Friends! Meet the new and absolutely amazing product that was created in the most accurate way, as well as recorded and processed with the best equipment. This time we have prepared for you even more unexpected surprises and amazing samples filled with the warmth of analog equipment to achieve your plans even faster.
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Loophole Arturia Analog Labs 4

“LOOPHOLE represents the first major Analog Lab 4 preset bank crafted specifically for sample makers and producers. It features 100 presets designed to create both moody and eerie soundscapes to take your production to the next level.”
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Will Plowman Model 15 Pt II

Model 15 Pt II is made up of sounds entirely made on the 'Synthesizer Model 15' an all analogue recreation of the classic Moog Model 15. This fully modular synth creates a multitude of diverse, unique tones and textures. This pack features a multitude of classic, progressive and mesmerising analogue synth arps. It features unique beats made entirely on the modular synth using an analogue step sequencer, capturing tones you would expect from classic analogue drum machines of the past. As well as these captivating offerings the pack also contains over 50 FX sounds from classic sci-fi and rhythmical loops to hypnotic recreations of wind and waves.
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Prod. By L.Dre Drum Kit Vol.2

I've grown so much as a producer since I dropped L.Dre Drum Kit Vol.1 over a year ago. I have been able to develop my own style mostly centered around Lofi Hip Hop, Boom Bap, & R&B.
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Soul Surplus In The Cut

In The Cut is a sample pack inspired by the ever-growing and present chill-hop culture that seems to have ignited a newfound love in this new quarantine work from home setting. All that is synonymous with this popular subgenre can be found in this pack with jazzy melodies and riffs played by warm electric pianos, floating strings, muted vibing bass, and soulful vocal accents coming out to around almost 200 sounds for your choosing. Whether you need a song-starter to create around or specific loops to resample and chop up, this pack is perfect for the producer wanting to make easy listening head-nodding music.
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Ramzoid Drum Kit Vol.1

15 kicks30 snares [claps + rims included] 10 808s 12 hats
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Splice Sounds KARRA Presents Two Fang Vocal Pack

As described in our Terms of Use, you may not use Two Fang or KARRA's name, image or likeness without Two Fang or KARRA's express written permission. KARRA proudly presents a vocal pack with Two Fang. Drawn in by her ethereal, smokey vocals and impressed by her adaptability, KARRA knew Two Fang was the ideal collaborator for this pack. Leaning into Two Fang's mysterious and haunting style of vocals, the two laid down otherwordly vocals featuring minor scales, moody tones, and breathy projection. But it wouldn't be a KARRA Presents pack without a few unexpected moments in there as well. Demonstrating Two Fang's range and control, you'll also stumble on some powerful belts.
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RARE Percussion Texture Weapons Vol.4

Looking for a dirty abstrct shaker? Need some weird Dilla esque metalic sounds for your track? Look no further than RARE percussions newest release Texture WEapons because are exactly that. Hidden gems of raw instruments to make your beat vibe or bouncy in a different way than the rest.
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Producer Loops Essence of Analogue Vol.1

'Essence of Analogue Vol 1: House' is the first volume in this new and expansive series by Producer Loops. This series was recorded and processed exclusively using analogue synths, drum machines and outboard. The first installment, focused on House music, is just oozing with sensual, sassy, and smooth grooves. A well-crafted combination of saturated drum machines, vintage synths and processed rich bass work, this epic collection of House loops and one-shots guarantees to give your track that analogue quality it deserves.
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Magix Soundpool Trap Future Bass Anthem

Future Bass Anthem by MAGIX is a fabulous feat of modern production techniques and masterful crafting. This magnificent soundpool has all the soaring chords and synths, catchy chip sounds, epic risers, downsweeps and side-chained basslines producers need to create tracks that are 100% future bass.
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Udemy Complete Adobe Premiere Pro CC Course - Beginner to Advanced

Have you always wanted to learn Adobe Premiere Pro CC but you just don't know where to start? Or maybe you have started but you just don't know how
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Truefire Corey Congilio Acoustic Crossover Soloing

Whether you’re an electric guitar player that also performs on acoustic from time to time, or you’re exclusively an acoustic player …. your approach and technique for soloing on the acoustic is really quite different than soloing on electric.
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New Beard Media Raw Guitar Riffs Vol.1

A collection of raw and rhythmic guitar riffs ranging from 65 to 128 BPM. This pack features a variety of acoustic and electric guitar riffs with a Blues, Jazz and Pop vibe; perfect for adding a little organic texture to your tracks.
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NEO-ABSTRACT by Beat Hack Lords gives you rare synthesize chord progressions, for a future sound composition. Optimized by Subpac wearable technology.
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Magix Soundpool Metal Heavens Call

Distorted, energetic guitar riffs and fast bass licks meet hard drums. Besides the memorable guitar solos, it’s the melodic vocals that stay with you for hours.This Soundpool shows once again just how versatile Metal is!
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