Four4 Mainroom Tech House Grooves

With no shortness of pure mainroom vibe, get to grips with jackin' rhythmns, syncopated percussion, and signature tech-house basslines. Mainroom Tech House Grooves is a collection primed for lovers of all things tech house.
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Sunday Supply New Appeal 90s Hip-Hop

New Appeal looks back with a foot set firmly in 90s hip hop, taking influence from classic sounds while pushing it forward for the 21st century. Hip Hop producer and Brooklyn native Jimmy Q returns with a pack full of his usual complex and lush melodic loops written and processed with classic techniques. We then layered them together before resampling and chopping, creating classic cuts with all the dust dirt and texture you'd expect to find.
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Udemy How to Compose Music with Full Creative Freedom and No Fear

To help you start making your own original music. Whether you are a Total Newbie in Music (as in zero knowledge) and clueless on how to get started:
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Bullyfinger Satterlee Concert Tom Fills

Concert Tom drum fills by Nashville's own drum coach Ben Satterlee! These toms sit somewhere between 80's Phil Collins and 90's boom bap rap production. Add these Toms to your drum loop to expand your sound!
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Deedotwill Scissors Vol.1 (Effectrix Presets)

These are Deedotwill's secret Effectrix presets created by Deedotwill himself back in 2017. This product contains 10 secret presets used in a lot of his production. Enjoy.
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Black Octopus Sound Blackwarp Bass House Volume 1

Welcome to Blackwarp Bass House Volume 1! Filled with heavy Bassline galore and stomping drums to give you some of the best sounding Bass House vibes around. Feel the drop with lazer pitchy leads and shiny claps, to give your new song chart topping potential. Crafted for utmost quality and ease of use, you can put directly into your DAW of choice and get started right away. Alongside the Drums, Bass and Synth loops are FX and Drum, Synth and Bass One Shots. But we didn't stop there!
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Black Octopus Sound Earthscapes By Amani Friend

Add incredible feeling to your music, game, or films with this collection of field recordings from sacred sites and geographical locations around the world. Transport your audience with sounds captured around ancient pyramids, the jungle of Costa Rica, Panama, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the United States. This versatile collection of field recordings, drums, animal sounds, foley, and FX loops was captured, mixed, and mastered by Amani of Desert Dwellers. This pack contains over 3GB of content.
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Luftrum Ambient Soundscapes

Ambient Soundscapes is a beatless, light and mindful voyage into ambient music. A contrast to the chaos, noise, loudness and sound pollution, painting a quiet image in a moment of stillness and as neo-expressionist Jean-Michel Basquiat once said “Art is how we decorate space, music is how we decorate time...”
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Thelabcook Drum Kit Vol.5

130 Industry level sounds to take your beats and samples to the next level of music production! 14 808s 14 Claps
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7ink Division Drumkit

100 Sounds all together, Each curated, mixed & mastered By 7ink.Compatible with any DAW (FL Studio, Ableton, Logic). Includes :
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WavSupply A-Dawg Strum (Guitar Loop Kit)

40 custom made guitar loops created by A-Dawg of Internet Money.
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Cryptic UTOPIA Sample Library VIP TICKET

utopia - an imagined place or state of things in which everything is perfect. this sample library contains 10 compositions + stems created by cryptic (contributions by nami, ben hunta & arminwave) which take you on a trip outside of your reality. sounddesign from another dimension, spacious synths and crazy switchups are the trademark of this library. each sample was made with love and several virtual instruments.
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Kingsway Music Library Flares Vol.1 (Young Buddha x Harper)

Kingsway Music Library's first pack of 2021 comes from a new face - Introducing Harper, a Toronto-born producer working alongside the veteran Young Buddha, with the combined goal of bringing something fresh to the library.
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UNKWN Sounds Garnet

UNKWN is pleased to release Garnet. This pack contains 10 original compositions ranging from soul, funk, r&b, blues, lofi, and a variety of other hybrid genres. For the past few months UNKWN along with vocalist Laura Rain and producer George Friend (from Laura Rain and the Caesars) have been collaborating using live instrumentation such as the upright piano, brass, bells, organ, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, etc.. and a collection of analog synthesizers, from the Moog to the notorious Prophet 6. These samples will ignite instant inspiration for your next beat or project.
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Udemy The Self-Sufficient Singer: Vocal Foundations

Too often, courses in singing teach students to listen to a teacher and passively repeat the exercises. Not in this course! Here, you will not only learn to sing, but also gain a comprehension of what you are doing. This teaching method is different, as I like to break concepts down into their smallest elements and find their perfect order to clearly see how the machine works. You will be guided through a step-by-step method that allows you to keep what you are doing right and fix what gives you issues.
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