Loner Melange Sample Library

20 Original multi-genre samples by Loner Composed and mixed using analog and digital gear, vintage synthesizers and instruments, pedals, delays, filters etc
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Vandalism Ultra Trap Vocals 2

'Ultra Trap Vocals 2' is an insane Trap vocal samples collection, packed to the brim with dirty, powerful and vulgar trap vocal samples. If you wanna be the biggest, baddest beatmaker in the business, you gotta get some serious vocals to assert your authority!
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Vandalism Ultra Pop Vocals

'Ultra Pop Vocals' brings you lovely acapellas and MIDI Loops. This pure Pop collection is also suitable for any genre. It ads you an authentic, human feel to your tracks. Don't hesitate and make your music more memorable!
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Vandalism Ultra Future Bass Vocals 5

'Ultra Future Bass Vocasl 5' is a collection of royalty-free vocals that features 4 beautiful songs performed by a talented male singer. Each song includes fully mixed vocals that are 100% ready to be used instantly in your tracks.
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Vandalism Ultra EDM Uplifters

'Ultra EDM Uplifters' brings effects from the simple classic upllifting whitenoise, siren oriented uplifters and sweeps, huge build-ups to enormous risers. Spark interest and just keep things different by using these elements into your productions.
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Vandalism Ultra Pop Saxophones

'Ultra Pop Saxophones' captures the expressive magic of the radio, catchy saxophone sound so that you can add it to your own musical productions. This pack provides you with a collection of inspiring melodic phrases, allowing you to create authentic lead and melody lines with a real sense of performance!
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Vandalism Ultra Deep House Vocals 5

'Ultra Deep House Vocals 5' is the ultimate collection for producers who are searching for their next House placement. This is pure deep house sound that will help you get there. You're getting another top quality, expertly crafted male top lines that will conquer the streets and the radiowaves. Instant groove guaranteed!
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Vandalism Shocking Effects

'Shocking Effects For Serum" is an amazing collection of 64 fully tweakable FX sounds for Serum. You will find everything: various Risers, Uplifters, Downlifters, Impacts - it's all there, useful for any genre.
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Vandalism Shocking EDM

'Shocking EDM For Serum' has been crafted to not only be versatile, but grasp the fundamentals of Electronic Dance Music. It delivers amazing presets suitable for Big Room, Progressive, Electro, PSY Trance, Future Pop & House. You are supposed to get that kind of painstakingly designed soundbank, to get your production standing out with easy!
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Vandalism Shocking Bass House #4

'Shocking Bass House For Serum 4' is the freshest bass house soundset ever. It brings you up-to-date presets for evolving Bass House genre. This is a collection of awesome patches that with pump fire into your DAW and turn your tracks into big bassy monsters!
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Vandalism Shocking Progressive House

'Shocking Progressive House For Serum' is an amazing collection of presets, tables, MIDI & noises. This insane soundset provides you the best and the freshest sounds inspired by the most popular Progressive House producers.
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Vandalism Shocking Pop

'Shocking Pop For Serum' is extensive collection of authentic sounds that are instantly ready for use in your next EDM-flavored Pop tracks. This soundset contains meticulously crafted, high-grade presets for Pop, Future Pop, Future Bass & Reggaeton.
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Vandalism Shocking Electro House 2

'Shocking Electro House For Serum 2' gives you the highest quality EDM presets ever made. This ultra fresh soundset brings you top notch sound design from Serum. These sounds are made with use of comprehensive techniques that are pushing the limits.
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Vandalism Ultra Future Bass Vocals 3

'Ultra Future Bass Vocals 3' delivers catchy & wonderful male vocal phrases that will for sure take your production to the top of the chart. Inside this amazing pack, you'll find original vocals that are inspired by Marshmello & Slushii. All vocals are in DRY and WET mode and are provided with corresponding MIDI files. All content is 100% royalty-free!
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Soul Surplus Murky Waters

Art imitates life. And in the more dark moments in life, bright sounds and sunny days do not accurately imitate what we are feeling. This is where “Murky Waters” enters in. Created by collaborator, and artist/producer Swoope, “Murky Waters” is for producers looking for dark and moody piano driven trap loops. Clocking in 15 Melodic Loops, and over 60 one-shots, this sample contains a surplus of rainy-day vibes to drive your productions. In addition to pianos and dark synths, Swoope also recorded one-of-a-kind vocal samples to bring a finishing touch to your productions. Look no where else than “Murky Waters” for inspiration on that muggy day.
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