Internetboy Anti-Cheeks Drum Kit

my anti-cheeks kit not only guarantees that your beats won’t be cheeks anymore but you’ll be making so much music that you won’t even need cheeks! it’s a win win!
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Studio Trap Dethroned Loop And Drum Kit

'Dethroned' by Studio Trap features 20 high-quality melody loops perfect for creating melodic type beats in the style of today's modern Hip Hop & Trap. All melody loops were created with a unique sound design with layered instruments and effects to achieve the ultimate producer experience.
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Kong Audio Chinee Series ChineeKong V3 and YangQin

ChineeKong V3: Enter the Rhythm of China ChineeKong V3 is a sample-based Chinese percussion VSTi that comes with over 850 mb of professionally recorded sample content and brings you the most authentic percussion sound originated from various parts of China. A sound that most of the Western world haven't heard of before, until now.
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TunePat Spotify Music Converter

It is well-known that the ability to download Spotify songs for offline play is proprietary for Premium users, Spotify Free users are limited to stream Spotify music online only. But now things changed thanks to the coming out of TunePat Spotify Converter.
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TunePat Amazon Music Converter

Though Amazon Music Unlimited, with its large music library and lower cost, is an ideal platform to listen to music, the downside of it is that its songs can only be accessed and played within the Amazon Music app.
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Kong Audio SanXian The Bajo of the East

SanXian (literally means "3 strings") can be traced back to Qin dynasty, 3rd century B.C. It is mostly known to the West through its Japanese decedent, samisen. SanXian's sound character is a bit similar to Banjo.
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Kong Audio Chinee ChineeGuQin

The Vivacious Vessel of Harmony GuQin is among the few most distinctive and representative classical Chinese instruments ever. The written record of it can be traced back to at least 3,000 years ago.
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Kyle Beats Orbital DRUM KIT

This kit comes with 114 HIGH QUALITY Wav files and can be used with ANY DAW! This includes (but not limited to) FL Studio, Logic, Garage Band, Ableton, Cubase, FL Mobile, Etc. Its as easy as dragging and dropping (in most cases). ALL SOUNDS WERE CUSTOM DESIGNED BY KYLE BEATS. There is no other kit with these EXACT sounds. ALL drum sounds were manipulated over and over until perfection.
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OZ Secret Bounce Vol.1

Enjoy my BEST Drumkit that I ever made !! 17 x 808s 10 x Claps
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Kong Audio Chinee Series PiPa and LiuQin

PiPa The Never-Stopping Chattering Pipa (Chinese Lute) has its origin dated back to the Qin Dynasty (221-206 BC). As Pipa evolved, it was heavily influenced by Persian culture during the Tang Dynasty (618 - 907 AD) when the two great civilizations crossed over with each other, and became one of the most popular instruments in China ever since then.
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Studio Trap South Side Hi-Hats Pack

'South Side' by Studio Trap contains 40 Trap hi-hat loops in both WAV and MIDI format. This collection was inspired by 808 Mafia's own 'South Side'. Each loop was expertly made to help perfect your Trap productions and take your beats to the next level.
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Kong Audio ChineeGuZheng

Rippling and Dreamy Guzheng, as one of the most representative Chinese instruments, first appeared around the Warring States period (475 - 221 BC), then became extremely popular during the Tang Dynasty (618 - 907 AD) and spread to all neighboring areas ever since (e.g., Guzheng is the forefather of Japanese Koto). Guzheng was originally a rather simple instrument with only five strings. After all the years of evolution, today's Guzheng has twenty-one strings and is still widely used in all kinds of Chinese music.
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Out Of Your Shell Legendary EDM Shots

Out Of Your Shell Sounds: Legendary EDM Shots is a one of kind one-shot sample pack for your productions brought to you by the artist Chris Lambert. This pack includes 50 legendary one-shots that will bring nothing but explosive, high energy, and all around full fat sounds for your next track.
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Kong Audio Suona

A hybrid crossover of brass and woodwind Suona is rather unique. It is sort of a crossover between brass and woodwind. The sound of Suona is energetic, unapologetically harsh, abrasively brash, and proud-to-be-so-loud, blasting out everythings in sight.
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Kong Audio Chinee Series ChineeErHu I and ChineeErHu II

Being here, to be there Erhu is a bowed instrument with two strings, originally dated back to Tang Dynasty(7th century A.D.), and is still being widely used today all over China in all kinds of music, from movie scores to opera. It's one of the most representative classical Chinese instruments nowadays. It's also very popular in the whole Asia.
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