Inphonik RYM2612 Iconic FM Synthesizer

RYM2612 is a software FM synthesizer in VST, Audio Unit, AAX and Rack Extension formats. It’s an emulation of the Yamaha YM2612 sound chip, best known for being the vibrant voice of the Sega Genesis/Megadrive videogame console. More than a simple sound-alike, the emulation is cycle-accurate to the original chip, that allows reproducing every unique possibility of the synth. On top of this, the amp circuitry of the console has been reproduced too, in order to obtain the same grain you'd get if you plugged the real hardware into your DAW.
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8Dio CASE Solo Woodwinds FX

CASE Woodwind contains 2 Alto Flutes, 2 Piccolo Flutes, 2 Bass Clarinets and 2 Contra Bassoons. Each instrument was recorded with 2 players, so you have the ability to either play both players together or separate them via the Soloist Spot microphones. CASE comes with 6 microphone positions divided into two core groups: Hall (Close, Far, Wide and Mixed) and Soloist 1 (Spot 1) and Soloist 2 (Spot 2).
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Saajh Bundle 103-in-1

Saajh Algozay Bhairavi CSharp Saajh Algozay Bhairavi E Saajh Algozay Bhairavi F Saajh Banjo Bhairavi B
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X10 String Theory Organic Trap and Processed Acoustics

Though trap music is inherently mysterious and brooding, the right strings add a dash of mysticism, of magic. Combining elements of orchestral arrangements with modern processing techniques, the textures and tones of instruments like the dulcimer, ukulele, harp, qanun, guzheng, and shamisen will add intentional complexity to your trap productions.
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Renraku Modern Trap Essentials Volume 2

Featuring swagger-laden drums and melodic chops that are quick to get stuck in your head, MODERN TRAP ESSENTIALS VOLUME 2 collects a wonderful blend of the most sought after drums, 808s, chops, and loops that quickly and easily let producers from a wide variety of backgrounds get to work on making a hit.
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Zenhiser Crunch Drum and Bass

A point of convergence where the technical side of DnB solders itself to the modern character and flair that cross pollinates all the sub genres of Drum & Bass. ‘Crunch Drum & Bass’ does exactly what it says on the tin, smashes both sound and clarity to deliver a sample pack that will literally blow your socks off! Focusing heavily on one shots and loops, this collection combines the best elements of fundamental labels like Vision, Symmetry, Virus, Blackout and Critical, the results are extraordinary. Think along the lines of Abis, Urbandawn, Black Sun Empire & Noisia for a rough idea. ‘Crunch - Drum & Bass’ is fully suited for Deep, Tech Step and Neurofunk with a sprinkling of hybrid synth magic to seal the deal.
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Freshly Squeezed Samples Serum Definitive Collection

Produced in collaboration with talented sound designer Dumitru Golban (Formal One), we are proud to present the Serum Definitive Collection. Containing 240+ fresh, fully club-orientated Serum presets. We have covered everything from club-ready techno basses, euphoric progressive plucks, hard edged leads and lots of tight, inspirational arpeggiated sequences to get your creative juices flowing. We guarantee this sound set will become the foundation of every studio session.
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Loopmasters Latin Afro 2

Loopmasters present Latin Afro 2, a second exotic collection of soulful musicality and irresistible grooves transported to you directly from the heart of the Latin Americas. This 100% royalty free selection of cultural expressions will serve as a deep source of inspiration for years to come!
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prod Sku Private Drum Kit

My first drum kit (including my presets and master)If u buy this kit dm me on ig and ill send u unreleased loop kit for free @prodbysku
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Lil Ness Soundkit Phase 1

This is my first Soundkit! :D 90% of the sounds in this kit are selfmade, except for the samples <3 I worked on this for sooo long and I'm so happy it's finally out! :))
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The44thfloor In Color (One Shot Kit)

The44thfloor presents another collection of original & unique one shots recorded at the Vintage synth museum in Oakland, Ca. In Color contains 200 one shots that were crafted & processed using rare vintage analog synthesizers, vintage mics, analog preamps, 1/4 tape machines & cassette decks.
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Neural DSP Soldano SLO 100 IR cab pack

The unique circuitry that Mike Soldano pioneered didn't just make the SLO-100 iconic. It is also responsible for the American high-gain sound prevalent in modern music today as it was almost four decades ago.
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My Micing Method: How to Select and Place Microphones to Give a Superior Remote, Home, and Studio Recording

This is primarily a picture book, with many high-quality images of microphone positioning, that will quickly show the best placement of microphones for almost any instrument. As a result, you will get vastly superior recorded results. It will also help in understanding the functioning and importance of microphones. Your sound, music, and creativity will increase substantially. Taken from both my extensive photo archives of my numerous projects, as well as newly created images, the photos provide easy to understand instruction. If a photo is worth a thousand words, there are millions of words in this book!
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Bass for Beginners: Major and Minor Scales + Exercises: Learn, Practice &amp; Apply the Most Important Scales in Music

Are you ready to learn, practice & apply the most important scales in music? Bass for Beginners: Major and Minor Scales + Exercises is the ultimate intro to bass scales!
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Bass for Beginners: Major and Minor Pentatonic Scales + Exercises: Learn, Practice &amp; Apply the Most Popular Scales in Music

Are you ready to learn, practice & apply the most popular scales in music? Bass for Beginners: Major and Minor Pentatonic Scales + Exercises is the ultimate intro to bass pentatonic scales!
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