Roland Jones Murda Sounds Pack Vol.2

Contains tons of loops from Roland Jones in Murda style.
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XAM Drumkit Vol.1

**OVER 600 MB OF SOUNDS**- 10 Acapella - 17 808s - 5 Reeses
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Cg3Audio DRvMGxD

'DRvMGxD' is an amazing new product from CG3 Audio, with all the Trap/OvO inspired one shots you will need to create countless hit products. There is also two exclusive elite styled loop Kits included to push your sonic capabilities to the stratosphere.
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Robotic Bean Hand Clap Studio

Add natural-sounding claps and snaps to your music with Hand Clap Studio. This instrument plugin is the ultimate tool for handclaps and finger snaps that fits your production perfectly.
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MusiCore LOST Vol.2 Progressive House Sample Pack

After the success of LOST Vol. 1, we decided it's time for LOST Vol. 2! And we're not going to lie, this pack is even better than the first one! We teamed up with Progressive House Producer: WildVibes this time! WildVibes has released many Progressive House Tracks on labels such as Revealed, Eonity & AirwaveMusic!
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CXXLION Kit Vol.6 Midnight

Contains: 22 x Drums + 8 x Loops + 6 x Snares 7 x SFX + 46 x Chops And Samples
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Mind Flux Techno 01

Looking for inspiration for your next Techno production session well for only a Tenner, you can get over 150 techno loops that are a sure-fire way to get to producing with no fuss.
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Loopmasters Acoustic Blueprints

Loopmasters presents Acoustic Blueprints! This salacious selection of stringed acoustic licks and riffs is packed to the rafters with 100% royalty free ingenuity in the form of guitars, ukuleles mandolins, dulcimers and a whole lot more. Take a look below for the full scoop.
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WavSupply Pharaoh Vice Miami (Sample Kit)

20 high quality custom samples with stems included made by Pharaoh Vice of Internet Money.
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Fxrbes Beats Gifted Vol.2

Gifted 2 from FXRBES BEATS is a collection of 36 sounds that are intended to build Trap, Trap Soul music. The sample pack consists of carefully prepared samples of instruments such as Piano, Percussion, 808, Bass, Sub bass .
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Audiodact Indentity Vol.1 (Progressive Psy-Trance Sample Pack)

Made exclusively with the Clavia Nord Lead 2 This large one-shot sample library displays the diversity the Nord Lead 2 is capable of producing.
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Soundiron Cacophony

Cacophony is easily the most massive collection of live concert hall performance sound effects, room tones, crowd reactions, orchestral tuning drones and incidental sound effects you will find anywhere. As we accelerate toward technical perfection and hyperrealism in the musical world with the help of technology, it's important to remember the living flaws and details that make the experience of listening to live music so immersive. What is often most missing is the ghost of the place, the murmur and roar of the audience, the players tuning up - all of those little sounds in between. In their absence, we often feel something missing, though we cannot always put our finger on what.
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