Revealed Recordings Revealed Happy Holidays 2020 Edition

Happy Holidays from the Revealed Family! To celebrate we've put together a diverse collection of over 100 presets for Serum, Spire, and Sylenth1.
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Applied Acoustics Systems Funky Cat GS-2 Soundpack

With Funky Cat, sound designer Niall McCallum transports Strum GS-2 to the golden era of funk - the foundational experiments in groove from the likes of Sly & The Family Stone, James Brown, and The Meters. From choppy 16th-note riffs loaded with tight, muted stabs to slick rhythmic chord progressions, this kaleidoscopic new set takes the very best from the forefathers of the game and sends the whole package hurtling into the present. Classic chorus, spring reverb, and the indisputable hallmark of funk, the wah-wah, put in the work in the 84 guitar sounds of this fantastic collection. Further, 12 styles deliver 84 smooth strumming patterns that stand in readiness to thrust your extended chords into full-on hypnotic grooves.
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Applied Acoustics Systems Latin Vibes GS-2 Soundpack

Resident sound designer Christian Laffitte's Latin Vibes is the second of a new and growing line of sound packs for Strum GS-2. Latin Vibes explores the world of traditional and modern Latin music with an excellent sense of groove and sensuality. This sound pack features many styles such as Bossa Nova, Reggaeton, Brazilian, Kompa, Flamenco, Bachata, and more. With its 12 styles, 81 guitar presets, and 84 strumming patterns playable with your own chord progressions, Latin Vibes will become a go-to source for your Latin guitar needs.
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Amanchauhanmusic FIESTA Brazilian Bass

This is FIESTA!I've been working on this since a long time now. This sample pack has been designed considering all the requisites for making a unique Brazilian Bass track.
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Slate Digital Virtual Mix Rack Complete

VMR 2.0 allows audio engineers to easily create the channel strips of their dreams using a library full of analog modeled plugins. Choose from dozens of modules including vintage modeled EQs, compressors, enhancers, filters, preamps, mixing consoles, and more. But even beyond the sound you can get with VMR 2.0, you also get the added bonus of speed and efficiency from having your entire processing chain in one convenient window. VMR 2.0 ships with the Mix Bundle One, which contains four Slate Digital processing modules: FG-401 Compressor, FG-S EQ, FG-161 FET Compressor and FG-N EQ.
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Stellar Sounds Charlie Dens STLR Sounds Pack Progressive House

STELLAR SOUNDS is here! A package that will surely leave you with your mouth open!
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Thenatan Underwater FX

We're happy to present to you the brand new Underwater FX Plug-In.The quickest way to create that "40" Drake style Underwater effect! After Weeks of Research as well as coding We finally came up with the "Underwater" FX Plugin.
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Thenatan Brain Intelligent Synth

After several months, Working closely with two of the Award Winning Sound-Engineers in the Game, We came up with an entirely new, comprehensive, and intuitive luxury instrument which we are proud to present to you - The BRAIN.
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Inear Display Lancinantes

Lancinantes is a drone synthesizer plugin : having no amplitude control envelope its oscillators are freely running, generating a constant sound. Three special additive oscillators are layered, allowing the creation of chords that can be conformed to a melodic scale.
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Soundiron Sick 7 Voices Of The Dead

With 8,753 unique sounds, Sick 7: Voices of the Dead is a true beast! This final volume in our Sick horror and suspense series ties it all together with a brand new tool chest of creature and human combat voices, eerie industrial percussion and a fresh supply of atmospheric horror and suspense sound design elements.
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