SkillShare Ultimate Sound Design Complete Mastering Sound Design

This class is for anyone who has wondered what sound design is all about. Especially: Producers: If you are making tracks that rely on presets, and you want to learn how to craft your own sounds, this is the course for you.
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Splice Sounds Rockwilder's Buried Bones Vol.1 - The Kit

Hip hop legend Rockwilder (@Rockwildermuzic), producer for the likes of Redman, Jay-Z, Christina Aguilera and Janet Jackson, brings us a new sample pack. Flesh out the bare bones of your tracks with the Rockwilder "Buried Bones" kit.
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KSHMR Treasure Chest Volume 1

Introducing the KSHMR Treasure Chest Vol. 1 - a mini pack of 33 samples + 7 accompanying MIDI from his private collection including Drum, FX, Guitar, String, Synth, and Vocal loops. Now available exclusively on Dharma Studio.
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Trip Digital Berlin Mental

Electronic Dance Music was born in Middle America, Chicago and Detroit, but didn't thrive until in the late 1980s in Berlin. Lots of producers and DJs relocate to Berlin for the emerging scene. Fans of the four on the floor genre traveled to the just to take in its world-renowned nightlife. No other city in the world offers so many clubs, promoters, and record labels. So we at Trip Digital dedicated an entire sound pack of synths, one-shots and loops, to our friends in Berlin. We salute you for carrying the culture. Stay MENTAL and free. Cheers!
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150+ HAND CRAFTED CRT-SOUNDS INCLUDING GLITCHES, TRANSITIONS, NOISES, IMPACTS, BASE SCORES, FULL SOUNDTRACKS AND MORE! Find out what your visuals have been missing with the ultimate analog texturing touches your projects need to go from 90% to 110%!
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Samplified Dark Matter

Our Dark Matter sample pack is here. A 808, trap style pack that is loaded with professional sounds developed by our master in house producers. Our hard hitting dark energy and studio produced sounds will help you bring your music production game to existence. Be sure to check out our demo as well as our other sample packs. Our Dark Matter sample pack includes the following sounds at over 500+ Mb:
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Samplified Flodelity

Introducing our Lo Fi Samples & Abstract Hip Hop Pack ‘Flodelity’ a 3.5 Gigabyte sample pack featuring production by the legendary aywy. Inside you will find some mix cutting drums & percussion one shots, moody guitar & Rhodes piano loops, accompanied by Lo-Fi harp loops and some warm vinyl progressions.
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Samplified Future Pads

Future pads presets feature an abundance of professional sounds and presets for serum. We started this pack six months ago with the goal to bring fluffy and light pad sounds to lighten your music production. What's included?
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Samplified Future Sessions

Samplified’s ‘Future Sessions’ future bass sample pack is the ultimate package of futuristic and bombastic sonic bursts; full and booming bass driven samples coupled with a dynamic range of time-traveling high-quality multi-instrumental loops, one shots, and Serum presets to send you through portals of time and space with the dopest beats in hand. With dreamy arpeggiations and synth blasts oozing roboticism and modularity, prepare to flood your tracks with some of the most ambitious leads, rhythms, and loops you’ve yet to create. Only the future knows.
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Samplified Goldie

Our rap sample pack 'Goldie' has been in the works since early 2019 and is finally making it's debut. If you're looking for a full sound kit that covers all grounds, you've stopped in the right place. Goldie features over 1+ Gb of sounds including:
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Samplified Haze

Samplified’s wide collection of sample packs offers multiple future bass & electronic, ambient sampling options. However, with the HAZE sample pack, we like to let some of the empty space do the talking- focusing on the beautiful, unique white footprints that our sounds are capable of leaving. Devised to entice producers and let the imagination wander, HAZE allows for wet, electronic drum samples and minimalist synth progressions speak softly and carry a large sine.
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Samplified IO Deep House Sample Pack

We are thrilled to present you with a brand new Deep House Sample Pack titled I/O. Whether you want to diversify your sound or evolve your sonic brand, I/O is here to support the future of Deep House production. Drawing inspiration from artists like Deadmaus and Disclosure, I/O brings you the full arsenal of one shots and loops to set the trends for upcoming music production. As always, our in house production team has spent hundreds of hours dissecting the industries hottest house tracks in order to bring the best samples into the hands of the modern bedroom producer.
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Squadpack x Samplified Inspire Crate

The 'Inspire Crate' sample pack is an all-in-one producer starter-pack that caters to a wide range of genres. Whether you're seeking hard knocking drums, inspiring MIDI progressions or rich melodic presets, we've got you covered. Grab your copy here and enjoy over 400MB of high quality content.
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Squadpack x Samplified Soulected

Squadpack and Samplified join together for yet another quality sample pack including MIDI, synths, soul pads and fills, and smooth bass lines. The newly constructed sample pack includes a full drum kit section consisting of kicks, claps, crisp snares, and percussion to back your drumming needs. Check out the full demo below to hear a taste of what you'll receive. Over 500+ Mb of premium WAV sounds to help you with your studio sound design and work. Our sample packs are compatible with all DAWs including FL Studio, Protools, Apple Logic Pro, Steinberg Cubase, Pro, Ableton Live, and more!
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Squadpack Prayer Drums Old School Breaks Pack

The sounds of the 90's and early 00's are making a big comeback, and we're excited! Illegal raves, dank warehouses, low-quality loudspeakers ― there's a certain charm to this era.
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