PSE: The Producers Library Cinematic Risers

“Cinematic Risers” is a collection of epic one-shot rising segue and transition sounds. Perfect for adding tension, intensity, and to build up sections of your track that need to hit hard.
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Converse Sample Library Lewis Lane Pop Vocals

New York band Lewis Lane lay down a pop vocal jam recorded at Rubber Tracks studio in Brooklyn. "The minute you hear Katherine Smith’s voice, you just can’t move away. It’s one of those rare voices that sounds like singing comes as naturally to her as breathing, and that casual power is what makes Lewis’ track “Hunter” so immediately enrapturing."
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Holy x Stitchface Measure (Sample Library)

20 samples carefully created & chosen for this sample library by composers/producers holy & stitchface containing sonics for artists like Rod Wave all the way to the likes of the creative geniuses Cubeatz & Frank Dukes. All samples have the key as well as the BPM labeled, compatible with all DAWs.
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Astrid Wonderland (Omnisphere Bank)

100 Custom Omnisphere Presets(my go-to sounds) 20 Arps
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Cymatics Memories Vintage Samples

There’s a certain thing that’s special about music from the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s...And over the past few years, we’ve built a huge collection of vintage analog gear. There is a certain warmth, emotion, and nostalgia that you get when you process sounds through this equipment.
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WavSupply Cv Crusade (Drum Kit)

Custom made drum kit created by Cv of Internet Money. Contains:
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WavSupply nico baran Prophecy

100 Omnisphere presets created by nico baran of Internet Money. 4 ambiance 6 bass
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Dropgun Samples Funky Soul Wonderland

Dropgun Samples glad to present you a sample-pack, that will not leave you indifferent. Expect to find elegant music loops with rhodes, guitar licks, funky bass grooves, drum loops, oldschool synths and much more, this pack contains all essentials for writing funky, soul, pop music, and perfect addition to the arsenal of producers looking to create tracks in a Funk, Soul, House and Boom-Bap music.
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Glitchmachines Phenotype Vol.2

Phenotype Vol. 2 features 367 alien impact sound effects with a high-tech aesthetic. Sound designer Ivo Ivanov brings us a treasure trove of new impacts, stingers, whooshes and hits that can be tailored into electronic music elements such as drums, percussion, transitions and special effects or game elements such as projectile design, weapon effects, motion cues and much more.
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Sonic Academy ASM Hydrasynth 1.5 with King Unique

Roll out the red carpet as King Unique's back with us this week and this time his synth-majesty is looking at the mighty Hydrasynth from Ashun Sound Machines. Hydrasynth is a digital 8 voice polyphonic wavetable synthesiser with a brilliant user interface so it's relatively straight forward to navigate the immense amount of options and modulation possibilities available. It also features polyphonic aftertouch and a fully customisable ribbon controller so the scope for hands-on sound creation is literally infinite.
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Noah Mejia + Madd Maks Possessions

Madd Maks + Noah Mejia Stash kit Everything you need for production in inside of this kit. Drum Kit to One Shot Kit to Midi/Loop to Mixing Preset, etc. This Industry approved kit is 100% worth the investment.
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Onlyxne Badlands

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PUREMIX Rich Keller Mixing Hip Hop Vocals

When it comes to mixing Hip Hop, vocals can be some of the most fun elements to work with. Other times, they can prove difficult with a broad dynamic range, problems with the original recording, and having to fit them into a two-track instrumental when you cannot get the multitrack.
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PUREMIX Rich Keller Mixing Hip Hop 808s

808s are a staple of hip hop productions and can be exciting yet challenging to mix. They often do the kick drum and bass line's job to fill out the bottom of your mix and take up their fair share of space. When mixed properly, they can shake the block like an earthquake.
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Faybo Congo (Drum Kit)

” Congo Stash ” is a series of Sound Kits created by @1Faybo. -240+ Drum Sounds (divided in two sections: Drill and Regular)
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