Ask Video Coding For Musician 101 Web Audio Explored

The Web Audio API lets you create and synthesize audio right in your web browser. Explore the world of coding using the javascript language in this made-for-musicians course, by coder and musician Gregg Fine!
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HY2ROGEN Tech Kicks

PRESSURE SAMPLES RECEIVES NEW MERCHANDISE ON STOCK IN THE FORM OF A WHOPPING 400 KICK DRUM ONE SHOT COLLECTION WITH A VARIETY OF FLAVORS. For years, HY2ROGEN has created essential drum hits for various genres but always had a keen interest in tech oriented soundscapes. With the kick being the base ingredient for all things to come, we offer you a sufficient batch of “put me to work” bassdrums, custom built for tech house, techno, minimal, house, deep house and beyond underground influenced genres.
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Rock guitar Exercises for Beginners: 10x Your Guitar Skills in 15 Minutes a Day (Guitar Exercises Mastery)

Rock guitar secrets … is there really such a thing? The cuit that has always been built around every important rock guitarist seems to lend them a mystical quality. Of course, any thing unknown always has an aura of mystery about it until one takes a closer look at it. And that's exactly what I intend with this book; to finally lift the veil from around the so-called "secrets 11 of rock guitar playing, if such things really exist.
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Groove3 Pro Tools 2020.11 Update Explained®

Studio pro Patrick Coffin delivers in-depth Pro Tools video tutorials! If you are using Pro Tools 2020.11, these videos will show you how to utilize all of its new features and more. Get the most out of Pro Tools 2020.11 and see how it will improve your user experience, workflow and creativeness. These videos are for those who already are familiar with Pro Tools, but just want information on the new features and functions added in version 2020.11.
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Groove3 Logic Pro Jump Start

Logic Pro expert Eli Krantzberg delivers a potent set of video tutorials designed for those who are new to Logic Pro, but want to get up and running in an hour! Learn everything you need to know to start using Logic Pro to record, edit and mix your music with these in-depth Logic Pro video tutorials. You also get Eli's Logic Pro sessions used in the videos (Logic Pro 10.6 or higher required to open) so you can follow along on your system.
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Epic Stock Media Hybrid 808 Trap

'Hybrid 808 Trap' by Epic Stock Media includes 184 dripping wet melodies, hard-hitting bass kicks and subs, hybrid keys, rhythms, patterns, loops, trippy chord progressions, basslines, modern Trap drums, essential one-shots, sound effects and a variety of high performing Pop samples perfect for new-age Trap music.
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Touch Loops Hip-Hop Psychedelia

Inspired by the eclectic excellence of Machinedrum, Shabazz Palaces and the classic West Coast beat scene, Astral Galaxy weaves and intrigues at every turn. From the organic trap loops to the otherworldly harp and jazz flutters, galaxies far away become an instant reality.
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King OZ VSTplug Smoothlord

Smoothlord is a 14 band EQ, stereo width modifier that uses very little CPU. For that rare smooth sound, it's a find.
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Production Music Live Ableton Session View Masterclass

Welcome to the all new Session View Masterclass! Learn everything you need to know about Ableton's Session View and track your ideas faster than ever before.
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King OZ DSPplug inter-sample peak limiter

The inter-sample peak limiter by DSPplug allows you to avoid true peaks in such a way that is both restorative and non-destructive, utilizing a unique formulae to avoid damage normally done by a limiter, especially in the way of affecting bass.
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King OZ DSPplug vocal gate

The DSPplug vocal gate spoken is a surefire way to ensure that your dialogue recorded for youtube movies is nearly perfect. I took some extra time and didn't make just a noise gate, but a gate that will also filter certain sounds above that db threshold as well. It's a bit like AI, sounds like moving your microphone around, sound like shuffling and thuds will not register with this gate and unless in a extreme tense will never set this gate off. The only problem is that it's a bit overbearing. Because it's a new technology I'll have to perfect the formula, but the good news is, because I make My own youtube videos you can be sure it will be in a timely manner.
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King OZ DSPplug ZDF de-plosive

The DSPplug ZDF de-plosive dimply uses two ZDF notches and where ever the low frequencies go over a certain frequency adds that filtering into the signal, reducing plosives.
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King OZ VSTplug Mini Boom Switch

The VSTplug mini boom switch adds clarity and makes a vocal perceivable. This is achieved by adding the muffled bass so taken for granted with just the right stereo width. If you make rap; you'll really get a kick out of how clear your words will be formed, even after you've mixed the heck out of them.
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King OZ VSTplug mono to stereo

This is a great mono to stereo plug-in that makes mono stereo and allows you to control the phase cancellation. The new version includes (though the older H. Laridsen technique is still made available) a unique algorithm designed by King OZ (AKA LE Attol); providing stereo without the Lauridsen technique.
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King OZ VSTplug peak soft 79

The VSTplug peak soft 79 is smooth, right down to the smallest peaks. It's technology is sample accurate with any sample rate that smooths out any tiny peaking instance. With the ceiling adjuster and the ability to choose when a peak will be rounded to a greater degree, the peak soft allows you to mimic that smooth sound of an expensive microphone with expensive hardware built right in.
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