Splice Sounds MOGL Sounds: Backpack Beatmaker

For all your chill, study, relax, or beat-making needs, MOGL Sounds presents Backpack Beatmaker. You'll find all sorts of dusty drums, crackly melodies, and wobbly tones to unlock the bedroom beat vibe. Plus, a collection of detailed song-starters to jumpstart your inspiration, or chop them up for endless possibilities.
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Neon Wave Dark Matter Progressive Retrowave

Dark Matter: Progressive Retrowave is a darker, and moodier follow-up to progressive Synthwwave. Designed once again from scratch by Erkka Lempiäinen (aka, half of Michael Cassette), this collection fuses 80s aesthetic stacked with dancefloor sensibilities, catered towards producers seeking to diversify their sample portfolio.
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Origin Sound Supply Drop

These beautifully written music loops create instant moods, ominous tension, and jaw-dropping melodies. Are you looking for professional music loops? This is literally the pack you need. Take any of these top-notch loops and add your own drums for an instant banger. There are energetic trap loops, emotive chord loops, and calming storytelling compositions to fit any audience. Strings, synths, piano, horns you name it, it’s in here. Whether you want an electronic sound or an organic human feel, you won’t be dissatisfied with this library of outstanding music samples. Just listen for yourself…
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Klanghelm VUMT Deluxe

Painstakingly modeled behavior and recreation of the general ballistics of classic VU meters. Contains three metering modes: VU, RMS and PPM DIN (Type I)
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Soul Rush Records Sci-Fi Soundtracks

The sound of a dystopian metropolis at dusk. Synth saturated frequencies and low-slung rhythmic textures drenched in a brilliant kaleidoscope of 80s nostalgia and future technologies. Introducing 'Sci-Fi Soundtracks,' the latest sonic vision from Soul Rush Records. Imagined by an unwritten science fiction film, 'Sci-Fi Soundtracks' is a diverse, professionally curated product overflowing with future-retro music making potential.
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Ashen Audio Hestia

Hestia contains over 250 Patches and 50 Multis for Omnisphere 2.6. Known for her gentle nature, this goddess of hearth and home is a perfect analogy for Ashen Audio's first release, Hestia.
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Stingray Instruments Rengoku

In our first sound set for Omnisphere 2.6, we wanted to explore ideas of opposite and in-between. Rengoku translates to “purgatory” in Japanese which ideally represents a small cinematic collection of angelic, demonic and timbres of an uncertain nature.
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Soul Rush Records Grime Ammunition Vol Two

'Grime Ammunition Vol 2' is a heavyweight pack bursting at the seams with upfront instrumental loops and one-shots, atmospheres and recordings of authentic Grime vocalists who are currently busy bursting out of the UK scene.
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Soul Rush Records Berlin Industrial Found Sound

'Found Sound Percussion Hits' is a collection of organic, real world recordings which aim to inject a feeling of life and soul into any production. Recorded in East Berlin with a high-end field recorder and a vast array of different drum sticks and everyday objects including hammers, whisks, keys, broken bottles, cardboard boxes, broken kick drum skins, and even a dog.
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Soul Rush Records Analogue Acid House and Techno

Chicago Acid House lovers who are fascinated and curious by the production styles of the mid 80s and their pre-DAW production techniques need this pack! All drum and synth parts were recorded live, automated and humanised utilising techniques on the exact hardware pioneered by producers in the Acid House era. This pack was created by working with computers as minimally as possible instead focusing on analogue production. In this pack we give you access to original and unique acid sounds that are notoriously hard to recreate authentically when limited to using only digital or VST synthesisers.
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Soul Rush Records UK Bassline Impacts, Risers and FX

As part of our Bassline series Soul Rush Records brings you the fundamental elements for your bassline banger. This pack contains a wide range of Risers, impacts and FX created through subtractive synthesis and processing techniques including side chain compression and LFO modu-lation to give the samples the right dynamics, tension and timbre to create intense build ups for UK Bassline, Grime, Garage, Dubstep and more! The samples are created at 130 and 140 bpm.
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Soul Rush Records Soul Vocal’s for House Volume Two

Mike Russell’s voice is raw, emotional authentic soul. His lyrics and stories come from the heart; too magical to not be captured on record and shared with you all. In this pack there is a mix of longer wavs of spoken word stories that you can use as they are or cut up and process as you desire. As well as his soul-soaked spellbinding stories we have one shots, dry and effected phrases, house genre shout outs and sung phrases recorded in multiple keys and in the bpm ranges of 120, 122, 123, 124 and 126
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Soul Rush Records UK Bassline Midi Files

Brought to you by the freshest producers in the UK Bassline scene this pack gives you instantaneous midi and .wav basslines, drum loops, riffs, chords, rhythm and note patterns which are ready to use with your own sounds or just grab the prepared wavs created for you and slot them into your track.
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Soul Rush Records UK Drill And Trap

Welcome to the 140 and 150 bpm icy underworld of 'UK Drill and Trap'. Dazed digital summed up the genre well “Drill originated in Chicago, going global in 2012. The UK version deploys the same melancholic, trap-tinged beats, the same slang, and the same nihilistic fixation on violence. UK Drill is defined by an estate-bound, hyper-local mentality. In a scene structured around pre-existing gang rivalries.”
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Soul Rush Records Trap Wave

This pack takes inspiration from legends of the scene; Plastician, Kareful, Deadcrow and Compa. Not only does this pack contain a huge range of drum loops, samples and one shots, Uh no! It also contains a vast range of atmospheres and synthetic ambiences to help give your productions that all important and never to be overlooked depth and texture. All of this combined will send you on your way to creating the nu breed of sound, the hybrid that is 'Wave Trap'.
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