressive House

We are proud to present you with our 1GB magic sample pack. It's Modern Progressive House. 1GB of modern, quality Progressive Sounds, One-Shots, Loops, Construction Kits, Midis, Sylenth and Spire Preset Banks.
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Incognet Samples Hexagon House

Inspired by one of the most famous label for making Future House Music. Made by Artist from one of the most famous Future House Music Labels. This pack is great for making modern quality and creative Future House, Club House Music.
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Incognet Samples Future Rave Volume 1

We are back with Brand New Series - FUTURE RAVE. Yes, this style thanks to MORTEN and GUETTA is getting popular. So we put our best forces to make our sample pack FUTURE RAVE really modern, useful and quality. Also want you to know this pack is made by Hexagon artist, so be sure it's TOP class Samples!
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Incognet Samples Pop House

We glad to present you with a really useful pack with FL Projects, Construction Kits, Loops and One-Shots - POP House. Yes, with the name of the pack you can guess what it's all about. It's a blend of modern POP, SLAP and Radio Music.
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Vandalism Ultra FX Essentials 2

'Ultra FX Essentials 2' provides you with amazing sound effects. With this compilation you'll have the possibility to arrange your tracks using high quality FX sounds such as uplifters, downlifters and impacts. This pack brings you massive hits, unique risers and mind-blowing sweeps. All samples were designed to help you create massive and crowd-moving build-ups.
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CrushedPixel CrispyTuner

Acquisition by Brainworx Audio We are happy to announce that the CrispyTuner and its pitch correction algorithm have been acquired by Brainworx Audio!
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JBSaucedUp Futuristic Drum Kit

20 808s15 Claps 20 Kicks 20 Snares
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Tom Wolfe Voltis: Gritty Cinematic Presets for u-he Diva

WHAT IS VOLTIS? Featuring 100 presets, Voltis is full of gritty cinematic synths that push U-he Diva to the limits. With inspiration drawn from film scores old and new, Voltis is fizzing with analog energy. The presets range from clicky, intense sequences to washy, atmospheric pads, with plenty in between. All this makes Voltis great for throwback synth tracks, as well as for layering with modern orchestration to create hybrid scores with a hint of retro.
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