Sonic Academy Understanding Additive Synthesis

Ever wanted to get your head around Additive Synthesis? Look no further as King Unique is back with us this week to shed light on what is regarded as a pretty complex form of synthesis but has been made a lot more accessible with new soft-synths that manage the hard work for you under the hood.
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Four4 Techno FX Tools

Four4 is back with a brand new collection of meticulously crafted techno fx tools. Inject your productions with modular-created sounds including risers, downlifters, glitch loops, drum breaks, melodic effects, and one-shots fx.
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LEX Sounds LUV PACK Vol.2

The Love Experiment presents LUV PACK vol. 2 a sequel to the band’s first sample pack on Splice. Luv Pack vol. 1 was an introduction to The Love Experiment’s sound as a band whereas Luv Pack vol. 2 is their evolution as a sonic entity.
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Vinyl Beat visualizer template for FL Studio 20.5

What is that and how does it work? By using this ZGameEditor Visualizer template you will be able to create a stunning audio visualisation with your track. This template is based on a native FL Studio 20.5 plug-in called ZGameEditor Visualizer, so you don’t need Adobe After Effects anymore.
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Neon Wave Rewind and Repeat Retro VHS Melodics

Hazy chords, aged arpeggios, and lo-fi synthetics: Retro VHS Melodics is a timeless collection of video home system processed recordings catered to the retro enthusiast. Dive into a nostalgic assortment of atmosphere, bass, fx, and pad loops ideal for eclectic and vintage productions.
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Udemy Aprende A Ser Un Buen Manager De Música

Sin importar si eres un artista, una banda, un manager o un agente; sueñas que tu música o proyecto que representas pueda trascender fronteras, estar en grandes escenarios, conciertos multitudinarios o hacer una gran canción que te genere increíbles regalías; pero antes de lograr estos objetivos tienes que definir los elementos únicos de tu identidad como artista, una planeación acertada, estrategias efectivas y tener las precauciones legales que protegerán tu música.
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Coop The Truth ELEVATION

Introducing 10 New Samples by Coop The Truth: Fresh off composing the sample for the title track “Over It” off Summer Walker’s debut album & co-producing “Semi-Automatic” for Wale & “On My Way 2 School” for Dave East, Coop The Truth is back with another collection of compositions. Including a mixture of soulful elements as well as darker more trap influenced grooves, this pack is sure to be a wise investment
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Essential Rhythms and Chords: Your Complete Guide for Rhythm Guitar

Essential Rhythms and Chords is a comprehensive book for the beginner guitar student to learn and play hundreds of chords and rhythms within a short amount of time. This book is designed to have the student making music after the first lesson.
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Guitar Chords Encyclopedia: Fast Reference for the Chords You Need in Every Key

A Huge Variety of Chord Types – Tailored to YOUR Playing Style. Much More Than a Dictionary, It’s a World of Creative Possibilities. You’ll Want to Refer to This Book Often.
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789TEN Future Sounds V.2 by ReauBeau

Future Bass and Trap producer ReauBeau is no stranger to quality, and no stranger to success. Releasing with the likes of: Circus Records, Lowly, Riotville Records, Musical Freedom, Trap City, Elysian Records, Revealed, Tribal Trap, Spinnin, Sony, Riotville Records, WOLV, and more.
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Truefire Brad Carlton Guitar Lab Ear Training Vol.1

Hi, I'm Brad Carlton and welcome to Guitar Lab: Ear Training Vol. 1. This course will give you a systematic approach for developing your ear and also for knowing where a pitch is located on the fretboard. You'll be presented with principles including intervals, bass notes, and diatonic triads. Each of these topics will apply to a question and answer format where you'll be presented with a pitch or chord, and will then be asked to find it on the sixth string. I'll then give you the correct answer along with any pertinent information about the process involved in finding that pitch or chord.
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Truefire Fareed Haque Jazz Comping Survival Guide Minor

In the first edition of Fareed Haque's Jazz Comping Survival Guide, the focus was Major Keys and Dominant Blues. In this Minor edition, Fareed focuses on minor blues, minor turnarounds, and jazz standards in minor keys.
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Truefire Matt Schofield Blues Bootcamp Phrasing And Timing

Did you miss Matt Schofield's highly acclaimed Blues Bootcamp on Timing and Phrasing? No worries. This Bootcamp course is the next best thing to being there! Drawing on the principles Matt covers in the provided prep materials section, he presents variations and more advanced applications across a series of illuminating performance studies: Triplets, Off Beats, Everything Plus 16th Notes, Slow Blues in A, Lazy Shuffle in A, Funk Boogaloo in G
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Musical Sampling Atelier Series: Daydream

Daydream is an intimate release that includes four instruments geared towards emotional, ethereal contexts. For the Cozy Piano patch, we recorded an upright piano at the pianissimo range with a stereo pair of Neumann KM 184’s placed behind the piano. Great patch if you’re looking for a soft, intimate piano with just enough character.
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OwnHammer Impulse Response Libraries: 412 FMAN Bundle

CABINET"412 FMAN" based on a Friedman™ BE-412 4x12 cabinet. SPEAKERS
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