macshooter49 Essentials Drum Kit

100+ Drum Sounds & My mixers I use in all of my beats! All hard and mixed sounds for hard-hitting beats! 17 ( 808s) 11 ( Claps )
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Splice Sounds Queen of Hearts Sample Pack by KVYREN

111 Drums47 Tonal 4 Vocals 45 MIDI
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Ghosthack Ultimate Producer Bundle 2021

We Combined 24 of Our Best Sample Packs into One HUGE Bundle! This Bundle Works with Every Software and is Aimed towards Beginners as well as Advanced Producers.
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The Oxford Handbook of Western Music and Philosophy

Whether regarded as a perplexing object, a morally captivating force, an ineffable entity beyond language, or an inescapably embodied human practice, music has captured philosophically inclined minds since time immemorial. In turn, musicians of all stripes have called on philosophy as a source of inspiration and encouragement, and scholars of music through the ages have turned to philosophy for insight into music and into the worlds that sustain it. In this Handbook, contributors build on this legacy to conceptualize the rich interactions of Western music and philosophy as a series of meeting points between two vital spheres of human activity. They draw together key debates at the intersection of music studies and philosophy, offering a field-defining overview while also forging new paths. Chapters cover a wide range of musics and philosophies, including concert, popular, jazz, and electronic musics, and both analytic and continental philosophy.
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Elephorm Maîtrisez Pro Tools 2020 Enregistrement audio

Cette formation vous propose d'apprendre à gérer des sessions d'enregistrement, de manière professionnel et efficace. Vous commencez par étudier différents points de repérage et d'optimisation de votre session, avant de définir quel mode d'enregistrement utiliser selon votre situation, avec par exemple le Quick punch, ou le loop recording.
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ReFX Nexus XP Studio Production 1 for Nexus 3

Get ready to explore another world! Studio Production 1 can take you anywhere you want to go sonically. With scene-setting synths, inventive drums, whimsical samples, and playful instruments from around the globe, this expansion will set the stage for any production.
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LEX Sounds Retro Rotation

Born in New Orleans, Louisiana, Blair Taylor is a producer and mixing engineer with over a decade of experience in the music industry. Beginning his professional career signed as an artist in 2011 to Capitol/Virgin Records, Blair has since worked for the likes of Travis Scott, 2Chaniz, Universal Music, and more. As a producer Blair’s sound spans multiple genres. He recently co-produced a track for one of South Korea’s top boy groups, EXO’s, recent album “OBSESSION” which debuted at #1 on major music charts across the globe. For his first sample pack Blair has created ten new compositions which he chopped up to give producers lots of colors to work with. From hard hitting synths, smacking drums, ethereal vocal chops and deep synth bass, this pack will give you everything you need to make genre bending Pop, Hip Hop, and R&B. Blair crafted melodies on the triple platinum album “Astroworld” and now he’s bringing his sound to you. Download the pack and explore a sonic landscape that draws from the past while sculpting the future.
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Samplestar Koncept Future Rnb

Samplestar is very proud to present Koncept Future RnB! A conceptual realization of fresh ideas delivers an outstanding sample pack perfect for discerning producers looking for forward-thinking Future RnB & Future Soul that is contemporary and progressive.
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Gio Israel Flamenco Essentials Vol.1 WAV

Flamenco Essentials by Gio Israel aims to amplify the unique and lush magic of Flamenco music. Recorded in Cordoba, Spain by some of the world’s leading Flamenco musicians, this new collection is an accumulation of over 70 studio hours.
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Test Press Serum Modular DnB

Designed by one of the scenes leading DnB producers, 'Serum Modular DnB' achieves the sound of modern dancefloor DnB with precision and accuracy. Delivering 100 masterfully created presets inspired by some the most significant dancefloor hit-makers in Drum & Bass including Sub Focus, Wilkinson, Dimension, Culture Shock, 1991 and more.
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Elephorm Maîtrisez Pro Tools 12 edition Audio et Deplacement

Maîtrisez les techniques d'édition audio et de déplacements avec le logiciel Pro Tools 12 Depuis le studio Amphore, notre expert Alexandre Badagée, instructeur Pro Tools certifié Avid depuis plus de 8 ans, vous forme à toutes les techniques propres à l'édition audio dans le logiciel Pro Tools 12. Avec cet ingénieur du son, compositeur et producer vous découvrez également les techniques de déplacement de pistes dans le logiciel d'Avid.
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The Ultimate Guitar Chord Book (The Ultimate Guitar Series)

A Must Have For Every Guitar Player! This book can be used as a learning, reference or practice tool to explore new chords and shapes to enhance your playing.
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Classical Music for the Electric Guitar

"Classical Music for the Electric Guitar" is a guitar sheet music and tablature book of 12 complete, note for note arrangements of Classical Pieces by Bach, Mozart, Korsakov and Paganini. Arranged for 1 to 4 guitars, depending on the piece, it will teach guitarists how to excel at these masterpieces. Iconic modern techniques like sweep picking, alternate picking, string skipping, legato, tapping and hybrid picking are included!
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WavSupply nico baran Exotic Vol.5 (One-Shot Kit)

181 one-shots created by nico baran of Internet Money. 26 analog 18 bonus loops
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ReFX Nexus Psytrance 2 XP for Nexus 3

Welcome to a brand new chapter in modern Trance music: Psytrance! Get ready to be transported and mesmerized by inspiring arpeggios, evolving sequences, lush pads, spiky basslines, warbling effects, triplet beats, and punchy drums.
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