Monster Sounds Lyrical Neo Soul

'Lyrical Neo Soul' by Monster Sounds presents this impressive up-to-the-minute collection of modern Soul and Hip Hop Vocals, packed with lyrical depth. Straight from the talented mind of Vocal talent, Neo Hannan, this collection has been meticulously recorded and edited by Monster Sounds ready for you to inject straight into your DAW.
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MixWithTheMasters MARCELLA ARAICA LUKE JAMES GO GIRL Deconstructing A Mix #38

Join us at Dream Asylum Studios in Miami for our second installment on hybrid mixing with Marcella Araica! In this series, the acclaimed engineer gives you an insight into the creation of 'Go Girl' by Luke James. She recounts the various stages of tracking, discusses production by Danja, and demonstrates her techniques by remixing the multi-track! You'll see how Marcella groups certain parts, runs audio through hardware, and further enhances the signals 'in the box'. She explains why she incorporates certain equipment into a workflow that combines the power of both analog and digital tools. Using plug-ins, outboard gear, and a SSL 9000J console, Araica shows you how she processes drums, percussion, 808, synth bass, guitars, and vocals!
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Apollo Sound Emotive Piano Chord Progressions

Apollo Sound would like to present Emotive Piano Chord Progressions. It's a universal solution for cinematic genre music producers or for all those who dig for emotional & beautiful chord progressions to start their tracks and songs creation.
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Renraku Little Snake Ectoplex

Little Snake’s second sample pack for Renraku: ECTOPLEX, is yet another major download from the signature Little Snake sonic palette. Expect to discover deep textural sound design, sub crushing bass samples, trippy risers, simulation vocals, hidden artifacts and all sorts of other hidden gems within this sample pack of fresh sounds for discerning ears.
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The Godz Keeyz To Tha Industry

40 Piano and Keyboard Loops
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Trip Digital presents BEAT HACK LORDS SYNTHACKS. 33, loops, hits and warps. Crafted to make your beats futuristic.
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UpNorth Music Kayliox Powered by UpNorth

Future House veteran Kayliox shares his unique, heavy and unique samples for you to make quality tracks.
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Heylucig May 1 (Sample Pack)

A Free Original LuciG Sample Pack. 10 Unique samples.
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Snipe Young 8 Spike Crown

This Is an assortment of boisterous 808 patterns for some of the most rebellious beats you can think of.
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ThaKracken Start Up Loop Pack Vol.2

ThaKracken presents Start Up Loop Pack Volume 2. It is the follow up and continuation from the previous collection Start Up Loop Pack Vol. 1. This pack is filled with melodic ideas to help you jump start your composition and giving you instant creativity at your fingertips. This pack includes 10 loops with the key and BPM for each loop. It also includes the stems for each composition so that you will have even more creative control. In detail this pack is suitable but not limited to Hip hop, R&B, and Sound Track influenced ideas. A total of 181 MB and 42 files in 24 Bit clarity to take your production styles to the next level.
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MixWithTheMasters PETER KATIS THE SWELL SEASON LOW RISING Deconstructing A Mix #29

Join us at Tarquin studios in Conneticut, home of the revered indie music producer and engineer Peter Katis! In this series, we focus on the song 'Low Rising' by The Swell Season. With the original mix session open, Katis recounts the process behind the production, engineering, and mixing of the record. Alongside referral to recording techniques, instrument preparation, and more on tracking and production, his main focus is on how it was mixed and how he can remix. Peter shares his ITB processing from 2009, applied before analog summing and his master chain. Referencing the original mix, he challenges himself to achieving a superior result, then prints two versions – one with his elaborate summing chain and one purely digital. He compares the new mixes to one another and the original, and discusses a variety of topics including analog vs. digital sonics, loudness, acoustics, and much more!
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Bingoshakerz Mainroom Tech House

Mainroom Tech House' delivers over 1 Gb of sounds for your next full track production. Loaded with 10 construction kits this collection features booming sub grooves, mainroom beats, catchy melodic hooks, classic key and organ loops, body-moving top and percussion sounds, effects and MIDI files for instant and easy sounds layering.
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Bingoshakerz Trap Tales

Dusty melodic keys, floating guitar loops, tape-saturated beats, oozing 808 sub-grooves, lush atmospheric pads and crackling piano sounds - 'Trap Tales' delivers over 650 Mb of melancholic late-night sounds for Trap and Hip Hop productions.
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Reverb Machine Ableton Wavetable Presets

Ableton Live 10 saw the release of a brand new Ableton-native synth, called Wavetable, which allows for deep modulation control and incredible sounds. Wavetable includes the ability to stretch, shape and morph wavetables into a huge range of sounds. This Ableton Wavetable preset pack contains 120 custom synth sounds ranging from classic workhorse synth sounds, to strange, evolving soundscapes to inspire new pieces of music.
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Reverb Machine Drumtraks Punchy Drums

Drumtraks is a sampled recreation of the Sequential Circuits Drumtraks drum machine. The original SCI Drumtraks was released in 1984, had thirteen fully programmable sounds, and was the very first drum machine to feature MIDI. This pack samples every drum sound in every possibly tuning, featuring 195 samples and kits for Ableton Live, FL Studio, Studio One and Logic Pro X.
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