Zenhiser Connect

Inspired by the more melodic side of Progressive House, "Connect - Progressive House" puts together a contemporary, aromatic blend of eclectic samples, loops, stems and midi that goes beyond the current boundaries. Packed with 6.7GB of mature melodies, deep rhythms, driving drums and forward thinking stems makes this scorching collection a versatile arsenal of sonic beauty.
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Zenhiser Dreamworld

Rummage through "Dreamworld" to find a hidden cavern of meticulous downtempo sounds including lush soundscapes, dusty basslines, heart warming melodies and sedative beats. Using exemplary alternative foley techniques you'll find textures made from wine bottle sounds, sparkling water hi hats and even the ocean transformed into blissful percussion loops. This unique processing approach offers a wide range of samples never heard before.
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Zenhiser German Deep House

Bridging the fine line of Deep House, this devastatingly good sample collection grabs all the analogue splendour derived from retro gear including Roland Jupiter 4, Juno 60, Korg Polysix & Macbeth synths. Impressive basslines combined with synth clarity propel this future German classic to essential status for Deep House aficionados.
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Zenhiser Recoil

Motivated by the darker, deeper side of Drum & Bass, this extensive and dynamic DnB sample pack explores the further reaches of Underground Drum & Bass with rolling drum beats, dirty basslines, glitchy FX and mature synths. Combining an intense array of high end sample design this collection will motivate, drive and propel your future tracks with ease.
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Zenhiser Sacred Stems

An absolutely stunning collection of truly authentic, worldly stems from around the globe. 'Sacred Stems' features a wealth of traditional sounds from Africa, Asia, the Balkan and South East Asia. Combing these authentic ethnic instruments with today's current sound has created a bespoke high end pack of unimaginable proportions.
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Zenhiser Techno Addiction

If your tracks are crying out for something more driven, heavier and punishing then Techno Addiction is the sample pack for you. Created by one of Techno's leading underground producers this stunning collection of infectious loops, stems, midi and one shots will elevate your studio to savage proportions. It's time to gain Techno mastery with a powerhouse of production potential, you are going to blow the scene apart with these formidable studio tools.
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Zenhiser Technology

Technology explores the deep melodic side of Techno in absolute beauty. Packed to the brim with hypnotic rhythms, inspirational melodies, deep basslines, enigmatic pads and cutting edge sounds this Techno sample library is an immaculately produced collection of new sounds, loops and motivation for your future Techno masterpieces.
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Splice Sounds Venice Way Studios Presents STINT Sample Pack

STINT, the alias of Ajay Bhattacharyya, is a Canadian songwriter, producer, and former member of electronic-indie duo Data Romance. His polished production chops and contemporary sound have led him to collaborations with artists spanning Carly Rae Jepsen, Demi Lovato, and Gallant. His sample pack brings gorgeous tonal loops, infectious grooves, and more that are sure to serve as top-notch song starters.
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Splice Sounds Chromeo Analog Catalog Vol.1

Chromeo, the legendary funk-via-electronica act comprising of Dave 1 and P-Thugg, now mark their welcomed entry to the Splice Sounds library. They bring a bevy of their signature sounds, from their classic talkbox toplines to their wavy synth patterns and more. They're the little bit of sauce you need for the dancefloor, so get downloading.
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Sonic Academy Kick 2 Drum Design with Mat Zo

Sonic Academy is super excited to welcome the one and only Mat Zo this week as he shows us his process when designing drums solely using our very own Kick 2 plugin! With a Grammy award nomination under his belt along with Beatport number one slots and substantial critical acclaim for his releases on Anjunabeats and Hospital Records, Mat is no stranger to the spotlight.
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QuikQuak Fusion Field

Fusion Field is a smooth reverb designed to sit well in a mix - its clean, unobtrusive, sound has a natural falloff that floats behind, and complements, the source material. Fusion Field is very easy to use, and the main display shows the effects of the dampening and EQ in a plain natural way. The reverberation can be dampened in the upper and lower frequencies, allowing soft sibilance and a graceful, lifting air to the sound.
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DrumDrops Neo Soul

Neo Soul is a collection of 42 loops across 22 tempos of super-contemporary drum grooves taking influence from the founders of Neo Soul, such as Dangelo, Questlove and Maxwell right up to Chris Dave, Anderson Paak, Nate Smith and Tom Misch.
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DrumDrops Funky Conga Drops

Funky Conga Drops is a collection of over 50 loops pristinely recorded by some of the finest conga players in the world, produced by the legendary Mike Pelanconi (aka Prince Fatty).
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Sounds Like You The Essential Bundle

2,785+ Samples & Presets OVER 4.4GB WORTH OF SOUNDS
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Toontrack Classic Rock EBX

Classic Rock EBX is an extension to EZbass that features carefully recorded 1960s bass. This bass, selected for its optimal quality, embodies all the wants and needs that you would look for in a rock instrument's workhorse: low frequencies, high harmonics and that bright and distinct sustain that permeates any mix. Simply put, it's the bass that oozes rock when you hit one note.
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