Audio Imperia Areia

Areia is a cinematic ensemble strings software instrument made for Kontakt Player, that combines the most sought after features into one single product: detailed realism with expressive emotion and range, and a lush Hollywood sound - all the way from delicate and soft to aggressive and epic.
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Toolroom Essential Techno Vol.2

Focusing on the key elements to achieve an authentic Techno sound, Toolroom’s wealth of established artists contribute a stunning follow up to the original Essential Techno collection.
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Komorebi Audio Night Glow Trap Melodies

Komorebi Audio presents – Night Glow Trap Melodies, An outstanding collection of songstarter loops ready to drag, chop and flip for your trap productions. Created by east coast producer Fresh Kid Blaze, this sample pack takes influence from current trap production styles while Fresh Kid Blazes signature video game inspired and drowsy detuned sounds can be clearly heard throughout.
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Splice Sounds A Rough Guide to St. Lucia Vol.1

The project of singer-songwriter Jean-Philip Grobler, Brooklyn's St. Lucia makes shimmery, '80s-influenced, synth-driven pop. With 2013's When the Night, Grobler channeled the inspirations of his youth with more contemporary influences that included tropical pop. St. Lucia's music only grew more uplifting and anthemic with releases such as 2018's Hyperion, which incorporated elements as far-flung as gospel choirs and '90s pop.
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TheWavMan Vocal Preset Chains Bundle

Contains: · 6IX9INE Vocal Preset Chain (FLP) · Bad Bunny Vocal Preset Chain (FLP)
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Audio Imperia Legacy

Legacy is a collection of the best of our first year products consolidated into one incredibly versatile sound design and sound effects product: Scenes from the Multiverse, Event Horizon, Dark Dimensions and Terraform. Scenes from the Multiverse is an impressive collection of sounds, everything you need for creating a hybrid track. Dark Dimensions has a darker tone, intended for very menacing scores. Event Horizon is focused on sci-fi and futuristic sounds. Terraform is a very comprehensive collection of pulses and rhythmic patterns that will fit perfectly with our orchestral pallet. Whether you are a composer, a songwriter, or a filmmaker, these sounds will set you up with a vast range of incredible cinematic sounds.
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Whole Loops LO-FI Sauce

Add LOFI vintage tones to any sound with LOFI Sauce, the Ableton Audio Effect Rack of 100% Stock plugins. Add warmth, filters, tape, and vinyl character instantly with our default preset, or adjust the 8 simple macro knobs for control over the powerful LOFI processing chain of Stock Audio Effects. Ableton LOFI Sauce is compatible with all Ableton 10 and Ableton 9 versions.
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ALECTO Akoya (Sample Pack)

15 (20 if pre-ordered) Loops/Melodies/Samples made by ALECTO of SaucierSquad ~~~~BEAT CONTEST~~~~~
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Alex Kure One Shot Kit

Contains: - 12 Basses - 18 Bells
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Splice Explores Spatial Audio

There’s no doubt that virtual reality could be the future of music. We’re seeing that now more than ever. But did you know that sound itself has its own virtual worlds to explore? The Splice Explores team collaborated with composer, producer, and sound designer, Jonathan Rowden to go where few sample packs have gone before: into the pioneering, bleeding edge of spatial audio.
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Splice Originals Sensory Serum Drums with Ian Chang

Recorded during quarantine in his Dallas, TX studio, Ian Chang combined the potential of Sunhouse Sensory Percussion with the power of Serum to create a pack of presets, midi, and audio loops of purely drums and percussion.
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Singing Exercises For Dummies

Build your voice up—and bring the house down! Some people are born with naturally beautiful voices, but even the best can get better by applying training that can make a performance truly soar. Singing Exercises For Dummies shows you how to do just that. Following the drills and exercises found both in the book and online examples, you’ll be able to refine your technique; develop consistency, power, and endurance; and increase your vocal range so you can achieve a voice that stands out from (and always wows) the crowd!
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Soundbox Dark House Grooves

'Dark House Grooves' by Soundbox is a focused collection of outstanding loops, special FX and incredible single hits for House styles with that darker edge. Whether you want to drag & drop and just "work it", or you want to warp and craft your sounds into submission, all the building blocks await you here ready to burst out of your DAW and onto the dancefloor. From deeper, Minimal Tech to dirty Jackin-style, 'Dark House Grooves' has all the weapons you need to create that perfect production.
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Splice Originals Modular Landscapes with Sigha

British-born producer and DJ, James Shaw (aka Sigha) is passionate about synthesis and sound design, creating industrial-feeling sounds that could fill any space from an intimate room to a massive amphitheater. Leaning on heavily synthesized samples and granulated beats, this pack is designed to make space for your voice and individual style to shine through. Transport your listeners to another universe.
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Splice Originals Cinematic Percussion

We partnered with leading percussionist, composer, electronicist, and educator, Dennis K. Sullivan II to create otherworldly sounds squeezed out of a very traditional medium. The result is deep, dramatic, cinematic percussion for your next score, atmosphere, or ambient production. It's modern classical music created with a timpani, marimba, xylophone, tam-tams, gongs, tubular bells, and more.
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