Bellatrix Audio Metamorphose

Metamorphose brings mysterious and unusual pad sounds to your studio that will enchant you with their unique sound. They will really seem alive to you. They move, they flow, they turn into something more than you can imagine. Use these presets and enjoy the high-quality and atmospheric sound of every note, every chord you play.
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IQ Samples Millenium Of Gods King Of The Desert

'Millenium Of Gods: King Of The Desert' by IQ Samples is a new chapter of the 'Millennium of Gods'. You will find Ethnic electronic music connecting times, lands, peoples and generations. Udo, sitars, violins are mixed into an Ethnic synthetic sound. More than 700 musical elements in 4 key tempos including 90, 100, 110, and 120 BPM ready to be used in your music production.
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A.G Wavy Sample Pack Vol.5 (Compositions and Stems)

Music Producer, A.G., returns with the vibes that you all know and love. The A.G. Wavy Sample Pack Vol. 5 comes full of 10 compositions (5 Bonus Samples with the Stems version) that are easy for manipulation or for simple drag and drop into your projects.
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Cryptic Cryptology (Drum Kit)

inspired by the sound of travis scott, wondagurl & eestbound. ~ this kit contains: - 9 808s | 2 bass
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Beat Butcha Dangerous Fireworks Vol.4 Drum Kit

Beat Butcha returns with another explosive Drum Kit. 'Dangerous Fireworks Vol. 4' is a Drum Broker EXCLUSIVE. Beat Butcha's 'Steroid' & 'Pure Protein' series are some of the best selling drum kits in the Universe and this sample pack won't disappoint! Dangerous Fireworks Vol. 4 features a wide selection of custom sounds, good for use in all types of beats. Designed and recorded by Butcha, from a combination of sounds out of his best works, with new sounds built especially for you to add some serious BANG to your production. This pack is fiery hot and explosive, packing plenty of variety to inspire creativity in it's finest form and add an alluring show of pyromania to your rhythms.
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Cryptic Artifical Intelligence (Drum Kit)

inspired by the dark sound of travis scott, night lovell & wondagurl. contains:
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Rubicon Fractured Percussion And Club Mutations

The snaking rhythms and slippery sound design of Korean-American producer Amazondotcom (real name Stella Ahn) carve out a new and imaginative space in experimental bass music. Abstracted hand drums and metallic synthesis coalesce in a shapeshifting landscape, equal parts tropical and industrial. Polyrhythmic producers and rave enthusiasts will find Fractured Percussion & Club Mutations brimming with deconstructed bangers waiting to be realized.
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Rubicon Underwater Zones

Offering an aquatic sound palette for use across genres, Underwater Zones is a versatile collection of drippy atmospheres, bubbling arps, cavernous subs, and analog drum synthesis. The pack is comprised of audio and presets designed by experimental electronic producer Tristan Arp, using a Moog Sub37, NordDrum percussion synthesizer, Serum and Sylenth.
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Capsun ProAudio Soulful Piano And Keys Resampled

Soulful Piano & Keys: Resampled explores and reimagines the sounds and performances of our trilogy collection Soulful Piano & Keys Volumes 1-3. The original samples were flipped and resampled, effected, pitched and chopped with a selection of boutique fx, saturation and digital emulations creating a wide range of tones, textures and nostalgic sonic character. We also used the MIDI to re-design the performances with new layers to create all new songstarters.
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Four4 Driving Techno

Put your key in the ignition and get ready for take-off: Driving Techno is a one-of-a-kind sub-genre of dance music that caters towards electronic producers from all four-on-the-floor backgrounds. Characterized by relentless percussion, syncopated toms, and choppy synths, Driving Techno is an essential toolkit for the modern house/techno producer.
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Rubicon Artificial Soul

Enigmatic producer Keyon Christ, known for his collaborations with artists such as Kanye West and Rihanna, presents Artificial Soul an exploration of synthesis and abstract sonic textures seeking to find the soul in technology.
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Sonic Collective Bouzouki

The bouzouki is a greek string instrument related to the lute and reminiscent of a mandolin, but lower in pitch. Roy Kariok grew up in the Middle East, playing since he was a young boy and offers us a range of approaches to this string instrument, lesser known in the West and Far East.
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Origin Sound Goin Hard

Origin Sound is Goin’ Hard for this Trap & Hip Hop library, with earth shattering 808s, driven beats and musical elements with attitude. This pack provides its solid foundations with reliable drum hits and loops that cut through the mix, however where it comes into its own is when you get to the extensive selection of musical elements.. From moody chords, haunting melodics, warped vocal layers, and an enormous range of song starters.
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Splice Sounds Effin Sample Platter Vol.1

Rising bass music artist Effin combines explosive sound design with hard-hitting drums to deliver cutting edge production. After moving to LA and refining his technical skills at the renowned Icon Collective, Effin has continued to churn out high quality bass music that continues to turn heads. With no signs of slowing down, Effin proves with each release that he is a must-watch artist.
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CreativeLIVE Modern Film Composing Will and Brooke Blair

How Movie Scores Are Made. A film’s score is so much more than background music. It creates a mood, shapes the story, and influences the way viewers interpret the action. In Modern Film Composing, Will and Brooke Blair ("The Blair Brothers") will examine the art and illuminate the science of scoring moving media.
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