Echo Sound Works Noho Upright

We sampled a really unique upright piano in North Hollywood that has velvet hammers instead of felt. It's a great piano for Pop, EDM, Hip Hop and of course, layering. Comes with 3 Kontakt instrument patches.
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Toontrack Movie Scores Suspense EZkeys MiDi

IMMENSELY INTENSE.For your yet unwritten dramatic, intense and mysterious songs or scores. There’s something about movies. Although we know how a plot will unfold, we’re still there – hooked and at the edge of our seats, waiting to be able to exhale that sigh of relief. Inevitably, music plays a pivotal role in this narrative. Arguably, there is nothing like it to emphasize a scene, an emotion or turn of events. Combined with pictures in motion, it’s almost impossible to not get submerged. That’s the combined power of two opposite forms of art working together in perfect symbiosis.
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Echo Sound Works Rainbow Toy Xylophone

When we make Kontakt instruments, we don't set out to make simple sounding, but well recorded instruments like so many other Kontakt libraries out there. We want to create uniquely voiced instruments that fit into a sonic niche, we as producers would want to use. We wanted a simple Xylophone for Hip Hop, Trap, Pop, and EDM.
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Elektron Thump and Smack Sound Pack for Model Samples

With Thump & Smack, Goldbaby has cultivated a sound pack inspired by the classic Roland TR-909. All the punchiness of that legendary unit is laid out in front of you on the pads with this Sound Pack, offering you access to 12 kits that you can twist into your very own monstrous beats.
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DrumVault Bermuda

DrumVault brings us the Bermuda Midi Kit. 35 Midi Files Inspired by Lil' Yachty & Lil' Uzi Vert you're only a few clicks away from hapy, melodic, industry melodies and as a bonus, Kenai threw in some additional Hi-Hat MIDI files to kick start the bounce of your production.
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Sample Tools by Cr2 Disco-Tex

Are you looking for an all-in-one production toolkit to help capture the sound of Disco infused with House? Do you want a sample pack that not only provides you with high quality disco loops and live recorded guitars but also Prod-Cast Video Tutorials and MIDI?
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Soundsmiths DAW Life Future RnB and Rap

Each sound was carefully recorded, chopped and twisted by one of our ridiculously talented industry leading artists ready to inspire your future productions. Packed full of 24bit knocking drums, rich melodic elements, sub destroying 808’s, fresh manipulated vocal chops and unique one off fx. All of our content has been key tagged and expertly programmed into loops or one shots for your convenience.
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DrumVault Majesty

The Majesty Midi Kit is versatility at its finest. Filled with 40 Unique Midi Files Inspired by Pop Sensations Lil Uzi Vert & Lil Yachty. Majesty is here to lend your productions an extra hand from beginning to end.
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Kirk Hunter Spotlight Strings 4D

Unprecedented Playability Spotlight 4D was programmed to follow your playing style intuitively. No need for excessive keyswitching and feature changes. Simply put, it's fun to play.
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Ample Sound Ample Guitar LP III

Ample Guitar LP III aim to bring a Gibson Les Paul 1958 Reissue guitar sound to your studio. Sampling:
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Kirk Hunter Front Row Violins

FRONT ROW VIOLINS reinvents everything you know about virtual violin instruments. Designed for Native Instrument's Kontakt 5.7.1 Retail (NOT the free player version), the core of Front Row is focused on simplicity and unbelievable sonic results. FRONT ROW packs an amazingly playable solo violin along with easy scalability to go from solo through to any section size of violinists you choose ranging from the single soloist to 16 players. Each section size has been meticulously recorded separately, so you get a real and unique ensemble for every size.
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Black Octopus Sound ill-esha Intonations

ill-esha arrives with ‘Intonations”, a truly groundbreaking & innovative vocal pack for all styles of music! Inside you will find a huge selection of high quality full song stems, phrases,vocal FX, tuned vocals, adlibs, atmospheres, phrases and tones.
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Sonic Academy Progressive Trance 2019 with Protoculture

After a ton of requests Protoculture's back for an all-new How To Make Progressive Trance course and it's MASSIVE! Whatever genre you're into this is one of those tracks where after listening, you'll want to know how it's created and luckily for you guys we get to see this one built from scratch.
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HY2ROGEN Future Trap

HY2ROGEN is honored to present a superb collection of 155 up-to-date synth presets for the rising star of virtual synthesizers VPS Avenger. Impressed with the overall sound and capabilities of this software, we could not help but test it out with some fresh trap, dubstep and bigroom infused sounds.
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Toontrack Movie Scores Drama EZkeys MiDi

MIDI FOR THE SILVER SCREEN.Piano playing variations for dramatic songs or scores. Music is so deeply embedded in the motion picture narrative that it’s uncanny to imagine it without. In a captivating movie scene, it adds just as much as impeccably delivered dialogue, beautiful cinematography or forceful acting. Sometimes it’s so perfectly transparent that we don’t even pay attention to it, we just get absorbed and submerged… This is what takes place when all storytelling elements come together and what we generally refer to as ‘magic’ happening.
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