Rigid Audio Stompbox

STOMPBOX is a set of 32 cinematic / hybrid drum and percussion kits for KONTAKT 6.4.2.These kits are velocity-sensitive and are built with around 850 24-bit WAV files. STOMPBOX features five distinct parts that can be triggered and mixed seperately. Onboard effects like reverb, saturation and compression are also available.
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Subsonic Artz Origin

To bring this project to life, we’ve been drawing inspiration from the history of space exploration, and a lot of movies like The Alien series, The Chronicles of Riddick, Moon, The Martian, Avatar….
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Audio Modeling SWAM Solo Strings Bundle

SWAM Solo Strings is a collection of products that includes SWAM Violin, SWAM Viola, SWAM Cello, and SWAM Double Bass. Developed using the Digital Waveguide Synthesis (Prof. Julius Smith – Stanford University) combined with the Synchronous Waves Acoustic Modeling technology.
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Sonic Academy Tech Tips Volume 58 with Dirty Secretz

Following on from our popular 'Synthwave Essentials' Tech Tips we welcome back Richie aka Dirty Secretz for a set of Tech Tip videos that focus on everything to do with House Music.
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Groove3 iZotope Stutter Edit 2 Explained

Studio expert Gary Hiebner brings you in-depth iZotope Stutter Edit 2 video tutorials! Learn how to use and abuse this insanely powerful audio editing software to radically twist, mutate and morph your audio tracks into something out of this world. These videos are for those who are new to iZotope Stutter Edit 2.
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Groove3 Studio One 5.2 Update Explained

Eli Krantzberg presents comprehensive Studio One video tutorials! Learn all about the new features and functions added to the 5.2 update so you can use them effectively and creatively. Keep up to date and get the most out of this amazingly powerful DAW. These videos are for those who are already familiar with Studio One 5, but want to know about the new features added to version 5.2. If you are completely new to Studio One 5, check out Studio One 5 Explained® here.
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Baby Audio Parallel Aggressor

Unlock unparalleled powers. Parallel processing plays a fundamental part in getting a “big” mix sound. By processing multiple copies of the same track and blending them together you can add more punch to a mix - in a more natural-sounding way.
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Baby Audio Spaced Out

Dream big. Spaced Out is a lush wet-FX generator, built for sending your sounds and vocals into weightless, heavenly orbit. It combines a crystalline reverb engine with a wealth of modulation options and a 16-step delay sequencer. In total, more than 50 individual effects come together in a singular creative experience with endless outcomes and zero sub-menus.
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Baby Audio Comeback Kid

A delay worth waiting for. Comeback Kid is an intuitive delay plugin that lets your sounds return as a better version of themselves - loaded with character and analog flavor.
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