VSTBuzz Cymbal Rolls

Cymbal Rolls is a huge collection of rolls performed at a variety of speeds on a selection of cymbals, ranging in size from 14" all the way up 28". A range of mallets were used to perform rolls of varying intensity, making this the perfect collection of cymbal rolls for composers and producers.
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Zenhiser Friction

Inspired by labels including Pampa, Kompakt, Innervisions, Bedrock & All Day I Dream, ‘Friction’ manoeuvres its way through an abundance of genres whilst putting its foundation in Melodic Techno. You’ll find areas of Ambient House, Deep Melodic House, Deep Techno, and Progressive House covered in ‘Friction’.
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Sound Doctrine Gospel Grand Keys Volume 1

It's common for classically trained musicians and composers to have roots in the church. Throughout time, these musicians have contributed their formal music training to gospel’s development, specifically on the grand piano. Many composers, like Richard Smallwood, wrote music that introduced elaborate and elegant playing in the gospel genre. They mixed the raw and spontaneous nature of the music with a more technical and planned approach, pushing the genre forward while also pushing the use of the grand piano to the forefront of the genre in a new way.
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Function Loops Frozen  Trap and Hip Hop

Brand new collection of frozen melodies, trap beats, 808s, fx sounds and all the other beatmaker's tools, to help you craft stuff in style of 6lack, Drake, The Weeknd and names alike.
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VOX Alice Area Vocal Sugar

Hot off the success of her first vocal pack, Vocal Honey, Alice Aera brings us volume 2 in this tasty collection of pop and RnB vocal phrases, adlibs, and one-shots. This talented songwriter and vocalist knows how to write a catchy hook and can deliver it with equal skill. With a selection of our favourite lyrics pitched and formatted for extra sauce, use this vocal pack as a source for inspiration or to add fire to your existing tracks.
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Tropical Samples ReggaeLicious Guitar

Acoustic Guitar28 acoustic guitar patterns and basic strums Mute Guitar
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Tropical Samples ReggaeLicious Piano Organ and Rhodes

Piano : Major, Minor, Augmented, DiminishOrgan 5 major bubbling patterns in major and minor chord Rhodes 12 major and minor chords
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Faybo Imprecate

6 808s4 Grime 808s 4 Mixer Presets 5 FXs
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Diicez Neptune Electra Bank

“Neptune" Electra Bank includes 60+ unique sounds created by Diicez in the style of Lil Uzi, Playboi Carti, Hyperpop and many more! The sample pack contains:
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Faybo H3O (Drill Kit)

96 files including mixer presets and midis
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Faybo Desolation (Drum Kit)

105 Extremely High Quality and Unique Sounds manufactured by Faybo. -35 808's (Including Grime 808's)
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Udemy Play Two Octave C Scale on Piano with Both Hands at 200 bpm

Are you having trouble coordinating your two hands when playing scales up and down two octaves on the piano or keyboard? This method will fix that for you once and for all.
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Faybo Analogy (Drill Kit)

81 high quality Uk drill sounds manufactured by faybo. used in major drill placements + people like:
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Tropical Samples Reggae Drums

Quick, easy and ready to go drum and percussion files. Drag, drop already arranged and well played drum tracks in your DAW like never before. Most of the drum tracks you`ve heard on this site in our Loop Store are here in this pack tracked out with Kick, Hihat, Snare, Toms, Overheads and Room plus the percussions. That`s not all, you get many one shot samples over 4GB of drum stems and one shot samples all in one bundle.
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Slate Digital BASSHOLE Sample Pack

Get ready for BASSHOLE— over 500 royalty-free samples including groovy electric basslines, punchy bass one shots, signature synth bass loops, and some of the most massive 808s you've ever heard.
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