Kyle Beats Drip FX x64

MASTER YOUR WORKFLOW With Just 2 clicks Drip turns your rough melody ideas into beautiful sounding inflections. Stop KILLING your inspiration with mindless blending & adding tons of effects to try to get the sound you want. Just choose one of our presets, turn the "Overall" knob to the amount you desire, and keep creating!!
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Splice Sounds Grails for All: The Ultimate CS80 Sample Pack by RJD2

A pioneer who helped shape and usher in a fresh wave of electronic music in the new millennium, RJD2 (born Ramble Jon Krohn) needs little introduction. For this Splice pack, he shares his original sounds using all analog instruments with a strong focus on the Yamaha CS-80, the pre-eminent polyphonic analog synthesizer. Dig into dark, spacey, synthwave sounds to transport your listeners to another dimension with your next score, hip hop, pop, or electronic production.
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Sound Doctrine Cathedral

One of the most iconic moments in a traditional church service is the sound of a pipe organ ringing out during a congregational hymn or song. These instruments many times fill a church sanctuary with a ringing and reverberation that is second to none. We sought to provide producers with the most authentic offering of this instrument by recording master organist Troy Chambers at Bright Hope Baptist Church, one of the oldest churches in North Philadelphia.
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Soul Surplus Elevador Brazilian Bossa Nova

“Elevador” is an ode to the vintage sounds of Bossa Nova style Jazz from Brazil. In this release users will have access to 15 loops composed by Brazilian Jazz Guitarist, Elizeu Menezes Barbosa, accompanied by a cast of elite Jazz musicians as well. From upright bass, piano, trumpet and percussion this pack is sure to give any producer loads of access to the authentic sounds of this beautiful sub-genre.
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Rubicon Plant Music and Granular Performances

A bridge between nature and musician is explored by Imka (Evidence of Yesterday) using MIDISprout technology and granular synthesis to capture and sonify the biodata of plants in this collection of micro-compositions unlike any other. A collaboration on equal grounds, plants are as much the composer as Imka in this array of live ambient performances, captured with the use case of MPC-style sampling close in mind.
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Audentity Records Lofi Funk x Rnb Vibes

Played by real musicians, played on real guitars, on real hardware synths, on a real bass guitar just like the old 70 and 80's Funk, Rnb and Disco was produced. Inspired by Bruno Mars, Charlie Puth, Summer Walkee and Earth Wind and Fire, this pack has all the lush leads and down tempo synths, Vintage Warm electric keys, funky guitars, pianos and rhodes, which will lead you to your next funky smash.
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Groove3 Shaperbox 2 Getting Creative

Studio wiz Larry Holcombe delivers creative Cableguys Shaperbox 2 video tutorials! Watch ways to use different modules and effects found in Shaperbox 2 creatively on your tracks and productions, making them both more exciting and interesting. You also get the audio files Larry uses in the videos so you can follow along on your system. These videos are for those familiar with Shaperbox 2. If you're new to Shaperbox, checkout Shaperbox 2 Explained® here.
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Toolbox Samples Useful Keys and Synths Vol.1

No matter the music you produce, these useful keys could be exactly what you need. Focusing on a wide variety of genres from hip-hop to IDM, classical to scores, RnB to lounge, neo-soul to electro... we give you 35 royalty free loops to do what you wish with. The keys can be used to spark off all ideas or just be that extra something you need in your production. All loops are run through our top of the range hardware, and we dealt with no fewer than 10 professional producers and raided their hard drives & brains to get you fresh synths & keys no matter what style you create. 1
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1ONY Soundbank Kit

I'm glad to present an exclusive soundbank kit! The package contains over 20 vivid, velocity sensitive instruments from my songs to play with. All of the sounds are self-made. Total size of the archive is 2.2 GB(4 GB unpacked)
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Mainroom Warehouse Hybrid EDM

'Hybrid EDM For Spire'by Mainroom Warehouse features up-to-date sounds for your next EDM smash hit. This is a must-have sound set for all types of EDM producers including Bass House, Slap House, Progressive, Bigroom, Future House, Future Bass, Deep House and more. Containing fantastic Basses, Leads, Pads, Plucks, Synths and modern presets for your toolbox, 'Hybrid EDM For Spire' also contains all MIDI files from the demo, which can be used royalty-free.
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Trip Digital Tape Loops

DJ Journey has been in the game for 15 years plus, DJ’n, producing and recording music. One of his first bedroom studio pieces was the Tascam 4 Track Recorder. Journey went through Maxell, after Maxell, creating cassette loop tapes to sample into his Akai MPC 2000. Tape Loops sound pack gives you that throwback feel of how the genius mad scientist worked. “You didn’t need a lot of equipment to make a dope beat, back when I started producing. Less is more now, more than ever.” DJ Journey
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Allen Watts Trance Soundset Volume 2

ALLEN WATTS TRANCE SOUNDSET Volume 2 FOR SPIRE Here are 64 own made presets For Spire that i used A LOT in my own productions like Arizona, Jetlag Remix, Contrast , Flashback , CDMX just to name a few
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Steve Allen Video Masterclass

In this tutorial series I show you how I create all my productions, from all the tracks ive produced as Allen & Envy, to how im producing my music now! Over 7 Hours 30 Mins of content spread across 10gb of files!
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Allen Watts High Voltage Sample Pack

Uplifting Trance Producer Allen Watts Made a sample and midi Pack filled with Own Crafted samples and Midi used in own Productions. Do you Want your Productions to a Higher Level than this is for you
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Trip Digital United Kingdom Tech House Acid Loops

It's 2018 and tech house is still going strong. Technology has allowed sound to take rare form. The United Kingdom DJ's & producers keep the underground vibrant with four on the floor beats ranging from 120 to 135 BPM's. This sound pack is just a snapshot of elements that makes up the classic underground genre. 33 total synths, beat loops & one shots. Now get to work.
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