Loopmasters Leo Wood Drum and Bass Vocals Vol.1

Loopmasters are proud to present Leo Wood – Drum & Bass Vocals Vol. 1, a stunning selection of vocals from one of the finest talents to emerge from the UK dance music circuit. Everything within is 100% royalty free and ready to bring humanism and brilliance to your high-tempo creations.
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Soul Surplus Finale Trap Hip Hop

Get ready to make your next track one to remember with Finale, a release focused on producers who want to make trap and hip hop tracks full of lush sounds and melodies that dance perfectly over any beat.
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Image Sounds Fretless Bass 1

Welcome the fretless bass into your studio and give the deep notes the spotlight they deserve! Fretless Bass 1 feels at home in both slow moods and uptempo styles without ever losing its unique texture and sound. Watch the borders of your melodic possibilities disappear like the frets on the bass and fall in love with the gnarly low-end of this sample pack.
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ReeMau x Ax Beats Latin 2 (One Shot Kit)

Una gran librería con un contexto LATINO y en este caso es el VOLUMEN 2 - Dentro de este kit encontrarás +140 sonidos únicos en formato WAV.
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ReeMau x Ax Beats Latin (One Shot Kit)

Una gran librería con un contexto LATINO… Dentro de este kit encontrarás +160 sonidos únicos en formato WAV.
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Image Sounds Upright Bass 2

Despite being known as the big mama of all the string instruments, the upright bass never lost its original spark. Upright Bass 2 takes you to warm and woody landscapes, through deep and punchy rhythms, adding some softness at just the right moment. Add this classic to your collection and dress your bass lines in style.
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ReeMau Beats VAPOR Reggaeton Drum Kit

Es una librería que contiene 41 sonidos únicos para hacer reggaeton y darle un toque único a tus beats. Drumloops 7 Kicks 9
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ReeMau Beats P3RR30 Loop Pack

Es una librería de LOOP que te ayudarán a matar el bloque crativo al momento de hacer beaa 20 composiciones originales enfocadas en el género Reggaetón creadas desde cero por ReeMau.
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VOX Women Make Waves Vocal Pack

‘Women Make Waves’ is a one-of-a-kind vocal sample collection. In celebration of International Women’s Month, we asked 31 artists, songwriters, and producers to contribute their unique flavour to this diverse and colourful range of vocal samples. Not only do these sounds represent their unique style, but they're also designed to inspire and spark creativity in any producer.
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Image Sounds Upright Bass 1

The fascinating direct sound of an upright bass is not just popular in the typical jazz trio but also captivates audiences in many different kinds of well-liked and trendy tunes. It has this direct, somewhat personal quality that makes it stand out from many other instruments. And makes it a brilliant add-on for any modern classy studio production.
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