Keep It Sample Call Chill Pop

“Call Chill Pop” has been thought to mesmerize your listeners. This emotional Chill Pop sound library will amaze you with its fluffy melodies finely mixed with emotional sounds.
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Emkay FullyLoaded Drumkit Vol.1

This Kit includes 3 Kits - Emkay Drumkit - Arkay Drumkit
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Nate Got Smoke Snake Sample Library

Contains: 11 Sample loops
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Nate Got Smoke Got Smoke Library II Sample Library

Contains: 10 Sample loops
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Sunday Sounds Sunday Keys V2

Ableton Live can take your worship keys rig to the next level, but it's really hard to find good sounds, program the right controls, and get reliable results. With Sunday Keys you can maximize and even go beyond what Ableton Live can do with over 155 custom sampled worship sounds, 35+ ready to play worship patches, an easy to understand visual layout and game-changing features like the built-in Tonic Pad Player and easy patch building.
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WA Production FL Studio 20 Pro Tips

This course is design for you to learn the some of the most important action that needs to be taken in order to achieve a certain production goal in FL. We are looking at some of the hidden special feature inside FL that can add ease or take your production to a whole new level by improving your overall workflow.
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WA Production Future Bass Tips And Tricks

Do you want to make Future Bass like the pros? In this course, Josh Isaacs will show you 5 tips and tricks that he’s discovered to help improve your Future Bass production. You’ll learn how to make your sounds stand out through improved chord structure and composition techniques, as well as layering of different sounds. In addition, Josh will share some classic Future Bass production techniques such as pitch bending, utilization of samples, fills, & arpeggios, as well as how to get the most out of the Tremolator plugin by SoundToys. At the end of this course, you’ll have many of the tools you’ll need to create a Future Bass banger that stands up to the rest.
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WA Production Future House In Serum

Want to know how to create that Future House / Don Diablo / Hexagon style sounds? Welcome to class. In this introduction, you will meet your instructor, Phillip. He will give you the rundown of what to expect and how to create sounds for Future House. This course is straightforward, to the point and shows every step in great detail. Phillip is using FL Studio and Serum. While it is not required, if you have it, feel free to follow along.
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GHOSTHACK Ultimate Vocal Bundle

Ghosthack Ultimate Vocal Bundle A beautiful and outstanding vocal collection of over 900 acapellas, ad-libs, phrases and one-words made by 7 professional male and female vocalists.
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Truefire Brad Carlton Guitar Lab Modern Harmonic Guitar Vol.3

Hi, I'm Brad Carlton and welcome to Volume 3 of Guitar Lab: Modern Harmonic Guitar. In the first two volumes, we talked about actual chord voicings and played harmonic approaches with a clean sound and discussed several concepts. Here we'll take the same concepts and apply it to soloing.
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HY2ROGEN House Vocal Glitches Vol.6

'House Vocal Glitches 6' from HY2ROGEN assembles another fresh set of vocal vignettes in the form of over 330 MB loops and one-shots, since you can never have too many in your library.
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