WavSupply Eugene Tsai Tokyo (Loop Kit)

20 full melodies with stem, 22 hand played loops, 3 midi progressions created by Eugene Tsai of Internet Money.
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WavSupply  Spaceman Lightning Vol.2 (Loop Kit)

50 custom made loops created by Spaceman
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WavSupply nico baran Physics (Loop Kit)

83 custom made loops created by nico baran of Internet Money.
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Midilatino Reggaeton Midi Pack Vol III

Este MIDI PACK esta totalmente diseñador para cuando la inspiracion y la musa falten, pero aun tengas deseos de produccir. Estas melodias te van a poner a produccir tan rapido como una cancion a 200 BPM. En Fin, Utiliza las melodias modificalas a tu gusto y empieza a produccir HOY!.
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The Vocal Athlete, 2nd Edition

The Vocal Athlete, Second Edition and the companion book The Vocal Athlete: Application and Technique for the Hybrid Singer, Second Edition are written and designed to bridge the gap between the art of contemporary commercial music (CCM) singing and the science behind voice production in this ever-growing popular vocal style. This book is a must have for the speech pathologist, singing voice specialist, and vocal pedagogue. Heavily referenced, this text is ripe with current research on singing science as it relates to the CCM voice. In addition to general singing science, The Vocal Athlete is the first book of its kind to address the unique vocal and physiologic demands of commercial singing from a sound scientific and pedagogical standpoint. Historical review of classical vocal pedagogy is interwoven and transitioned to current pedagogy of CCM. Anyone who trains singers will gain insight into the current research and trends regarding the commercial music artist.a
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Cxdy x FrankieOnTheGuitar Super Worth It (Guitar Loop Kit)

38 (+6 Bonus Loops) custom made Guitar loops created by Cxdy x FrankieOnTheGuitar of Internet Money.
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Ask Video Studio One 5 104 Mixing and Mastering

PreSonus Studio One 5 offers everything you need to mix and master any music project. Learn the fundamentals of mixing and mastering in this 30-tutorial course by trainer and audio engineer Joshua Carney!
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Ukulele For Dummies, 3rd Edition

Strum a tune on your ukulele—no Hawaiian shirt required! Picture it now: the sun sets over the shimmering sea, and, as the beach bar falls quiet, you begin strumming Queen Liliuokalani’s “Aloha ‘Oe” to a mesmerized crowd. ... Okay, while this doesn’t happen every day for ukulele-players, you’ll still have a lot of fun learning your favorite tunes on your ukulele. Widely associated with Hawaiian music, the ukulele has exploded in popularity in recent years as kids and adults alike have started their music education with a uke or added it to their collection of instruments.
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MyMixLab Diamond Transient

3x Grammy Mixing & Mastering Legend Luca Pretolesi shares his brand new two-plugin suite Diamond Transient, by Acoustic Audio and Studio DMI. This plugin tutorial is a first look at how to use Diamond Transient to achieve a dynamic mix and master. Luca will demonstrate his personal workflow and how he approaches mixing drums and bass, and mastering using both plugins Diamond LP-3X and Diamond DYN-F. Luca's personal Diamond Transient presets from this course are available as factory presets included with the plugin.
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MyMixLab Melda Dynamic EQ

3X Grammy Enginner Luca Pretolesi shares his personal workflow and plugin settings for Multiband Dynamic EQ with Melda MDynamicEQ.
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Truefire Carl Burnett Funk House Tight Rhythm

Guitarists are often required to come up with a "tight" rhythm part. This is especially true with funk, soul and classic R&B music, but "tight" rhythm parts are also frequently called for in blues, rock, jazz, and country music as well. Carl Burnett’s Tight Rhythm edition of Funk House will funkify your rhythm parts whatever style you prefer playing.
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Truefire Andy Wood ShapeShifter Creative Applications

In the first edition of Shape Shifter, Andy Wood showed you how to take the fundamental harmonic and rhythmic knowledge that you already know and stylize it to fit into virtually any style.
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Truefire Corey Congilio Solo Factory Jam Craft

Whether you’re composing a solo or improvising one, you’re connecting a series of musical ideas to express yourself. Developing a vocabulary of licks is the first step. The next step is learning how to craft variations of the licks using note displacement or altering the rhythmic feel.
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Steven Shaeffer Ember Vol.2

230 "One Shot" WAV files custom made, to streamline your workflow, use less of your computers processing power, match your creativity, and fasten your workload by having access to handpicked sounds made with expensive analog equipment such as...
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UNKWN is pleased to release his fourth official sample library volume - Opal. This pack contains 14 original compositions ranging from soul, orchestral, lofi, and a variety of other genres.
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