Soundbox Global FX

'Global FX' by Soundbox is packing a whopping 655 MB of hi-quality production FX tools for your next killer production. This pack offers amazing FX crafted by professional engineers for all genres, all sounds are Key Labelled and synced at 124 BPM.
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IanoBeatz Emotional Sample Pack Vol.8

This kit includes 17 Sample Chops
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[Nètis] x

- 1 GB + of custom-made sounds & some of our "signature" samples. literally everything you need to add that crisp to your tracks! THIS PACK INCLUDES:
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Chu EGO DEATH (Creative Drum Kit)

- 7 808s- 5 Auxillary Drums - 8 Claps - 4 Drum Fills
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Heavyocity VENTO Modern Woodwinds

Like it’s string and brass predecessors, NOVO and FORZO, VENTO is Heavyocity’s answer to the traditional; in this case, delivering a fresh and original take on what woodwinds are capable of in modern scores. Featuring over 160 organic articulations, 100 hybrid snapshots, and 400 tempo-synced loops, VENTO is brimming with musical possibility, transforming conventional woodwinds into a deep well of cinematic inspiration.
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The Universe Project X 808 Mafia Xclusive Loops

The Universe Presents: Project X 808 Mafia (Xclusive Loops) All 10 loops composed by Project X.
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The Universe Project X 808 Mafia Official Drum Kit

The Universe Presents: Project X 808 Mafia (Official Drum Kit) All of Project X's go-to drums!
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StudioPlug Arpeggio (ElectraX Bank)

Arpeggio (Electra X Bank) – Created by “Nere” contains 50 preset files with sounds in the styles of Playboi Carti, Lil Uzi Vert, Schoolboy Q, Young Nudy, 21 Savage, Nav and more! Each Sound has been customly created and Professionally Eq’d to achieve the best quality sound selecting experience!
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Saif Sameer Synth Renaissance

Synth Renaissance. Vintage synth sounds. 70s & early 80s. ● "Full Pack" contains: - 128 presets featuring carefully crafted patches covering wide range of sounds (leads, basses, sequences, pads, string machines, misc. synths, bells, brasses and atmospheres);
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Yamaha's first genuine Voicebank which offers a female natural Japanese voice in VOCALOID5. This female Japanese voicebank features smooth vocals with clear and powerful long tones.
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Truefire Carl Verheyen 30 Fearless Chordal Licks You Must To Know

In Carl Verheyen’s 30 Fearless Single-Note Licks collection, Carl shared a versatile multi-style collection of single-note licks. In this companion edition, Carl expands your ‘fearless’ vocabulary with 30 Fearless Chordal Licks You MUST Know for blues, jazz, country, bluegrass, rock, and R&B.
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ShamanStems Witch House

An enchanting blend of ethereal synth-pop keys, reese and hoover baselines, spaced-out drum machines, angelic goth-inspired choirs, ecclesiastic organs, anthemic trance leads and celestial bells, immaculately bound together by an ardent infatuation with the occult.
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Splice Sounds Alex Winston Vocal Pack

Born and raised in Detroit, Alex Winston is a classically trained opera vocalist and indie pop singer-songwriter with an unmistakable voice. Her music pairs the upbeat with the down-low of real life in a way that stands out in the world of pop music. With influences ranging from Little Richard to PJ Harvey, now she's lending her unique vocals to your productions.
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Field and Foley Barn Percussion

Nature is full of rhythm, and it’s fun to get percussive with it. Recording tree tones, pond splashes, and rooster clucks in the Catskill mountains of NY state, Daniel Freedman (drums for David Byrne) and Brian Rosenworcel (drums for Guster / Thundergod Percussion) present a Splice pack from inside and outside the upstate barn. When these two friends and drummers realized they could make drum sets out of the pine trees behind Brian’s house, Barn Percussion was born. Grooves were discovered in rivers and tunnels, on rocks and old tractor wheels, and anywhere nature presented its percussive potential.
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Four4 Lo-Fi Tech-House

Packed with basement ready grooves and dusty synth riffs, Lo-Fi Tech-house is inspired by throwback tech-sensibilities paired with lofi processing techniques. Featuring over 350MB of dirty kicks, sub-perfected basses, hazy top loops, analog chord stabs and underground sequences, this is a collection guaranteed to get your inspiration flowin'.
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