The third and final (for now) edition of my personal stash kits. I'm super super proud of this one and it's literally all i've been using for months.
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ProdByJack Ammo Hi Hat Midis Vol.2

This pack contains 100 hi hat midi patterns inspired by producers such as Southside, Murda Beatz, DY Krazy, Tm88, Wheezy and more. Just drag and drop each pattern onto a hi hat for instant bounce. Not happy with how one of the loops sound? you can easily change, delete or add notes as you please, thats the beauty of midi. Compatible with any DAW on any platform, Mac or Windows.
Read More... 8-08-2020, 22:31
Splice Sounds Sound Bae A Collection by Brey

Brey is a hip hop producer who devotes himself to creating unique timbres and powerful beats. His sample pack delivers a delicate balance between contemplative and unapologetic sounds - explore his distinctive sonic identity.
Read More... 8-08-2020, 22:11
Splice Sounds PUSHER Shiny Beats

Shiny, plucky, full of life and colorful, PUSHER's one-of-a-kind electronica-via-trap and R&B stylings have seen millions of streams with plenty more to come. Now his toy box of sounds are yours to deconstruct.
Read More... 8-08-2020, 22:11
Splice Sounds JayKode Classical Bass Sample Pack

Bass producer JayKode has built his rep on heavy originals on Buygore and remixes of Galantis and The Chainsmokers. His latest free sample pack is filled with original sounds straight from JayKode's personal sample library! Expect to find a selection of hard-hitting Trap drums and 808s along with synth hits and classical sounds like piano, organ, and percussion to give your next track that unique twist.
Read More... 8-08-2020, 22:05
Udemy The Complete EDM Production Course Produce, Mix and Master

Welcome to the ultimate EDM production course. With over 10 hours of online training, articles, tips and practical steps you can follow, this is the most comprehensive EDM production course available on Udemy and possibly anywhere online.
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Splice Sounds Total Science Computer Integrated Analog Sample Pack

Established in 1997, drum and bass legends, Total Science (Jason Greenhalgh and Paul Smith) created their imprint, Computer Integrated Audio (C.I.A), to both showcase their ever-increasing catalog of music and to provide a platform for like-minded artists. Through a purely undiluted approach and attitude, the label has become synonymous with the highest standard of drum and bass with a formidable back-catalog across CIA, CIA Ltd., and Deepkut. Now they're sharing their favorite drum and bass sounds for your productions.
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Splice Sounds Mija Sample Pack Vol.1 Garbage

Catapulting from the promoter who booked young Skrillex to DJ stardom after sharing the stage with him at Bonnaroo, Amber Giles (Mija) established herself as an EDM icon. At the age of twenty-seven the artist has lived many musical lives: she’s played the world’s biggest festivals, released on labels like OWSLA and Fools Good, and spent the last year unleashing songwriting and vocal talents in a new alt-pop sound. Her first solo Splice pack offers tons of textural and tonal elements—experimental sounds that define her DJing, producing, and emerging style. Featuring atmospheric and spooky synth loops, gentle drones, open pads, riffs, rhodes chords, own-able one shots, drums, and bass, from ambient to instrumental moments, Mija's sounds set many moods.
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Splice Sounds Sandunes Sample Pack

Sandunes (Sanaya Ardeshir) is a keys player, composer, and beatsmith. Hailing from Mumbai, her work has a global footprint having supported acts such as Bonobo, George Fitzgerald, and Pretty Lights—to name just a few. She's also partnered with Red Bull TV for their global Searching For Sound series, cataloging the rich sonic tapestry of Bombay. She's known for her diverse blend of electronica, which combines eclectic sensibilities with progressive electronic elements. Her upbringing as a pianist and keyboard player allows her to create emotive beds of sound. Her music has been described as a fusion of globally inspired ingredients. That's exactly what you'll find in Sandune's Splice sample pack: an eclectic mix of chimes, harps, found sounds, field recordings, and so much more.
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Producertech Mainroom Techno Production in Live

There's nothing like the energy of a massive crowd, dancing in sync to the hypnotic beats of main-room techno. Now you can jumpstart your techno-production journey with this course from awesome producer Paul Maddox. With numerous label releases and support from huge DJs including techno legend Richie Hawtin, you can trust Paul's wealth of experience as he takes you through the process of creating a huge, main-room track.
Read More... 8-08-2020, 20:03
Splice Sounds Torna Oh, Weird Sample Pack

Ronnie DiSimone (aka Torna) is a New York City-based songwriter, producer, musician, and engineer. He's produced for Johan Lenox, Sam Setton, Kamilah, Tiger Darrow, Ritual Talk, among others. He's engineered for Jukebox the Ghost, Del Water Gap, and NYU Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music. As a performer, he's played with Jon Anderson of Yes, Denny Walley & Napoleon Murphy Brock from Frank Zappa/The Mothers of Invention, Matt Gumley, and more. In this pack, he shares ambient guitar, drum kit one-shots and loops, piano sounds, and a ton of echo tape sounds from chimes to kalimba, and a mix of odd found percussion samples.
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Image Sounds Artist Series Hakan Turkozu Electric Piano 01

Electric Piano 1 - Warm And Groovy Rhodes Loops. Pack your suitcase with Electric Piano 1 and start your journey in style!
 Though it’s best known for being the ultimate companion for groove and soul, this electric piano classic has fans in every genre. Take a walk through the warm and dreamy landscapes of Electric Piano 1 and build the perfect track along the way.
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Image Sounds Artist Series Daniel Gaiser Muted Trumpet 01

Muted Trumpet 1 - Edgy Easiness. From Miles Davis to Parov Stelar, the unique tone of the muted trumpet has inspired numerous productions and artists across the globe. Whether your style is more 1920’s or 2030, Muted Trumpet 1 adds just the right amount of jazz and edge to complete your lounge, soul, hip hop or electro-swing production. It is one of the most easily recognizable and featured instruments in any kind of production.
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Image Sounds Artist Series Erika Emerson Soulful Pop Vocals 01

Soulful Pop Vocals 1 - Mellow But Edgy Groove Based Vibe. The human voice is one of the most versatile instruments to date, offering a vibrant range of textures suitable for any kind of genre. Whether you’re looking for a mellow, edgy or groove-based vibe, Soulful Pop Vocals 1 feature a variety of catchy tunes and melodic phrases, serving as the perfect addiction for all your production purposes.
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Image Sounds Artist Series Johannes Uhlmann Funky Guitar 01

It’s fresh, it’s funky and it never gets old. Funky guitars sounds are part of so many modern chart tunes, it’s there to stay forever. From pop to hip hop, from drum&bass to disco funk - you need the great and wonderful funky sound of the 60s and 70s.
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