Epic Stock Media Hybrid Vibes Dusty Electronic Lofi

This pack includes 310 hypnotic riffs, pumping bass-lines, catchy lo-fi melodies, warm fuzzy kicks, chord progressions, ambience loops, plucky hybrid synths, arpeggio loops, melodic soulful keys, cymbal crashes, organic & processed percussion, dusty pianos, and a variety of essential drum one shots needed to build powerful instrumental & punchy beats that slap.
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AudeoBox Nemesis 2 Dabow vs. Jon Casey

Every year there is an unmistakable addition to the AudeoBøx team, in 2020 we were lucky to have a few, but one had an aesthetic that made the perfect follow-up to last year's first newly introduced Nemesis. While the first featured Jon Casey, we honed in on his long-time collaborator Dabow for a Trap meets Bass pack, which brings Jon back to round out their collaborative nature.
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ReeMau x Ax Beats Dead Halloween (Bundle Kit)

Un conjunto de librerías basadas en Halloween y Día de Muertos.Quieres calidad?, ¡TODO LO QUE NECESITAS ESTÁ AQUÍ!, desde un Drum Kit hasta un One Shot Kit. + DE 200 SONIDOS EN UN SOLO PAQUETE:
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ReeMau x MIDILATINO Dancehall Vibes 2021

Este Dancehall Pack 2021, es una propuesta diferente de todo lo que has escuchó en este 2020. El equipo de @Midilatino y @Reemau802 Unió fuerzas y extrajo los elementos mas celebres de las producciones de Dancehall mas exitosas del 2020, para ponerlo todo en un solo pack de 40 midis y 40 loops, que te van a ayudar a empezar el 2021 con las vibras correctas!
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Producergrind GasLoops CTM Cookies

15 Loops By Producergrind
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JINGLE PUNKS Ethereal Tension

Trills and Chills. Crawl into the mysterious corners of music composed for reality television. Dark and dissonant pads, heavily effected vocal samples, and screeching strings. These otherworldly samples will create an atmosphere of suspense that can be elongated or shortened to fill the gaps in any landscape with fear and anticipation.
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Epic Stock Media Battle Royale Game

Don’t miss your drop zone. Escape domination by your opponent. Be the first to rank up and experience military grade gameplay audio. Introducing our newest and most exciting sound library yet, Battle Royale Game, a first person shooter game sound effects library which features over 900+ battle tested and game ready SFX.
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Strezov Sampling The Performers Anonym Orthodox Choir

An extensive phrase based collection of breathtaking and mystical Orthodox Chants put together with special focus on maximum flexibility and usability for composers and producers. Recorded at various tempi and on wholetone scale within one octave. Comes with open .wav files for import into the DAW or Sampler of your choice.
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Dropgun Samples Vocal Slap House

It's explosive, unique, emotional. The gentle and alluring vocals are intertwined with the coll vibe of the Slap House drops. Listen to the demo and you'll love every sample, every timbre. Huge passion and work are invested in this extraordinary tool to create your main Slap House hit. You will find everything in this pack, from the most beautiful vocals to many presets that will allow you to do something completely new on the basis of this pack.
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Image Sounds Electric Bass 3

Rich and focused without ever losing touch with the soft and mellow, this collection will enhance the low-end of any production at hand. If you're in need of a solid foundation to build your track on, Sadowsky Bass will not disappoint you.
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Trap Veterans Secret Source

Secret Source from Trap Veterans is a collection of 20 sounds that are intended to build Hip Hop, RnB, Trap music. The sample pack consists of carefully prepared samples of instruments such as Keys, Synth, Bell, Trumpet, Piano . This library was inspired by top musicians, including Drake, NBA Youngboy, DaBaby, Young Thug. All sounds and samples are licensed as Royalty-Free for you to use in your commercial productions or even for DJ/Remix purposes. Spark your creativity with Secret Source from Trap Veterans and give your unfinished tracks exactly what they need to come back to life. Spark your creativity!
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Splice Originals Criolla Latin Percussion

New Orleans-based producer Erick Bardales teamed up with percussionist Manuel “Manotas” Ramirez to offer up classic salsa rhythms with a modern twist. Using a Looptrotter Emperor Limiter, Elysia Xfilter EQ, and Retro 176, they applied modern processing and sound design while maintaining the integrity of traditional salsa instruments. Guaranteed to add some heat, we hope these energizing sounds find a home in your productions.
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Gio Israel Muses Eastern Soul by Lital Gabai

Muses by Gio Israel is a series of recordings celebrating inspirational female voices from around the world. Enhancing exceptional vocalists in a range of style, tradition and ambiance.
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AngelicVibes Highway Kit

The Highway kit features over 300+ royalty-free loops and samples inspired by today's popular Hip Hop music scene. - Large collection of original content - Trendy complex hip-hop melodies
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Komorebi Audio Aquatic Ambience Cartridge Trap Melodies

Picture this, it's Christmas Eve 1994, mom just put some pizza bagels in the oven and your cousin Davey is blowing into the cartridge of his new game to get it to work. Suddenly you hear it, intense bright and hyper futuristic synth sounds that up until this point the world had never heard before. 8 bit arp sounds play together with monophonic gliding leads and swelling pads to immerse you in a whole new universe.
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