Industry Kits Live Guitar Loops By CLOAK

Live Guitars Are HOT Rite NOW & That's An Amazing Thing As It Brings LOTS Of Feel & Flavor To Your Beats / Production. And We're Happy To Introduce To You All Our BEST Live Guitar Melody Pack To Date From Our Good Friend & Amazing Producer CLOAK.
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Innovative Samples Melodic Melody Piano

'Melodic Melody Piano' is here bringing you over 444 amazing Piano sounds that will inspire you to build upon your creativity. These sounds give you a wide range of Gospel, R&B, Hip Hop, Soul, and much more.
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Zenhiser Halftime

Pounding it’s way into the limelight, Halftime’s immense sound is setting the world’s dance floors alight with a pulverising sound until recently never heard before. Grabbing it’s roots from Hip Hop, Drum & Bass, Trap and any fluid beat genres this spectacular sample pack delves deep into the current sound with ideal unrecognisable sounds to add your individual stamp to your latest project. This eclectic sound will redefine the Trap journey and Zenhiser has you in the front seat.
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Zenhiser Trap Attack

If you’re looking to boost your Trap library, then you’ve found the right pack. Trap Attack! crams a feature ridden selection of immense Trap samples that will make your tracks unstoppable. Featuring everything but the kitchen sink including outrageous vocals, catchy melodies, processed brass stabs, intense bass one shots and basslines with a serious punch.
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Zenhiser Trap Attack 2

Following the uncharted success of Trap Attack!, another masterpiece of boundary breaking beats, melodies and drops had to be constructed. Inspired by the vocal wizardry of forward thinking Trap chart toppers this sample library delves deep into the resonant underground sound of today spanning a tempo range from 85 through to 170bpm.
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Fabian Mazur Vital Future Bass

What gives Fabian Mazur an edge above other producers may have to do with his unusual background. His parents are both trained jazz musicians, his father a staple of the Danish jazz scene and his mother a percussionist having backed the likes of Miles Davis and Wayne Shorter. The Copenhagen-based producer has heard his stellar productions, a seamless blend of EDM, future bass, and pop, top the Spotify charts with co-signs from the likes of Martin Garrix, Tiesto and Afrojack. He brings his multi-talents to the sample pack world with the launch of Elixir, a new label providing samples and presets to give your productions his unique bounce. "Elixir is all about providing the magic you need in your production. Founded in 2017 by Fabian Mazur, Elixir focuses on crafting unique sounding samples & presets within the different realms of electronic music!” - Fabian Mazur
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Fabian Mazur Bouncy Trap Drums

Since 2010, Copenhagen-based producer Fabian Mazur has released many tracks and remixes, expanding from the Danish club scene to an international audience. Gaining support from artists such as Martin Garrix, Tiesto, and Afrojack, his sound is electronic and bouncy with a clear inspiration from hip-hop and R&B. Regarding his new Splice pack, Fabian said, "I tried to craft and record some unique drum samples for this one so it wouldn't sound like every other resampled trap drum kit out there. Bouncy Trap Drums is super niche, focusing on trap drums with a bounce to them."
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Nu.Wav Alternet Hyperpop

The sounds of Alternet were incubated during a time when our creative lives take place almost entirely online, arising directly from and speaking to this new digitally-mediated social reality. Drawing inspiration from experimental electronic genres like avant-/hyper-pop and future bass, this pack utilizes extreme production techniques to construct sounds that are at times aggressive and chaotic and at other times euphoric and cathartic. Inside, you will discover scintillating textures and effects, myriad synth loops, mangled and glitched out vocals and instrumentation, forceful, gripping drum grooves, and heavily-altered audio that eludes easy identification, all ready to be made your own.
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Capsun ProAudio Purple Lights The Faded Trap Kit

Purple Lights: The Faded Trap Kit welcomes you to the smokey ambience of zoned out trap soul, blending hazy atmospheric vocals and deep melodic vibes. Julez Jadon & SVRN once again team with Capsun ProAudio, delivering their special strain of high grade drum design, intense 808s and other-worldly textures.
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Gio Israel Middle East Essentials Rare Strings

The Middle East Essentials series by Gio Israel set the goal of capturing the most diverse, high-quality, and unique musical material. Making ancient music, sounds and instruments accessible through state of the art sound sampling.
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VOX LUX Vocal Sample Pack

LUX Vocal Sample Pack is an exciting collection of expertly crafted vocal hooks and phrases spanning 9 BPMs, with high energy adlibs, electrifying vocal synths and youthful one shots. Launching this extensive selection of uniquely textured vocals, Nashville-based artist LUX has become coveted for her catchy melodies, emotional vocals and lyrical depth. With epic releases on Universal, Armada, Revealed, Protocol, and Proximity, LUX is an unstoppable top-line presence in the EDM community.
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Truefire Damon Fowler Blues Jam Survivor

Everything You Need to Know to Survive a Blues Jam The best way for a guitarist to improve their soloing and rhythm chops is to play with as many other musicians as possible. Fortunately, for blues players, that’s easy enough to do simply by jumping on stage at the local blues jam or getting together with your buds to jam on some tunes.
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j.robb/mr surf drumkit 2

hi guys im back with a bigger sample pack than last time so go ahead and scoop it 8 bases/808s 12 kicks
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Truefire Sean McGowan Organic Jazz Improv

Interactive Video Masterclass for Jazz Guitar Improvisation A common complaint among both beginning and intermediate jazz guitarists is that their solos have the tendency to sound more like scale and arpeggio exercises, and less like the compelling musical ideas in the tradition of the great jazz masters.
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iZotope Neoverb

From the minds behind Ozone and Nectar, and powered by legendary Exponential Audio technology, iZotope Neoverb is the smartest reverb plug-in for music producers. Efficiently design unique rooms, reflections, and spaces for vocals and instruments without muddying the mix,. Get to an inspiring starting point quickly with a new Reverb Assistant that guides you through settings with a simple four-click process.
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