Luftrum Luftkraft for u-he Diva

Luftkraft is a soundset containing 82 Kraftwerk inspired synth patches for U-He Diva, all handkrafted by Luftrum. By analyzing Kraftwerk tracks, Luftrum has decoded and replicated several iconic and notable sounds and made a handful of new ones which Kraftwerk never knew existed! The result is a carefully created selection of patches, ranging from famed synth leads to resonant zap drums, classic basses and sound effects to pads and electronic transients, as heard on Kraftwerk albums throughout the years.
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Producergrind BricksDaMane CHAMPIONS Drum Kit

Thanks to BricksDaMane, a lot of time and sauce went into CHAMPIONS. Not only is this drum kit loaded with 132 unique sounds, they are actual drum samples used in BricksDaMane's BIGGEST placements.
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MyMixLab Studio One Template

Studio One is the DAW of choice for 3x Grammy Engineer Luca Pretolesi. In this course he shows you how to build his mixing template from scratch using Studio One 5. Luca teaches you how to create tracks, organize, processing, gain staging, and mastering. This course is your complete mixing and mastering template and you can download the projects to use for your next mix.
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MyMixLab How To Record Vocals

In this week's all new course, Reid Stefan teaches his complete vocal chain and workflow for recording vocals like a pro. This tutorial covers everything from the mic, to hardware processing, into the Apollo interface and Console app where Reid creates a headphone mix for any vocalist. This course also covers the correct levels for recording vocals with and without hardware in between your microphone and interface. After recording vocals Reid uses LUFS metering plugins to check the levels of vocals against other mix groups such as Drums, synths, and mastering.
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MyMixLab Gainstation Plugin Course

In this course, 3x Grammy Mixing & Mastering Legend Luca Pretolesi teaches you how to use Gainstation to achieve EQ, Saturation, Clipping, and automation in your mix.
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FaderPro The Making of Take It Back With Thomas Gold

This amazing value course offers a jam-packed, fast-paced insight into Thomas Golds production techniques in Logic Pro X. Learn as he explains how to take a small melody and turn it into a finished track.
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